Wednesday, August 31, 2011

**Stepping stones..

It is the rough time of our lives that we find out what we’re really made of. The pressure exposes things-our fears that we need to face, wrong attitudes and motives and areas that needs change. As odd as it may seem, struggles in our lives can be our stepping stones for advancement.

 Certainly, none of us enjoy going through struggles, and adversities in life, but we have to understand that our struggles no matter how painful it is may be an opportunity for our advancement. There will be a lot of times when people and circumstances will walk into our path but each of them happens for a reason and usually to make us learn and grow.

A great deal of market for codfish existed all over America but there was always a major problem on distribution. At first the fish was frozen and shipped all across the country. But for some reason, when it reaches its destination the codfish lost its fresh seawater taste and sweetness. One day, somebody suggested to put some catfish in the tank with the codfish. Catfish are a natural enemy of codfish, so as the tank traveled, the codfish has to stay alert and be active and always be on guard. When the tank arrived at it’s destination, the codfish was as fresh and tasty as they were at first catch.

 Like that catfish, sometimes our struggles in life are dropped in our paths for a reason.
Most of the times adversity comes in our way to challenge us, strengthen and expose the true and real us. It is there in a way to push us to be our best.

  Without resistance, there is no potential for progress. Without the resistance of air, an eagle can’t soar. Without the resistance of gravity we can’t even walk.

 Sometimes people just come and hurt you and leave you so depressed but this same situation have helped you to be strong, to grow, and Be Ready For The Person You Really Deserve To Have.

 When we have been depressed of our past always remember: Our Lord gave you those lips to Smile on His every “Yes” because He knows It Is Best For Us..He created those Tears to cry to Him when He says “No”..because only Him knows What Is Best..and He gave us those Hands to Hold on when He says “Wait”.. because He is still preparing the Best for us.

 On our Life’s Journey..There are No Shortcuts; All of us Go Through a Process. There is Never an Easy Way for Us to Mature and Grow. Often times it comes from our painful experiences but in the end it was purposely given for us to Learn and Be Ready For 

The Best!!!

***kindly watch the video :) ***

                                  Are you swimming upstream in oceans of blue?
                                           Do you feel like your sinking?
                             Are you sick of the rain after all you've been through?
                                        Well I know what you're thinking
                                                 When you can't take it
                                                     You can make it
                                          Well hang on and be strong !!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

..An Award For My Friends**

 Friends..warning..this is a long post weeeeee..
I have received two awards recently from three of my friends in blogging..

Thank you so much to Divina Joy-the first day I visited her site I was a bit shy to comment because it was a fashion blog.I am a simple person and not a fashionista hehehe..But what I noticed was her lovely smile..After a while I discovered that we are both from same schools in college though I’m on an older batch and my classmate before was her teacher hahaha..Made me much older hmp..I hope she see this when she comes back from the world youth day in Madrid :)

Madhulika who gave me this same award is a new found friend. She is actually the seventh friend that I have from India. I have always loved her views on life and love. She has no fears of sharing to the whole world about her true opinions and points of view.

Next stop is Marie of my sis in blogging gave me this award..I can’t also understand but I feel a certain closeness to Marie..Maybe because both of us are on a Long Distance relationship and I so can relate to her post and feelings. Every time she comments on my site it made me say..How does she know what’s on my mind and my feelings hehehe..

Now, time to answer their tag questions..

Seven Facts about myself:

  • I am a very simple and friendly person..but sometimes I bite..arf arf..I don’t usually wear make-up. A face powder and lip-gloss will do..because I’m already pretty wahhhhhh..*eye brows raised anyone? hahaha..*
  • Music has always been my companion when I am lonely..I love to hear Jim Brickman songs.
  • What pissed me off are rude, proud, liars and insensitive people..grrrrrrrr..
  • My greatest fear in life is to be left alone. Honestly, I am not afraid to die. What I am afraid of is my love ones leaving me.
  • My greatest dream ever since I was a child was to have a happy and a complete family. A home where my children are safe and full of true happiness. I am a Single Mom As Of Now ~~weeeeeeee..
  • I am an only child..Filipino Chinese.., I have a heart ailment. I often faint but I have always believed in miracles through prayers.
  • God has always been the center of my life. I love my kids and quiet angel so much. I’d better sacrifice rather than my love ones being hurt. I have no fear of risking my life for them!!
Ok I have done my assignment my friends. So now it is my turn to pass on these awards But..Let’s see I want to pass an AWARD I Made..weeeeeeee..or maybe because I want to have my own set of tag questions yehey…so here is the award I made for Special Persons Who Have Been A Part of my Blogging World..

