Friday, February 25, 2011

Matters Of The Heart

I don't have much to give you
What's in my heart
Is all that I can really give you.

Love, undying love is all I have
A handful of words, that might make you laugh
And all the strength you need
To make it through.

All your troubled times
I give all of myself to you
Only you
To be with you
Is all I ever really wanted.

You've made my life a fairy tale
You've added love, to a life that was so stale
And know that I'll be here
Always for you
I give all of myself to you.

Every breath I take is meant for you,
I live this life surrounded in joy
And I hold on to the promise of your love,
My heart belongs to you alone.
Love you so much Hon :)

Good Relationships are built not only on what is done but why. Love grows not only by what we do but also by Our Reason for Doing It.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Loving You...

You are the one that inspires me to hold on
And with each new day
I want to love and care for you more.


Being far away from you
Makes me miss you in each passing day
But I know one day I will find myself forever in your arms.
Thank you for giving me the reason to believe and discover the meaning of true love
I will never love anyone
My heart is only meant for you, to you alone.
It's not who you are to the world, it's who you are to me. It's not how many times I say I love you... it's how much I really do.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Only Prayer

Lord I am here again humbly bowing in your presence
You alone have the depth of the burden that I carry.
I may not understand the struggles that are coming in my life, for
I know you will work great things in the midst of trials.

Lord, I am asking for your forgiveness for all the
Wrong things and hurts that I have caused to other people.
I am not a perfect woman Lord I am just a human
That you have made to be one of your servants.

As a woman create in me a clean heart and renew my mind.
Show me where my attitude and thoughts
That are not what you want it to be.
If there is a behavior that needs change, help me Lord.
Make me a woman after Your own heart.

Lord I am feeling pain everyday in my heart
A thorn that keeps on wounding that weakens me.
I have been holding on to this journey of life that you have given.
I know you have a reason for everything in this world.
I am giving to you my life Lord, be the one in control of it.

This is my only prayer to You Lord.
In this remaining days of my life I pray my dear Father,
Help me be the best mother to my children that I can be.
Guide me as I make decisions regarding each child.
Show me how to be a most loving and caring mother to them.
Show me my imperfections of being a mother and lead me
To being the best mother for them.

Lord send your angels to this special man in my life now.
I pray that You would bless the work of his hands.
May his work bring not only favor success and prosperity
But great fulfillment as well.
May he never wither under pressure, but grow strong and prosper.
Give him his “heart’s desire”his dreams and
The love he needs for his future.

When my time comes dear Father to be with You
May you guide them and always keep them safe.
Bless their lives dear Lord with forever love and happiness.
I love them so much dear Father please always be there for them.

I am Your child Lord and my life is in Your hands

Friday, February 11, 2011

Moments Of Love

Why oh Why, Do I feel this way?
When I'm with you I feel so alive
Why oh Why, will I hide away
I can't help it
I'm FALLING IN LOVE with you...
The words "I love you" how many times do you say it in a day? When you  are busy on kids, job deadlines and friends meetings sometimes a quick "I love you”" can always change anything at the end of the day.

However, sometimes there are persons who are shy and cannot say, “I love you” to their loved one personally. As one saying goes, "There's evidence behind it -- actions really do speak louder than words. If you cannot easily spill out romantic words to your partner these are simple strategies that will send your message loud and clear:
I'll be loving you forever
Deep inside my heart you'll leave me never
Even if you took my heart
And tore it apart
I would love you still forever...
"The best way of expressing love is by knowing what your love one needs and doing it,” This shows that you listen and that his well-being and happiness is important to you. Don’t wait any longer for your love to say I need this every time they will feel a lack of attention and if not fulfilled it will surely lead to despair. The key is to pay attention. A thoughtful gesture from someone you love is always appreciated no matter how small or simple it is.
it's not the flowers, wrapped in fancy paper
it's not the ring, i wear around my finger
There's nothing in all the world i need
when i have you here beside me,
here beside me...
An unexpected gift or note saying, “You are special or Thank you” on a card. "It shows that you think and care for her and feel connected to him even when you're not together." Simple thoughts can brighten up someone’s day always. No matter how tiring the day is if someone feels care and concern it will definitely make someone’s day brighter.
Take my hand
We'll walk awhile,
we'll talk awhile
Feel my love
Always there beside you...
A research says, "Looking into each other's eyes signals you are deeply connected”. Most busy lovers, however, manage only quick glances.  Take advantage of opportunities for eye contact that last longer than a few seconds will do. If you have a dinner date, lock eyes during your conversation. Face each other as you chat in bed before falling asleep. Even when surrounded by others seek out your partner's eyes and make a quick connection.
watching as you softly sleep
what i'd give if i could keep
just this moment
if only time stood still but the colors fade away
and the years will make us grey
but baby in my eyes
you'll still be beautiful...
 Even a simple call over the phone or a text message of showing your concern and care for that person would do. Just making someone feel that he or she is loved can be expressed in many simple ways. Even just holding your partners hands while walking, throwing a big hug and looking into her eyes or just a simple smile with a pat saying “Thank you for being a part of my life”,or a simple kiss is the real score  that bonds lovers together.
all i want is to hold you forever
all i need is you more every day
you saved my heart
from being broken apart
you gave your love away
and i'm thankful every day
for the gift...
Romantic gestures are not only for women every human needs it and that includes men. It does not matter if you are expressive through words or actions. The best thing is making everything to at least let your love be felt that he or she is extra special in your life.” It does not matter how simple it is if it comes from the heart with love.”
  Be the one
I know you'll tell me everything
You are the one
I cherish more than anything
I love you more than
you'll ever know
I love you more than
you'll ever see...
 Happy Valentines Day Everyone...

