Saturday, March 31, 2012

..Tagged -Fida- *

This is another tag post my friends..I have been tagged recently by my friend Fida. I have known her for only a short while but I was amazed on how strong her faith is. She always inspires me through her writings and on the journey of her life. She is a cancer survivor and I know it is not an easy path for her and her family but she stood strong and her sickness never stopped her to share love and happiness to everybody she meets. You can visit her site (Live, Laugh, Love )..So here are my answers to her tag questions
  • Do you have a pet?
~ I have no pets yet but I would like to have a golden retriever dog in the future

  • What makes you happy?
~ waking up each day thanking God that I am see my kids smiling back at me..when my kids hug and kiss me..when I see a big smile on their face when I cook their favorite food..when I tickle them....when I have made someone smile or inspired even through my site..and just having the thought of having a happy and complete family in the future makes me happy..I have many reasons and this page won't be enough to say the things why I am happy ;)

~ knowing the person reading this post makes me happy..oh look your smiling.. hihihi ;)

  • Describe LOVE in 3 words
~ Unconditional, Trust, Respect .. for me these are the three most important virtues for love to last

  • What is your favorite food?
~ I love shrimp tempura or any shrimp dish..I also love soups specially crab and corn soup, pasta and all vegetable dishes. 

  • What did you had for dinner last night?
~  I cooked Chopseuy.. it is a vegetable dish in our country..just saute carrots, green beans, young corn, brocolli or cauliflower, cabbage, red bell pepper then add oyster sauce and top it with shrimps..dinner is ready *blink*

  • What is your guilty pleasure?
~ I love eating chocolates..though some say it is not good for my heart except for dark chocos..I love Lindt swiss chocos or Maltesers..sometimes when I like to treat myself I eat them when my kids are sleeping ssssshhhhhh..

  • What are you carrying in your handbag?
~ I have my wallet, coin purse, keys, medicines for my heart and allergy, cellphone, face powder, lip gloss, perfume, wet ones, comb

  • What color do you wear most often?
~ I usually wear white..I feel clean and fresh when I am wearing white shirt or dress.

  • 5 words that best describe yourself
~ Honest, Hopeful, Understanding, Patient, Caring

I have answered your questions Fida..I know I must have included 11 facts about myself and since you are one of my new friends here I decided to share to you my real life story..kindly read my previous post ( Answered Prayer - Journey to my Home) to know me all of my friends thank you for reading again *hugs* ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

* Holding On..

 Darkness  is  gathering  all  around
Searching for true peace to be found
Confused souls crippled with fear
Facing troubles seems near
Standing up again
After each fall
Full of hope
To cope
But Hoping
Still Holding On
Wishing  To  See  Light
On our path's darkest night
Trusting our plans to His will
Never   giving   up  on   our   lives
For in His presence we can be still

 Special Thanks to:
Nonet Poem (hour glass) following with syllable   
counts per line of: 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

We are all humans and all of us grows weary and tired of our life's ups and downs BUT it doesn't mean we are giving up..through His guidance and because of LOVE we will always regain our strength back..holding on full of Hope and Joy in our Hearts

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

*Intense Faith..

 When we let go of our fears, only then can we gracefully move from
     what was into the miracle of what can be.
You can live your dreams if you can embrace change. It's by taking chances that you'll learn how to be brave. - Nikita Koloff

Special Thanks to: Princess Fiona
@ The Princess and Passions
a fibonacci poem following
with word counts per line of:

*Dana's Photo Inspiration..

Join us every Wednesday on sis Dana's Photo Inspiration 

Saturday, March 10, 2012


   This is my fourth tag for this week and the questions came from Dana of (Dana's Diary Secrets ). Dana is one of my younger sis here. I am always amazed on how she practices her faith and on how she has always opened her heart to people. She is a girl who wishes to have a pious husband someday which I know she deserves to have one. She has always been true and never hesitates to express her real feelings through her short articles, poems and yes she is an artist. You will just be amazed on how she expresses her emotions through her paintings. She has been one of my friends here whom I can lean on. So ok here are my answers to her questions:

  •  What is your favorite drink?
~ I love drinking fruit shakes..and my favorite is watermelon fruit shake..when I was still working in a bank I don't usually drink coffee in the morning..ok unusual but I drink green mango fruit shake hehehe..a little bit sour and sweet and cold..if it is not available any fruit shake or cold juice will do..I don't know maybe just to wake up my sleeping mood before I work.

