Monday, October 31, 2011

*Each day I am Learning..

True Happiness can't be found in wealth
because riches can be taken away.

Not in popularity and fame
for popular people can be forgotten.

Not in beauty or physical appearance
because it fades through time.

Not in intelligence or a successful career
because it doesn't make us a 
higher creation of God.

Instead True Happiness can be found in Contentment
with the things we have, from the Love
we give and get from people around us. And from
Faith in God who created us.

Let us all learn to cherish each day
Learn to value each person who loves us
Learn to appreciate the love they have given us
Because we may never know
We will be Missing Them The Moment We Wake Up.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

♥Happy Birthday Marie ♫♫♫

I have lots of friends but their are only a few whom I call to be my sisters. Marie has been one of my sisters I met here in my virtual world. The first time I commented on her site it was a personal story of her life. I was so attached to her story because we are related in a way. As days go by I was everyday visiting her and just checking if she’s well. Now I can’t go on a day not passing by her site not just to read her post but also to send my hugs at night. Both of us are on a long distance relationship and her thoughts have always been like mine. She has always touched my life most specially when she drops by on my mail just to check if my kids, quiet angel and I are ok. She has never failed to tell me advices even if she knows I'll get hurt because she only wants what's best for me.  She has always been true to me every time she leaves a comment on my site..and she never misses any post 

weeeee..Thank You So Much Marie

  On your birthday sis I wish you all the blessings in this world. I have met a lot of people in this world but only a few remained True. I have always valued my relationship with special persons like you. Thank you for being a sister to me. Thank you so much sis Marie.
 Friends kindly greet her on her site and bring your gifts. You may greet and follow her site  ♥blink♥ ..kindly click the link below..Thank You  ;)

Marie Harmony's Site - happy birthday

ok sis here is another gift from quiet angel and me..yehey *hugs*

and this soooooooooooo BIG weeeeeee ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

♥ stronger inside ☺

*But think again..

 Smooth roads never
make good drivers.
Smooth seas never
make good sailors.

Clear skies never
make good pilots.
A problem free life never
makes a strong person.

Many of my friends here have known my real life stories. Each of my blessings and struggles in life has been written here in my site. All of you have been a witness of my ups and downs in life.

Of all the pains that I have been through sometimes I have said that life was so unfair. I have not harmed any people in my life but why it seems like the whole world has hated me. I have always questioned our Lord Why? BUT now I realized that God allowed these situations to happen in my life to make me strong inside.

               If I was not left alone. I won’t learn to love and value myself more.
If I was not left alone with my kids and if I didn't file an annulment  because of domestic violence
I won’t be this strong in fighting for our rights and loving them 
with the love that they should deserve.

If I didn’t let go. I should have lost the opportunity of loving someone
Who is worth more of my love.
If I have not experienced hurt and betrayal..I won’t learn to trust more.
If I didn’t give myself a chance to love. I wouldn’t realize that I was also
Worth of being loved in return.
If I didn’t hold on to the  love that I have now. I won't discover True love and I won’t be so happy
With the man that deserves all my love.

Below are the links of my previous post ; not just to know me better but to be a living testimony to all of you that all of us go through our own pains but all of it will surely pass. God is good because of all the struggles in my past life. God has now blessed me with people and things more than what I have prayed for. I have still unanswered prayers in my life but I believe all will come on its proper time

My life is a living proof. All of the situations in our lives are just a part of our journey. Life can be so unfair at times and sometimes we have to learn it the hard way but in the end we will be smiling. Because looking back we have just thought that it was done for a purpose. It is a part of what we call Life. 

 Previous post:

Trials are not the reason to give up but a challenge to improve ourselves.

Difficulties are not excuses to back out but an Inspiration To Move Forward.

Something, somewhere, that I long to find
I am learning, slowly, one day at a time
That if I loose and fail, I'll be fine

I'm moving on
And I'm gonna get stronger now
And nothing will break me down
I will not give in to doubt
Those days are gone
I can be who I wanna be
And start living my life for me
I believe it finally
I'm moving on

Monday, October 17, 2011

*Start Counting ☺

“I like to play with the stars.” When I was young I use to sit in front of our doorsteps at night to have a good view of the sky. I usually play with the stars while I am gazing at them every night. Sometimes I would even wish for all of my dreams to come true.