Dear "quiet angel”,

Thank you for teaching me how to love again.You made me believe in second chances, that someone is still there to help me pick up my broken self again. Thank you for loving me and I'll never regret having you in my life. I don't know till when will my life lasts but I promise to be always true and I’ll love you the best way that I could with each new day. 

I just want you to know that my love is real and I'll always be here for you.I have never been these happy in my life.THANK have no idea how much love and happiness you have brought into my life. "It is hard to hope for true love but I am ready to take chances if I knew that it was you." This song is for u so much hon :)

                                                                                                                                                            Loving you always,

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Love I Found In You

The Love I Found In You
by: Jim Brickman

You are the air I need to breathe
the river of life inside of me
you are the half that made me whole
you are the anchor of my soul

and you are strong when I am weak

you are the words when I can't speak
you never fail to see me through
that's the love I found in you

you are my shelter from the storm

you are the road that leads me home
and baby with you here face to face
Oh I know I've found my place

and once in every life
you find the one that's right
and when you say forever it's true
That's the love I found in you

You are strong when I am weak

you are the words when I can't speak
you never fail to see me through
That's the love I found in you

That's the love, love I found in you. 

Once in our lives comes a person that you never expected to give meaning to your life. Someone who you never expected to bring light to your darkest path. A person who was and will always be there to lift you up when you are weak. A person whom you know God has sent to comfort you and make you feel that life is beautiful even when your world seems to be turning down.

Once in our lives we never thought that a person would come to wipe those tears and bring joy to your everyday life. 

With this person I feel blessed for having you in my life. They say the time is not yet right but for me you came at the right time and at the right place. Of all the pains that I have been through you have given me hope and a chance to be happy again. 

You may say I have not done much but for me every little thing that you do made me feel special and say that God is still there with me taking care of me through you. I am thanking God everyday that he gave me You.

I am so blessed to have you...Thank You For Coming Into My Life :)

"There Is Only One Thing That Last Longer Than Time And That is True Love"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Beany's Tag

Oh My...Beany you did it me tagged twice...

Ok Beany got me tagged again and he always includes me…always giving me hard to answer questions…but thank you again for giving me something to post hehehe…Just for you I’ll expose more of my inner self…hopefully my readers and you most specially will remain to be inspired by me after reading this hahaha…

here it goes...hopefully you won't get scared of me after reading this...

Seven Things You Still Don’t Know About Me

I can do everything and anything for Love – I can do even the craziest things because of love. I can ride an airplane going to someone even though it really scares me...*I'll just cover my eyes till I get there*...hehehe.I can go across miles even how far just to be with those people I love.I can surrender everything and put them always on my top priorities just to be with them.
honey pie...honey bunch you know that I love you..I can't help myself loving nobody else...yeah yeah... *blink blink*
I have hidden talents – I can cook with a recipe book at hand, I can sing inside a shower room and I can dance with persons blindfolded hehehe…just kidding…ok I really have those talents…*clapping ears*…

Beany oooopsss...rated PG hehehe...
I like to eat chocos everyday – I just can’t end my day without eating chocos, no not that choco bars, even just a little bite like one little choco kisses or one sssshhhhh…wiggles of my kid’s will do to start my day. Good thing I am still a sexy mom hahaha…

yummy chocos...just a liitle bite...yum yum...
I am afraid of snakes and every crawling thing – Since childhood I have been afraid of every crawling insect anything that crawls wahhhhhhhh…worms and snakes makes me faint…Beany don’t you ever try getting me near those grrrrrr….

someone help me please...wahhhhh...
     I am a lovely and friendly person but also a fighter – I love having friends and let’s say I always go to the   defense for the people I love even risking my life provided they are right. I am a silent type of person but I can go wild when someone insists – oooops no violent reactions yet ok…I am always silent and listens to everybody. The truth is I am not easily angered but when my patience reaches its limits and it requires me to do so, be ready and hide because I can go boom hahaha…

I have also a secret...I can turn to wonder woman...and where are you Beany batman? hehehe...
I am not afraid to die – I already accepted fate because I have a heart ailment but what fears me the most is to leave my love ones and I always feel down when I feel being left alone.

just wishing someone to be with me, to be together forever...
I am a person who easily smiles and appreciates even the most little things – when someone gives me even the most simple things in this world and makes me feel special on their own way I always treat it us a special part of my life that I will treasure it for the rest of my life. I really don’t forget a person who gives me love and their time. With these persons who loves me I always give back much much more to them…always.*blink blink*

hugs anyone?
Ok there you go dear Beany and readers…some of my self-secrets exposed hehehe…till the next tag…by Beany again grrrr…..hahaha…. 

I have done my assignment professor Beany...what's my grade?
Beany looks like your getting ready for a fight?...tsk tsk...looks like you know now how to defend yourself without ate around hahaha...

I'll hide from Beany...he will tag me scared of his next questions...


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