Wednesday, August 24, 2011

..An Award For My Friends**

 Friends..warning..this is a long post weeeeee..
I have received two awards recently from three of my friends in blogging..

Thank you so much to Divina Joy-the first day I visited her site I was a bit shy to comment because it was a fashion blog.I am a simple person and not a fashionista hehehe..But what I noticed was her lovely smile..After a while I discovered that we are both from same schools in college though I’m on an older batch and my classmate before was her teacher hahaha..Made me much older hmp..I hope she see this when she comes back from the world youth day in Madrid :)

Madhulika who gave me this same award is a new found friend. She is actually the seventh friend that I have from India. I have always loved her views on life and love. She has no fears of sharing to the whole world about her true opinions and points of view.

Next stop is Marie of my sis in blogging gave me this award..I can’t also understand but I feel a certain closeness to Marie..Maybe because both of us are on a Long Distance relationship and I so can relate to her post and feelings. Every time she comments on my site it made me say..How does she know what’s on my mind and my feelings hehehe..

Now, time to answer their tag questions..

Seven Facts about myself:

  • I am a very simple and friendly person..but sometimes I bite..arf arf..I don’t usually wear make-up. A face powder and lip-gloss will do..because I’m already pretty wahhhhhh..*eye brows raised anyone? hahaha..*
  • Music has always been my companion when I am lonely..I love to hear Jim Brickman songs.
  • What pissed me off are rude, proud, liars and insensitive people..grrrrrrrr..
  • My greatest fear in life is to be left alone. Honestly, I am not afraid to die. What I am afraid of is my love ones leaving me.
  • My greatest dream ever since I was a child was to have a happy and a complete family. A home where my children are safe and full of true happiness. I am a Single Mom As Of Now ~~weeeeeeee..
  • I am an only child..Filipino Chinese.., I have a heart ailment. I often faint but I have always believed in miracles through prayers.
  • God has always been the center of my life. I love my kids and quiet angel so much. I’d better sacrifice rather than my love ones being hurt. I have no fear of risking my life for them!!
Ok I have done my assignment my friends. So now it is my turn to pass on these awards But..Let’s see I want to pass an AWARD I Made..weeeeeeee..or maybe because I want to have my own set of tag questions yehey…so here is the award I made for Special Persons Who Have Been A Part of my Blogging World..

 I made this Inspirational Blog Award basically for sites who on my own opinion have Touched Lives. All of us have different sites and each one is unique. But in each site we might not notice that we are already reaching out to people we don’t know. Why a butterfly?..This has always been my favorite creature because it always symbolizes New Life. Through our life’s journey like a butterfly it has stages. Before it can be a beautiful one it should go through a process of transformation. Like in our lives as what I have said all of us are in a journey, each day is a process of learning which gives us a chance to grow and mature. Like a butterfly we should always remember The Lord Is Not Finish With Us Yet”. Life is a continuous journey of learning..


You can Pass this award to any deserving blogger you can think of. Go to their site and tell them they have received an award from you.Copy and paste the award on your site and copy the link of the person who gave you the award.Then answer the tag questions..My tag questions yeheyyyyyyy!!!..and don't give it back to me hmp..


  1. What makes you laugh, smile or giggle?
  2. What are your dreams for your future?
  3. If you are to go to a cruise, where would it be and why?
  4. How would you spend your vacation time and with whom?
  5. If given a chance, what life would you choose? Your life now or your past?
  6. Is there something that you wished before when you were young but you didn’t get it?
  7. Have you been in a situation where you might have given up but still you chose to move on?
  8. Is their someone in your life who has been your source of strength and inspiration?
I’d like to give this award to: note..It is a long list hehehe..You can just read your name..But it would be best if you can also visit their sites *blink blink*..every name has a link :)

