Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting Ready For The Next Step

One-step forward on whatever life that we have now determines on what our future will be!

All of us have made bad decisions in the past. ALL OF IT I NEVER TREATED IT AS A MISTAKE. Whatever that has been done I do believe that it happens always with a PURPOSE and WITH A REASON. If we want to move on and have a happy life, we have first to stop dwelling in the past. Regrets have been done: If only I have done this,If only I listened to my parents,etc.

Some of us just wished if we just could turn back the hands of time. If only we can go back to the past undo and change everything. If only I can have second chances.

However, in reality, we cannot undo what has been done. OUR PAST REMAINS TO BE WHAT IT IS! We cannot change our past anymore. However, WE CAN HAVE A BRIGHTER FUTURE BY CHOOSING AND MAKING THE RIGHT DECISIONS TODAY!

I have made many mistakes in the past. I have neglected myself and gave up everything to something that I thought would make me be fulfilled and happy. I even got to the extent of forgetting myself and giving my all leaving nothing for myself. Pushing myself too hard to achieve that thing that I once dreamt of.

I have done everything, gave all my BEST but still things did not come out as I have expected them to be. I have been down and discouraged. I have been always crying on one corner of the room having no one to hold on to. Asking reasons why these things should happen to me. Thinking what have I done wrong, do I deserve this cruelty on the real world?

Until a friend came into my life. A friend I believe that have been an angel sent to me from above. I do believe that God send QUIET ANGELS in our midst in form of friends. This friend gave me advices and encouraged me to look on the positives in my life. To be strong and that everything is possible! This friend made me realize to stop wallowing in my own mud and to get up and start all over again. A quiet angel that gave me a new meaning and a new reason to live!

Then I realized that no matter what circumstances we are facing right now, we just have to SPEAK LIFE AND HOPE in our situations. I learned to always say positiveWORDS THAT CAN BUILD MY DREAMS, WORDS THAT WILL INSPIRE AND NOT TO KILL MY DREAMS. To speak life and hope in every situation. I learned to stop being pessimistic that has created in me the fear of worst things to happen. It will only lead to stress, irritability and self-neglection.

In every situation,LEARN TO STOP COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING! Thoughts and dreams remains to be just a wishful thinking unless someone a “YOU “has to put it into action. Stop having self-pity and complaining to the smallest things-it is USELESS! Stop whining about how people have mistreated you unfairly instead do something to show them that you are of a worth, a something of value in this world!

Think of a solution that will get you out of your situation-focus on it. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE,LOVE,HAPPINESS AND A NEW BEGINNING IN OUR LIVES EVEN IF THERE ARE OBSTACLES ALONG THE WAY!



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