 I made this Inspirational Blog Award basically for sites who on my own opinion have Touched Lives. All of us have different sites and each one is unique. But in each site we might not notice that we are already reaching out to people we don’t know. Why a butterfly?..This has always been my favorite creature because it always symbolizes New Life. Through our life’s journey like a butterfly it has stages. Before it can be a beautiful one it should go through a process of transformation. Like in our lives as what I have said all of us are in a journey, each day is a process of learning which gives us a chance to grow and mature. Like a butterfly we should always remember The Lord Is Not Finish With Us Yet”. Life is a continuous journey of learning..


You can Pass this award to any deserving blogger you can think of. Go to their site and tell them they have received an award from you.Copy and paste the award on your site and copy the link of the person who gave you the award.Then answer the tag questions..My tag questions yeheyyyyyyy!!!..and don't give it back to me hmp..


  1. What makes you laugh, smile or giggle?
  2. What are your dreams for your future?
  3. If you are to go to a cruise, where would it be and why?
  4. How would you spend your vacation time and with whom?
  5. If given a chance, what life would you choose? Your life now or your past?
  6. Is there something that you wished before when you were young but you didn’t get it?
  7. Have you been in a situation where you might have given up but still you chose to move on?
  8. Is their someone in your life who has been your source of strength and inspiration?
I’d like to give this award to: note..It is a long list hehehe..You can just read your name..But it would be best if you can also visit their sites *blink blink*..every name has a link :)

  • Beany-my special angel who have always inspired me in so many ways *blink..*His site reveals the true and deeper meaning of his journey in search for his one true love and his path to maturity..
  • Sudhi- sweet thoughts of a brave young girl going through her process of learning life. 
  • ChaCha-inspiring thoughts from a sissy pretty young girl’s heart and mind.
  • Asma Khan-true reflections of faith and seeing life at its brightest perspective.
  • Aisha-a sweet girl that reveals her deeper faith and views on her life’s chosen path.
  • Balqis-Haiku expressions that made you think and revealed a deeper meaning of your true self.
  • Bella- revelations on one’s inner strength..facing her fears on the world she is living.
  • Bear Wife-her courageous points of view towards freedom and stories on her traveling experiences
  • Bonnie-her joys and struggles of motherhood, her positive outlooks that there is a blessing through trials..
  • Cathie-a woman's inner revelation of her own self.Her joys and struggles being on her own real world. A site showing a woman's compassionate heart.
  • Christine Andre- a daily journal of a contented happy woman on her life journey.
  • Clai- a young girls insights on love and life and her path for her pursuit of her dreams and true happiness.
  • Dai Ning Li-her daily journals of being a good sister, a loving daughter, witty insights on life and love, her struggles and happy moments of being a woman.
  • Divina Joy-a fashion site that shows that real beauty is not on the dress that you wear but on every smile that you give.
  • Ferry- a newly wed woman who have always shared about her tips on love and simple ways to make your life worth living.
  • Genny-a sweet appreciation of life with her daily activities of being a caring woman.
  • Lady Fiona - a woman who has inspired and touched my life through every word she has written in her poems. I just love her because her site is truly amazing..full of deep insights and wisdom. She is an excellent writer.
  • Madhulika- a young girls view on her real true to life insights on love, pain, and success of what we call life.
  • Marie Harmony- a mixture of inspiring poems, quotes and stories of love, sisterhood and a lovely woman’s daily life journals.
  • Mommy Joy-inspiring thoughts and credible helpful information’s on almost anything under the sun.
  • Ms.Jill Wellington-a good example of a site that explains the joys of having a happy family that depicts on every picture she post on her site.
  • Ms.Joy-a daily journal of a fulfilled woman. Her joys and shared insights on her daily routine and discoveries.
  • Ms.Wan-health information’s and ways on how to cook, which inspires every reader to have added knowledge on each post, she has.
  • Pepper-the struggles and success of being a single Mom..I so can relate..
  • Pinx-a daily journal of a busy fulfilled Mom with her love for her precious family.
  • Riya- an inspiring journey of a young girl in search for her prince..true confessions about her feelings of love and life. 
  • Rosalinda-a newly found friend..her site has also the same insights like mine..sometimes I could always say she just writes what I think..
  • Yannie-a brave girls story on her pathway of reaching her dreams.
And that was a loooooonnnnggg post..I hope you liked the award I specially made for all of you.. ENJOY FRIENDS **hugs**

P.S.I'm a bit tired..can you pls. call quiet angel on the line..911..a hug and a kiss will do.. weeee :)

..Thank You so much for following also some of my friends site..I appreciate it sooooo much :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

**Be The Best that You Can Be..

“Don’t try to squeeze everybody into your little box. And don’t allow anyone else to cramp your style.”

  We may have always said this to ourselves over and over again. But sometimes we still become discontented and tend to compare ourselves to other people. Often times we feel insecure because we don’t have physical, emotional strength, prosperity, fame, or intellectual traits that some people have.

