Friday, September 7, 2012

** My Promise ..

True Love is Letting Him Go Not Because You Have Given Him Up..But Because You Realized That Your Own True Joy Is Letting Him Discover His Own Happiness.

Tomorrow is supposed to be our Second Year Anniversary. Beany and I are still talking each night but not romantically anymore. Both of us are friends. Yes, I miss his sweetness, those I love You words before he goes to sleep, the ways on how he takes care of me and my kids. I miss everything but having him as a friend is still a blessing for us.

People come into our lives unexpectedly and some things happen unplanned but each person that comes into our lives..each of them has a purpose and a reason why..For the past weeks I have been crying and until now I can't eat normally but whatever happened I AM STILL GRATEFUL TO BEANY BECAUSE HE HAS GIVEN ME HAPPINESS AND MY KIDS.


As each day begins so thus my life begins to see reality. I can't FORCE ANYONE TO LOVE ME BACK AND NO ONE CAN ALSO FORCE ME TO LOVE AGAIN.

All of us are different and even my parents can't say my heart to beat again. Yes, I'll be hurting if one day he says he has found someone new but I am willing to let him go because there are so many girls more deserving than me. Honestly, I have nothing to be proud who am I to force him to stay with me.

Now I know the meaning of TRUE LOVE--it is GIVING..loving someone not because he is giving you back the love and attention you should deserve but still LOVING HIM BECAUSE YOU DO LOVE HIM.

Some say some people were meant to fall in love but were not meant to be together..some say maybe it was not really meant to be..I SAY MAYBE IT WAS NOT YET THE PROPER TIME..FOR NOW I AM GIVING TO GOD OUR RELATIONSHIP..

Let TIME and GOD'S WILL be in control for I know if both persons are destined to be PARTNERS for LIFETIME then IT WILL HAPPEN

This was our theme song before and I AM STILL KEEPING MY PROMISE


  1. Sie, you have a lot to be proud of yourself! You went through a lot and always tried standing on your foot. All these trials are for becoming a stronger person ,and you are :) It is hard......I can't judge what you are going through.....because I can see you are very hurt. But, stay who you are, keep loving, keep sharing your kindness and love. I'm so happy that I found a post from you today :) I will be there for you xxx *Hugs*

  2. I love the wise lines you wrote here though they were written in sad moment. I hope they can uplift your spirit a bit and lessen the pain of losing someone whom you loved.

    You have such a beautiful heart and glad, that's the treasure you hold on to. As always, stay strong! Hugs!

  3. You are such a strong lady.. To be strong may not be easy but that's the only choice we have right :)

  4. Heart breaking.....Ahh!...I got tears in my eyes.....Yeah, I agree with you....We can't force someone to love us...By force, even if they love us....It never lasts...because that feeling didn't come naturally....Be strong!!...God bless and take care dear!

  5. Sis, I don't know what to say.. But I can relate on this, let's keep holding on.. There's always a reason for everything, be strong sis, kaya natin yan..

    God bless you and your kids! Hugs for you!

  6. Thank You all my friends..thank you so much for always being there HUGS ;)

  7. Sie, I'm so sorry this happened. I know how it feels. Been through something like that too. Do you know that the thing that brought you together is the same thing that took you apart.... that of being human. Humans go though the whole range of emotions and experiences, none exempted. We like, love, cry, hate, hurt, suffer, struggle, trust, hope, win, lose, believe.. and others more in that broad spectrum of life.

    But that's okay because every experience - pleasant or unpleasant - serve as a lesson which we are asked to learn and learn well, by God's design. And because God created us, that means that we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We're made of good stuff, you know.

    You have been through a lot in life but you fiercely came out of each one much wiser and stronger than your old self. That's how life should be lived that even if we fall we should pick ourselves up, shake the dust off, and move forward. No matter how many times we fall.... that's how many times we pick ourselves up!

    This too shall pass in the same way everything in life will pass. And you will be good as new again. God is making sure of that right now even as I write this note to you.

    Have hope and keep firm your faith. God loves you far more than you ever know. Everything in life happens for a reason. Just trust God for that reason. Not easy (I should know, been there-done that) but who else do you have to trust?! Remember that when everything may have crumbled down in your world ... God remains steady as a rock. Truth is, HE is all that you need! God bless you and your children.

    Hugs and prayers.

    1. I am speechless po reading your words..iyak po ako Ms.Ellen..I am still hoping po Ms.Ellen that all things will turn out right. Andami ko pong tanong pero I should learn also to trust more na hindi nya po ako sasaktan at lolokohin..I need to trust God and the man God gave to me.

      Sometimes all these questions in my mind creates doubts sa ngayon po I have learned to TRUST and Love even more no matter what it takes po is one way of showing my true love to my hon.

      Both of us are still the same kami pa rin po but right now I'll learn to trust and love him even more kahit masaktan man po ako sa huli at least I have no regrets giving my all po.

      I am also letting God be control of everything and let God guide be the center of our relationship..prayers is all I have now po..I know God won't permit anyone to hurt me and my kids again.

      Thank you so much po Ms.Ellen..hugs po ;)


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