My father, curious about what I meant by that, asked. “How do you play with the stars?” I answered, “I pick out one and say, that’s my papa, mama, grandpa, grandma, my friends, my dog.” And I just keep on naming the stars after people or things I am thankful for.

Until now at my age I still love gazing at the stars every night. Seeing those stars makes me realize that even if I have gone through tough times in my life. Counting those stars I will surely count on and on. God has blessed me with my two lovely kids, quiet angel who is God’s gift to me, my parents, my virtual friends, my grandparents, how God gave me the strength to move on, and the life that He has given me.
Honestly now,” There’s just aren’t enough stars to count on God’s blessings in my life.”

Do you ever feel this way when you think about the many blessings our Lord has showered on us? From time to time people and circumstances come into our lives that made us feel loved, important and special. It is always good to remember with gratitude for the gifts that our Lord has given to us and have a promise to take care of them.

Have you counted your stars lately and realized how our Lord has showered you with blessings? Maybe you just have to sit down and pause for a while and be grateful for the persons and things you have been blessed of ♥♥♥

Monday, October 10, 2011

..Something To Say~

The consequences of what we speak are so great that our words can lead us to ruin or build lives.

It’s been estimated that a talkative person may speak 30,000 words a day. But the important question is how do our words, whether few or many affect others?

Have you been with someone who usually speaks discouragement and pain to
someone? Or someone who usually says those words you wanted to hear but the person’s actions does otherwise? Many people can say I love you and I miss you but their actions crash your heart and betray you behind your back. They can say promises but in the end they will just leave you and walk away. Leaving you alone, full of false hopes and worst hurt!

Some of us sometimes spend more time bragging about what we are planning to do for our future but not actually doing it.  Others just simply say promises but have no intentions of doing. A person who blurts out words without weighting the effect on them.

Have you met these types of persons? Or are we guilty being one of them?

Different situations but one culprit..Words..Our words can justify us or condemn us.

 Hearing it can give us joy; it can bless and express happiness within us. It can dispel sorrows, heal wounds and removes despair. Words with love can always mend a broken heart and cure a deaf heart.

But these same words can be used to curse and break hearts, destroy reputations, create strife, break stable relationships and set families apart.Painful words can hurt more and it can ruin one’s whole being. What we say can either build up or breakdown the soul of whomever we are speaking to.

Before we talk let us always remember we are speaking to the same person like us. Let us think first before we speak. The person we are speaking too can also feel loved or hurt. We can cause destruction to someone’s life or mend a broken heart. We can give joy to a lonely soul or end up giving someone despair. 
Let us always remember: Kind Words Can Give A Lift To A Heavy And Wounded Heart..but it will be useless unless we mean it :)


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Only when I learned to love myself unconditionally..When I accepted the real me..That’s when I learned to truly love..

Knowing that there is no perfect you..Then on you will know that there is no  such thing as a perfect relationship..But you are already prepared to face those differences that you and your partner have because you have already accepted that in true is also loving your individual differences.

True happiness does not depend only on those happy moments you have with each other..But also on remembering those moments when you are alone..It won’t depend much on his physical presence but on how he does remember and care for you despite the distance.
True love won’t depend on the material things that he gives..but on every promises that you believe..And those simple things that he can do for is not how much you get..But on how you are willing to give and learn with him..Being happy even on those shortest times you are with him..Just hearing him breathe makes you feel secure that your love one is safe.

 It is not on the things that he does..just to prove his worth and how ready he is  for your future family..but on the time he is willing to spend with you now..just being happy that he is more than willing for you to be a part of his life.

It is when he says even if he can’t hold your hand now..But he wants to hold your hand forever..even if you won’t hear his voice everyday..His love for you won’t ever change..Those words that pierce your heart.

That even when small misunderstandings happen..You know he will always be there..You are willing to hold on..That one-day all those hopes and promises will become reality..One day both of you will finally be together..Soulmates that are destined to be ONE  forever.

You and I
Cannot hide
The love we feel inside
The words we need to say
I feel that I
Have always walked alone
But now that your here with me
There'll always be a place that I can go
  and suddenly our destiny
Has started to unfold
When your next to me
I can see the greatest story
Love has ever told
♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥


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