Tuesday, June 19, 2012

** A Simple Gift **

I  know my love for you is not in vain
This tears will soon fall because of what I gain
I have no fears because I won't face life alone
With you I am no longer on my own.

Though I had walked a path of pain and strife
I still smile and feel blessed beyond compare
You and my kids are God's gift in my life
For you're my cherished treasures so rare.

I may not be the right girl you once planned
I may not be as young as those you once had
But what I can be proud offering to you
Is my purest love and to be forever true.

So many times you would always hear me cry
Often times you have witnessed my weakness
But those tears and fears brings out messages
Of me being afraid of losing you.

Twenty one months of longing for your presence
Seconds of wishful hopes for your embrace
My love for you still remains so strong
My promise of true love still lingers on.
If one day you find time and decide to come
My kids and I will be welcoming you
to Our "New Home".
Happy Birthday Hon .. We Love You ;)


From: Princess ___

From: Baby Prince ___
- he says he is sponge bob hehehe..he is only 3 but look *clap claps* -

- Dada means father *blink* -

Kindly Listen Hon..this is for you ;)

For all the times I wore my self pity like a favorite shirt All wrapped up in that hurt For every glass I saw, I saw half empty Now it overflows like a river through my soul From every doubt I had, I'm finally free I truly believe God gave me you to show me what's real There's more to life than just how I feel And all that I'm worth is right before my eyes And all that I live for though I didn't know why Now I do, 'cause God gave me you ;)
We are holding on to your promise..we love you so much..we will always be here waiting for you We don't know where the future may lead us but ..Whatever happens Hon ..THANK YOU.. for everything, for Giving me and my kids a chance to be happy and to be a part of your life .. we are blessed because God has given us pure joy through YOU .. of all the ups and downs that we have been through I have no regrets making you as one of the most important person in my life .. I love You so much Hon

Monday, June 11, 2012

** Monday Gratitude - Marie Harmony .. life with my kids ~

Being a single Mom of two kids is never easy. Some may say being inside the house and taking care of kids is the easiest job a woman can get. Think again !!! I have experienced several people saying to me oh you are only taking care of your kids while me I have good career and I earn much. I just can't understand why do people look down on Moms staying at home. On my own experience I say being a Mom is the most challenging work any woman could have!!!

I am living only with my two kids in our home so I experienced being sick and waking up some nights on the floor because I fainted and had a slight heart attack again but I can't do anything but to stand up on my own and wake up the next morning cooking breakfast for my kids. I can't be weak because my kids needs me.

There are times when I am having my own problems in life and I cry and I needed someone to hug me at night or just hold my hand and let me feel that everything will be ok. But I need to set aside my own fears and dry my tears alone and learn to comfort myself because my kids are there needing for a strong Mom with a smile on her face each day.

It is not easy being a Mom and now a single Mom..but I am Grateful because I see my kids being raised the right way. My kids are so lovable, kind and caring. Seeing them each day growing and learning with them gives each moment pure joy. With them I learned to accept each day as a step by step process.

Through their eyes I saw HOPE of having a complete and happy family in the future. Through their unconditional love I learned to love back without expecting too much in return..just giving your purest and deepest love without any conditions. I have enjoyed my career before but nothing can replace my work of being a Mom.

I am so grateful because God gave me a chance to be a Mother, my kids are my biggest and greatest fulfillment in life.. I am Proud being a Single Mom!!!

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Let Us all Start Our Week Right by giving Thanks and being Grateful
 Have a Blessed Monday Everyone ;)

Friday, June 8, 2012

..Seasons Of Love*

Spring flowers bloom each day
With free seeds of joy that say
True love made us stay

Autumn leaves may fall
Though temptations vainly call
Nothing shall enthrall

Through the frozen green
In my life's cold winter scene
Your pure love is seen

Then the sun did shine
With your all sufficient vine
My heart's strength divine

Seasons don't agree
Changes all around I see
But still you're with me

Morning, night or noon
I'll wait under the moon
To be with you soon


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

**Dana's Photo Inspiration..

  TRUE LOVE must be an Anchor in a Stormy Sea that will Hold On Tight and NEVER LET GO..even if TIME and DISTANCE brings CHANGE in each others lives.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

**I Was Wrong and I Learned It The Hard Way..

Do you ever looked down on yourself? I admit that I have always felt unimportant, worthless, incompetent and rejected. Most of my life I have lived inside my lonely little world and I have always locked myself from other people. I always hide myself from groups of people pretending that I am invisible and making sure I won't get noticed. If you have been my long time friends here in blogger you know my story behind why. Maybe because of the painful childhood and abusive experiences that I had. My mind was set that people often abuse me when I show kindness to them.

I often looked at myself as a "nobody" to everyone. One failure was like a big deal to my own self. Behind these emotions was me saying to myself  " I can survive by my own self and I needed no one ". I could say I am really good in auditing functions when I was working and Yes even on every persons life. I often see someone's fault so easily and say I can do it on my own. I became a person who always hate imperfections and when I FAIL my loved ones I feel worthless and unimportant.

These past few days my world turned black and I felt like I was drowning in depression again. I felt I FAILED because of all the mistakes that I have done. Depression almost killed me. I can't sleep and I had nightmares haunting me again. A black Shadow coming back and stealing my life away from me. ALL those past hurts came back even from my childhood, all those hurting words and physical abuse that I had, all those hurting words and people who have abused me, all of those painful words where ringing inside my head.

I was about to give up my life that night. I was vomiting because of depression and I couldn't eat. I just felt so alone and so Weak! Maybe all of you are saying I am so dramatic but I can't explain the damage that pain has caused into my life. I tend to Blame people of the pains that I went through. 

 I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. I am part to blame of these pains that I had. I need a MAJOR CHANGE in my life. That same night after I prayed and asked God's help He made me see that I can't be a loner forever. That He sees me as a person of worth and of value. He uses people to make me feel and see the changes that I should do in my life. My hon always says and teaches me to stand firm and NEVER let anyone abuse me again. My HON is right, because if there ARE things lacking in my life now it is to LEARN to FIGHT and not to permit anyone to trample on me again and TO LOVE WITH ONE'S IMPERFECTIONS. My KIDS taught me UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I have been easily irritated and angry at times but they have always been their to comfort and dry my tears when I needed them.

I am learning to be CONTENTED on what others can give and NOT TO EXPECT TOO MUCH!!!

As the days go by I can say the "REAL ME" is still healing!!! I am imperfect, each day is a learning process for me and Sie is still Growing and Hoping ;)

Friday, June 1, 2012


There are times in life
When just being Brave is
All we need to be

We may not always know
What to do next
Or How to get there

But if we just Stay Strong
Trust in our Faith
Make the Very Best Choices
We Possibly Can

A few things May Not go as Planned
But if We are Determined to Go On
Almost Everything Will
Work Out Right


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