  •  Work or School?
~ Now I am enjoying my time with my kids..I am a hands on Mom so my work..oh I cook, do the dishes, wash our clothes, iron oh well I am busy all day hahaha..and I have no salary but I am so happy just spending time and giving all my love to my two kids ;)

  • What would you like to achieve in year 2012?
~ I have been an achiever before but honestly for now I am just enjoying my time with my kids and my hon..I have no definite plans but if given a chance and it will always depend on the situations that I will be in..I would love to work again in a bank..I was a bank teller before and supposed to be promoted as a branch cashier but I have to give up my career that time so if time and my health allows *blink* I would love to work again.
  • Do you drive a car?
~ No oh no I won' is a scary thing for me..I don't know but I get dizzy just riding a cab going to a mall..I had some vehicular accidents before so I am so nervous even just riding a car.

  • Which season do you like best?
~ I love of my wishes in life is to go to Japan one day and walk on a park full of cherry will be a dream come true for me ;)
  • Do you like politics?
~ No I don't like politics

  •  What do you blog mostly about?
~ I usually blog about my life experiences that my friends can be inspired of..just being a living testimony to everyone ;)

  • What do you believe in?
~ I have always believed in God's purpose in my life. I have been through rough roads but still I believe every experiences that I have been through has an important role in my life. Maybe I can't see it now and maybe for me my life has been painful but for others it served as a light to them - letting them see even through my writings that there is hope no matter what situation we are in. Though we may not see or feel..God is always there listening to our every cry and when the right time comes we will see that we have served His purpose through our life's journey.

  • What are your goals for your future?
~ One of my dreams for my future is for my kids to have a good father..they have been into too much pain and as a Mom my one simple goal is to have a happy and complete family..then the rest of my goals will just follow! I am a simple woman and I don't asked much just having my own happy and complete family will do!
  • How do you spend your day?
~ I spend my day..wake up every morning smiling and thanking God for giving me another day, sending and receiving text messages from my hon whose miles away hihihi, cooking for my kids, doing household chores, playing with my kids, answering comments on my site while eating fresh fruits, oh I almost forgot taking baths, toothbrush my teeth 3 to 4x a day hahaha.. then at night I visit my friends sites and say good night often to sis Marie because she has new post every night just in time before I talk to my hon on phone..then I pray before I sleep hehehe..

yehey sis Dana I already finished my homework..I hope you all enjoyed reading my answers..see you on my next tag post..I have two more uha uha uha ;)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

*Life and Time*

Life is like a river flowing each day  
It can't go back to where in once was
Until time makes each moment pass
So let us live as if this day
Is going to be our last

If you have to buy time, would there be any difference in the way you would spend it? Would you use the minutes and hours and days of your life more wisely?

We can’t possess every minute and hours in our lives. It is given to us freely. But that doesn’t excuse us from using it carefully and wisely. In every minute of our lives we should learn to take advantage of the opportunities that time provides for us to love and enjoy life.

This does mean we should not be working every single moment and every minute of our lives. It’s necessary to take a break, give yourself time to relax and smile and appreciate even the smallest blessings that we have received.

We can use our time wisely when we learn to combine "appropriate STOPS" with "proper STEPS". Time is so precious; let us learn to handle it with care."Let us learn to love now and do our very best to love while there is still time."- Life is so short, now is the right time to share love with those people whom we love-." Let us start and not wait because one day we might wake up missing them. Don't be late ♥

P.S. to all of my friends I have visited all of your sites and I always leave a comment after reading each post..but lately I noticed some of my comments are disappearing after a few hours..kindly check it on your spam box maybe it went there and I don't know why..this has been happening lately and on my case maybe the last one was the 30th time or more grrrrrrrr..I am not a spammer wahhhhhhhhh..blogger fix it!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

*Tagged -Izdiher-..

Hello everyone..before I give my answers to the eleven tag questions, allow me first to introduce to you of the qualities that I like about her is..she has always been fearless in sharing her thoughts on fashion, politics, showbiz, anything under the sun name it..she just writes her honest opinions on her site (! -Izdiher- !)..two words to describe Izdiher..she is Frank but here are my answers to her questions:

  • You look like?
~ I am half Chinese and half Filipino so I look like her when I was young hihihi *blink*

  • You live like?
~ I have a simple happy life with my two kids..waking up everyday and just enjoying my time with them, at night I talk to my hon on my this is my daily routine ;)

  • Where are your keys?
~ My keys are always inside my bag.
  • How much money do you have in your pockets at the moment?
~ I am answering your tag questions sis Izdiher before I go to sleep and I have no pockets now so I have is inside my bag too hehehe ;)

  •  You love those places where?
    ~ I love places where flowers bloom and places with white sand beaches
    • Where is Africa?
    ~  Africa is situated south of Europe, and west of Asia. It is bordered on its north coast by the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea separates Africa from Asia. 