  • Beany-my special angel who have always inspired me in so many ways *blink..*His site reveals the true and deeper meaning of his journey in search for his one true love and his path to maturity..
  • Sudhi- sweet thoughts of a brave young girl going through her process of learning life. 
  • ChaCha-inspiring thoughts from a sissy pretty young girl’s heart and mind.
  • Asma Khan-true reflections of faith and seeing life at its brightest perspective.
  • Aisha-a sweet girl that reveals her deeper faith and views on her life’s chosen path.
  • Balqis-Haiku expressions that made you think and revealed a deeper meaning of your true self.
  • Bella- revelations on one’s inner strength..facing her fears on the world she is living.
  • Bear Wife-her courageous points of view towards freedom and stories on her traveling experiences
  • Bonnie-her joys and struggles of motherhood, her positive outlooks that there is a blessing through trials..
  • Cathie-a woman's inner revelation of her own self.Her joys and struggles being on her own real world. A site showing a woman's compassionate heart.
  • Christine Andre- a daily journal of a contented happy woman on her life journey.
  • Clai- a young girls insights on love and life and her path for her pursuit of her dreams and true happiness.
  • Dai Ning Li-her daily journals of being a good sister, a loving daughter, witty insights on life and love, her struggles and happy moments of being a woman.
  • Divina Joy-a fashion site that shows that real beauty is not on the dress that you wear but on every smile that you give.
  • Ferry- a newly wed woman who have always shared about her tips on love and simple ways to make your life worth living.
  • Genny-a sweet appreciation of life with her daily activities of being a caring woman.
  • Lady Fiona - a woman who has inspired and touched my life through every word she has written in her poems. I just love her because her site is truly amazing..full of deep insights and wisdom. She is an excellent writer.
  • Madhulika- a young girls view on her real true to life insights on love, pain, and success of what we call life.
  • Marie Harmony- a mixture of inspiring poems, quotes and stories of love, sisterhood and a lovely woman’s daily life journals.
  • Mommy Joy-inspiring thoughts and credible helpful information’s on almost anything under the sun.
  • Ms.Jill Wellington-a good example of a site that explains the joys of having a happy family that depicts on every picture she post on her site.
  • Ms.Joy-a daily journal of a fulfilled woman. Her joys and shared insights on her daily routine and discoveries.
  • Ms.Wan-health information’s and ways on how to cook, which inspires every reader to have added knowledge on each post, she has.
  • Pepper-the struggles and success of being a single Mom..I so can relate..
  • Pinx-a daily journal of a busy fulfilled Mom with her love for her precious family.
  • Riya- an inspiring journey of a young girl in search for her prince..true confessions about her feelings of love and life. 
  • Rosalinda-a newly found friend..her site has also the same insights like mine..sometimes I could always say she just writes what I think..
  • Yannie-a brave girls story on her pathway of reaching her dreams.
And that was a loooooonnnnggg post..I hope you liked the award I specially made for all of you.. ENJOY FRIENDS **hugs**

P.S.I'm a bit tired..can you pls. call quiet angel on the line..911..a hug and a kiss will do.. weeee :)

..Thank You so much for following also some of my friends site..I appreciate it sooooo much :)


  1. I'm there! I'll get back to the assignment this coming long weekend. Hehehe!

    Thanks Sie! My first concern in writing is to really pamper myself because writing is like breathing to me. If only I have pen whenever I go I had lots of things to put on paper in this life. And now, having some people who get inspired of what I share and those who in the same way inspire me with their life, I believe there is magic in this blogosphere. I gain friends, as real as those I get to see everyday.

  2. @Dai Ning Li- it's ok Dai Ning..I know your busy..same here..writing has been my outlet or sudden outburst of my true feelings..yes there is magic sis..I also gained friends here..people who can understand me..every comment means a lot to me..and to top of it is where I met my "quiet angel" weeeeeee..thank you Dai Ning for being one of them :)

  3. thanks sie... will make this one if not tonight, tomorri=ow perhaps... will be out again today for baby Job's vaccination. quite busy here since this weekend is his baptism. thanks again and have a nice day! kisses and hugs for u!