 I was a bank teller for almost six years. I had miscarriage on my first baby and my doctor said I have a bicornuate uterus and there was a slim chance for me to have a child. So she suggested me to give up my work and have full rest. Now that I am a single mom with my two kids, my relatives who are professionals now sometimes tells me to go back to work. I was indeed thinking about it but I had second thoughts. After what my kids have been through they need more of my time and care now.

 Some of them would suggest for me to have a business of my own and to do things or to do that grrrrr...I do accept advices but I dislike people trying to manipulate my actions. I am a person who has always been open to change but as of now my kids are one of my top priorities . They need healing and with it comes my care and attention at this time.

 Certainly, all of us should be open to wise counsel. But I also believe that it is still our choice.  We are all free to run our own race.

Yes, sometimes I would envy my relatives and friends having their own salary where they can buy and go anywhere they want. I would look back and remember when my career was on its right track and have regrets of resigning because I was about to be trained as a bank cashier back then..But now one thing that I realized, there is no sweetest and most noble job of being a Mom..A single Mom. When I will leave this world, my two kids and future kids will be my legacy. As a Mom I feel it is so important to raise them to whom they should be and to give them all the love and care that they deserve to have.

I have experienced a fast and busy life of being a working girl on the top of my career. Now I know God is teaching me to slow down a bit and just enjoy and be contented with the life that I have now. I may not have the highest paid career, I may not be the world’s best mother, I may not be a perfect lover and I may not be a woman whom everyone wishes to be... Yes, I am Not Perfect..But still I am determined to adjust and be the best that I can be most specially for my love ones!!!..I am a Mom and if this is the profession that God has intended me to have now, as far as I am concerned, I’m number one and I know I am doing the BEST    that I can!

God has His own individual plan for each of our lives. Just because something works for somebody else doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work for you. I believe each of us have been given different task and mission in life.

 Let us all learn to run our own race and quit looking on what everybody else is doing. We can take pride in ourselves without comparing ourselves to anybody else. Let us be the best that we can be on whatever field we are into, then I can guarantee we will feel good about ourselves!

Dear Lord,

I have a lot of imperfections in my life and even if I want to be the best..I still fail a lot of times..Lord I am just me..I commit mistakes..I am humbly bowing to you now..Please help me change to the person you want me to be..You alone Lord knows my heart..even if I seem to fail there is only one thing I am sure of..I LOVE You Lord,my Kids and Quiet Angel So Much..Please Take Care Of Them.     

Thursday, August 18, 2011

**LOve Always Finds A Way..

 I have watched a story before and it was focused on a young woman who went through the challenges of life being a deaf person. She had an angelic voice and she loves to sing and play the piano. In her early years, she would join choirs and singing was her passion in life.
She had this flu which she did not consult her doctor because of financial problems. After a while, she started not to hear her classmates and neighborhood voices. She consulted the doctor and she was not sick of an ordinary flu it was a viral infection that damaged her ears. One of her doctor’s recommended her to stay away from music and loud tunes. She was very depressed then because she could not play the piano anymore and attend her choir.

To cut the story short in her depression she met a person who is also into singing in a choir and playing the piano. They had a relationship regardless of what had happened.  She could not accept him at first because she could not believe a person loving her even though she is deaf. The person said, “Love comes from the heart not from your ears and whatever the problem is what’s important is my love for you.” 

In her depression, the person turned to be her inspiration to sing again and play the piano from her heart. Moreover, even though she could not hear she learned to look at the positives of life and to let her story inspire other people.

  Love moves in mysterious ways and love moves over the horizons indeed. True love does exist and God has a way for everything. In a relationship when sacrifices are made as an act of love it is not counted as a sacrifice but an opportunity to let go of the humane part in us. Like in this story, love covers all imperfections and it includes accepting your special someone’s strengths and weaknesses.
  “True love will last when two people enter into it with a joint dedication to keep it strong no matter what and being careful with each others hearts !”.
 Sometimes love happens when you least expect it..And from someone whom you least expected..I believe God destined people to be with each other but both of them should also learn and find ways to keep it!


Monday, August 15, 2011

..keep smiling :)

"Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it"  

..look oh I am pretty Sie and I am prettier when I smile :)
 One of the healthiest things you can do is to learn to smile and laugh more often. A smile a day relaxes our whole system and will help us to stay healthy. Often times when we feel sad and depressed our body follows. When we are in a negative mood we suddenly feel weak and sick. I look like Beany when I have a wide grin hehehe..
  It is scientific fact that if we go through life in a negative frame of mind, worried, full of fear .Our immune system weakens, making us susceptible to sickness and disease. On the other hand, people who are happy and have a positive frame of mind has their immune system functioning on its peak performance. 