    • You are hooked to?
    ~ I am hooked to learning more on cooking, reading inspirational books and photo editing

    • What came first egg or hen?
    ~ Hen came first because God created animals first and egg is just a product of it's existence..oh ok that's my own opinion ok ;)
    Why Zebra wears striped dress?
    ~ I would love to see a real Zebra and ask why hahaha..they have stripes all over because they are created in such a unique way..everything is created with it's own unique design and personalities.

    • Why is the sun yellow?
    ~ Our sun is really color white but from the surface of the Earth it may appear yellow because of the atmospheric scattering of blue light. I just researched it hehehe.. I would love to see the sun color yellow and couldn't imagine seeing it color pink or blue *blink*

    Thank you for reading friends..see you on my next tag post *hugs*


    Sunday, March 4, 2012

    **Tagged -Confused Soul-

          I have been tagged many times this week so friends this week my posts will usually be on my answers to the different tag questions from some of our friends..oh ok I'll be exposing more of my real self again..don't worry I won't be passing on the tag has always been a habit for me since I started blogging to answer only the said questions and not passing it to others..we belong at least to same group of friends so I know same people have been tagged too..Ok here we go First Stop:

      I am tagged by one of the girls whom I have always called a versatile writer..Confused Soul..this is her site ( A Walk Across The Bridge )..she can write poems, write stories which I first thought it was her real life story but then she says it was just fiction..a story out of her imaginations and huhuhu..I was really into her stories because I just thought it was for real..Confused soul is also a girl who is fearless in saying her honest thoughts on life and love..I really admire her way of grasping the thoughts of her readers..oh ok just getting you stuck on her mindset through her written skills..ok time to answer her questions ;)

    •      What is your biggest fear?
    ~ My biggest fear is leaving my loved ones behind..I am not afraid to fear is leaving my kids at such a young age..I have heart failures so this has been my prayer have extra long life for my kids and love ones.

    •      If you were to choose between trust and understanding, which would you give more importance and why?
    ~ I would choose trust. For me, when you trust someone all comes with it. With trust comes understanding and acceptance.

    •      Would you be ok if your partner cheats on you and then admits it?
    ~ If my partner cheats on me then he doesn't deserve to be my partner..I have been cheated many times and cheating doesn't only mean getting him caught on act but it includes having lustful thoughts and desires for other women..even seeing him flirting is already cheating for me..this is one thing a man shouldn't do if he wants me to be his wife..I have always been faithful but when I see him flirting with other women then my doors are closed permanently..I don't even mind if he admits it or not..on love, once my trust have been broken it can't be rebuild again.. grrrrrrrrrr..

    •      If genie granted you three wishes what would you asked for?
    ~ I wish for a longer life..more days to be with my kids and love ones so I would have a chance to be with my new, happy and complete family! I wish for happiness and peace for everyone..our world is full of chaos and killings are everywhere..I just wish that may all of these stop and may all of us live in unity and peace! My last wish..whatever happens..may my kids, my husband to be and all my love ones be guided by God's love.

    •      Love or Money?
    ~ Love, Love, Love
    •      What's your biggest regret?
    ~ I had a painful past and I had many regrets before..but looking now I have two cute lovely kids so I think I would have no regrets of passing through that painful path led me to whom I have now ;)

    •      State 3 good things about myself?
    ~ I am a simple woman who can easily be pleased..I always have a cheerful heart and I always share this happiness to other people..I always have a child like personality inside me
    •      State 3 negative things about myself?
    ~ I am a crying baby..I tend to look down on myself or often times feel inferior..I don't easily give my trust to people anymore!

    •      What is your favorite movie?
    ~ Ice Castles is a love can kindly search it if you are curious hihihi ;)

    •      Current relationship status
    ~ I am now single but not available..I am happy being a single Mom of two kids ;)

    Ok I have answered your questions Confused Soul..I hope all of you enjoyed reading sis Dana, sis Izdiher and Ms.Wan..I'm still answering your tag're on my next see you all again on my next series of answering our friends tag questions  *blink*


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