  4. @Pinx-ay talaga it's baby Job's baptism..see I'm right your a busy mom hahaha..welcome Pinx *hugs*

  5. Wow, touched naman ako :), Thank you very much Sie :) I'll be grabbing my award na ha hihi :)

  6. @Mommy Joy-your welcome po..*hugs*

  7. Will you let me in your circle too! Hahaha! I'll be happy if I could follow your friends' blogs too as much as I hope mine will be their source of inspiration tidbits too! ;')

  8. awww.. so sweet hehe, kakaiyak naman to eh..kaw lang talaga ang good ate na nakilala ko sa blogging world. weeee.. and pretty din same ko hehe.. sissy thanks much for this award, touched ako as in touch by touch hehe *smile* hmmm ayan na speechless na po ako..This means a lot to me. weeee. thanks po sissy prettiful. *kiss kiss*

  9. hi Sie, what a wonderful surprise. looks like i am the only foodie blogger and an odd niche in your long list. Thanks you so much, i am speeechless already..ha ha.
    that's a very pretty looking award and for it, i gladly answer your 8 questions.yay yay
    answer to Qn #1 = YOU ha ha ha
    BTw i also got 2 other awards, one of it is the "one lovely blogger award" exactly the same one like you got, but mine is from Jay, a foodie blogger.
    have a nice day sie............

  10. Thanks Sie! I'm really flattered you included me in your list :). I'll make my post on this soon :)

  11. thanks much for this award so touched.:-) btw, my cousins name is Hermelina GAcang. thanks.:-)

  12. *running vewy fast, reaching the award jumping*
    i'm NOT late! i'm here to claim the..butterfly...ohhhhh...*big eyes* made the design so well huh..*clap clap* 8wiggle wiggle*

    huh! *boasting* i'm the first there! huh! huh! *chin up*..but..but...why path to maturity??? i'm a baby!
    ok, tent you,,pwomise i will do my homework soooooonn...pwomise! cwoss my heart! ♥♥♥

  13. Congratulations Sie, & Thanks for the award... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  14. @Dai Ning- syempre naman sis join ka noh..everyone's site offers different ways to inspire each and one of us..but we have the same reach lives on our small little ways :)


  15. @ChaCha-I am an only child and how I wish to have a younger sister..and you are one of them..though virtually but let's see maybe sometime we can meet..perhaps on my *blink blink* secondary sponsor? weeeeee..hahaha..I agree you are pretty sissy because you got it from me hahaha..*psssstt..sissy don't laugh out loud too much..wahhhhh poise hahaha* *hugs*

  16. @cooking varieties-hello Ms.Wan..Oh me..I make you smile and laugh..but giggle? *thinking how* hahaha..your welcome Ms Wan and congrats for getting another have a collection already hahaha..have a nice day too :)

  17. @Pepperific Life-hasus Peps..I won't forget you noh..we have lots of things in common and with your comforting words this is a small way of saying thank you :)

  18. @Genny-ok Genny I'll include her in my prayers..and your welcome..take care of her and send my hugs..she will make it..tell her mother to be strong because even without her father..every child's fears can be healed by a mothers love and never ending care :)

  19. @Beany-your always first on my lists..because you know all my secrets hahaha..I'm afraid you'll whisper it to them hahaha..kunwari ka pa dyan hehehe..

    The award..your smiling..because your the one who taught me how to do it remember?..but with a different pix- my first quiet angel's pix weeeeee..

    I know you would ask that? ok explain Sie..I have browsed and literally read ALL of your posts on your four sites and each post you had was about your real feelings and outlooks on your life's journey.It shows your hurts,pains,happy moments and learning experiences on love and life.

    I am proud of every post that you showed the REAL YOU..not virtually but in reality :)

    You are not a baby anymore..I believe God has given you your Hon because you are Ready and Mature Enough for a Lasting Relationship..I hope it is for lifetime Finally *blink*..hmp call 911 di pinansin che..

  20. @Asma Khan- thank you Asma and you deserve it *hugs* :)

  21. *wiggle wiggle* habulin mo ko!!..weeeeeeeee!!!!
    hahaha... blogs are still sleeping,,wanna wake them up? guess post ka kaya? hehehehe..

    no more 911..hehe, pinasara ko na, ako na lng tawagan mo po...*blink blink*

  22. @Beany-your blogs are sleeping?..ok I'll wake them up..give me the authority to ANSWER MY TAG QUESTIONS using your i.d...just text me your answers hahaha..

    kring kring..sorry the line is busy now..and who are you busy talking with ha hmp hmp..

    kring kring..sorry subscriber cannot be reached..please try again later..and I can't reach you oh..give me a plane ticket na lang hahaha..

    oooopss..sorry I forgot you told me you have closed 911 and opened (children's home for abused children ) Bantay Bata 163 hahaha :)

  23. Salamat sa Award Sie! It makes me want to write more informative articles. You inspire me, too! Keep writing...labyu girl, I hope we can meet in person soon.