..yeah strike a pose..hellow mellow I am Balqis smiley or I can be  cutie Sudhi.. a sissy Chacha smile  ..
  I have been sad for these past few days and it shows on my previous post yesterday - a mother's last cry..but I got tired and said to myself enough of that sadness. There should be no room for condemnation and sadness in my life. I have been always down and crying in misery and now I got tired of it. My sadness is over and that chapter is over it is time for me to smile and believe for a better life ahead of us. It is time for positive vibes to set in. about this seductive smile..oh it belongs to Dai Ning,and  Marie or Asma or Aisha or Madhulika :)
 Let us all learn and stop being uptight and stressed out. Yes, some of you may say well it depends on the situation I am into. But have you realized. Will your sadness and negative thinking do anything?. It will only lead to more gloomy days and having a desperate life.

hahaha..Beany again when he was a baby or future quadruplets smile..
   Let us start having a victorious mentality in us. We may have been victims of someone’s brutality, rudeness or unfaithfulness, which have given us a reason to entertain these negative thoughts, but it won’t lead us anywhere. Make a conscious decision of smiling amidst of our difficulties in life and make a  decision to have a positive frame of mind.

..ehe Bear wife.Divine, Ms.Joy and Wan,Clai,Pepper,Pinx,Christine,Genny..this smile is for you with costume on boink boink..
As the saying goes.. “A merry heart does good like a medicine..And a cheerful mind works healing.” ..So we can say.. “A smile, a happy heart and a cheerful mind a day keeps the doctor away”..don’t let our circumstances steal our joy, let us start rejoicing and think that victory is coming our way.
..wiggle it..wiggle wiggle just a little bit :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

..A Warrior Behind a Mother's Last Cry**

"Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed."  ~L. Wooten

 How can you forgive when you can see your kids still suffering because of someone’s rudeness and violence?

I am now crying while writing this post. Sorry friends..But I am living alone with my kids and now it is past 10 in the evening .. my kids are sleeping .. it is only just my lappy and me. I am now sitting on our sofa with lights off. My eyes are swelling and I feel totally weak inside. My heart is totally bursting with anger and I have no one to tell it too right now.

I was changing the clothes of my 3 year old before he goes to sleep. Then he suddenly cried. I asked him why baby?..He can’t utter clearly the words I have to hear but he showed me an action of a “pitik” or an act of someone who flicks his fingers on his arms and then my baby cried and cried and said “aw” or it is painful mom. I cried and hugged my baby boy so tight.  My X has abused me and specially my kids physically. He would “pitik” or pushes a flip of his fingers on my baby boy’s arms until my baby boy’s arms turn red and cried.

 The worst that he did was when my daughter was still 4 yrs. old he carried my daughter from down stairs and when they were upstairs he threw my daughter on our bed and then he pulled both of her arms up and down and she was screaming because her head was having bumps on our bed while being pulled up. I was crying because I was so afraid that the arms of my daughter would be injured or fractured.I was stopping him and even slapped his face but he was so strong and he was like an evil person hurting her. 

 He will hit her with his belt’s buckle but I immediately ran and hugged my daughter and I was the one being hit at my back. He was hurting them without the influence of alcohol or drugs.He often does it when he gets irritated and tired from work. When my daughter was 6 yrs. old I saw him attempting to hit her head with a bucket and my daughter ran inside our comfort room and I found her shivering in fear and such a young age.There were nights when both of my kids would have nightmares because of what he has done and as a Mom it really breaks my heart..

I was so afraid to come out in the open. I was so afraid to have a broken family. But I decided and I will stand up with my decision..I filed an annulment .. “It would BEST  for me to have a broken family than my kids and me being broken in the end.”

In my previous post yesterday-reflections .. I have shared to all of you how I was treated when I was young. My Mom also physically abused me and now seeing my kids having nightmares because of a rude person that was supposed to take care of them it gave me  so much pain. I was physically abused but the deepest hurt that caused me was seeing my kids suffer more than what I have been through when I was young.. he has never been a husband to me..and worst he is their real father BUT he  has never been a father to my kids..he  should have taken care of us but he didn't..

I am a Mom and my kids are one of my strings of life..he doesn't deserve our love..I don't want even to see a shadow of that X..I love my kids so much..I will risk my life and do everything for them..I won’t let anyone hurt them again.. NEVER again!!! 

Lord, I know you are there..Please hear me..Please kindly take care of my kids..they are so precious to me..listen to a mother's cry..always be there for them.. 

**to all of my friends..kindly listen..this song has always inspired me to hold on**

To my kids: Don't worry and have no fear..I am here..I will always be with you .. YOUR MOM IS MUCH STRONGER NOW ..  I won't cry sadness is over  
Our pains will surely pass..we will be happy..I Love You :)


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