  24. Amazing posts Sie! You deserve your 2 awards!

    Love the one you created - Just so true to yourself. I am a butterfly lover too, new changes and new starts! Always amazed at their beauty.
    Your list of blog is quite good, I have joined many by now........such good friends around I see.

    Thanks for giving me this award. You are so kind. Always a pleasure to stop by and read your lovely thoughts even the sad ones. You deserve your dreams and desires to come to life. Sending my love to you 3. xx

  25. @Ms.Joy-your welcome po Ms. you too Ms.Joy..opo I am just fixing some personal matters pa po and it will be over soon yeheyyyy :)

  26. @Marie Harmony- and I was waiting for you your here :)

    oh you also love butterflies..I told you so we have somethings in common hehehe..

    I also love reading and stopping by to all of your sites..I am amazed on how you handle and update your three sites..

    Love Lots Marie *hhhhuggggssss*

  27. Sie, that's it I am feeling it we have a connection you and me...........all for the best! This is one of God's great good he is.

    Have a good day (or night I am always confused with the time zones). xxx and love

  28. @Marie Harmony-yes, Marie I do believe every person that comes into our lives has a reason..thank you so much for being a friend..Have a nice day too lots *hugs*

  29. i am extremely flattered that you have chosen me for this award, i would like to thank you with Huggs* and Blessings* thanks for your sweet and kind compliments about me:)iwould like to dedciate this award to Your , marie , rose water muslimah sis all my blogger besties:)

  30. Dear Sie, thanks a lot for awarding me with this beautiful award and for mentioning my blog. So sweet of you! Will answer your tag this weekend. :))

  31. Wow. This sure is a long post. Says a lot about you. Made for a nice read. It's always wonderful to receive awards. :)

  32. Thanks for the award sis.. Its beautiful.. just like you ^_^
    Loved the butterfly concept and knowing random stuffs was fun :) :)
    Love you bunches... Hugs..

  33. @Aisha-your welcome deserve the awards and everything I said about you and your site is true..*hugs hugs* :)

  34. @Balqis-sis you will always be included..I love your site..your Haikus always challenges me really makes me not just read but to think hehehe.. your welcome baker bee :)

  35. @Zeba-hello Zeba..yes it is always nice to receive awards and give is one way of showing my appreciation to persons who have spent their time reading and commenting on my was the least thing that I could do..thank you for passing by Zeba :)

  36. @Madhulika- now your here sis..I commented twice on your site..just checking if your ok hehehe..

    your welcome Madhulika..I so love your are so brave actually..braver than me on expressing your thoughts..

    *hugs sis :) *

  37. Thank You so much for such an inspirational award..I will do the tag soon :)

    Thanks once made me smile :)

  38. what a really generous thing to honor your friends and fellow writers like this. i could tell you are a good person when you warned of a long post ahead:) really, you had such detailed things to say about a lot of blogs.
    here from madhulika's place.

  39. @Riya-your welcome Riya..visiting your site also makes me smile and *giggle* hahaha..thank you Riya for visiting :)

  40. wow.. :) cute seeing friends through blogging.. :)

  41. Your "Inspirational Blog Award" travels fast. I just got it from here:

    It would be interesting to trace back how it came to me and see how it expands into the world. Good luck in your world. :-)

  42. Thankyou soooooo much Ms.sie mwahhh ......... Sorry for the delay , you are one of the best person and friend I have ever seen . May you have beautiful life full of happiness!!

  43. @Sudhi-love you Sudhi..if we can just meet in person.. I will give you a tiggghhhttt hug..

  44. Hi Sie!.. Really I'm lucky today..! Got two special award from special friend... Thank you so much! God bless you...:)

  45. @Sagittarian-your welcome should have it :)

  46. Hello Ms. Sie ♥

    I know I am someone who came into your life after you made and presented this award to your special friends here *smiles* I'm so very proud to be listed among such lovely souls! When you initially presented this to me, I was SO overwhelmed with joy and I expressed this to you on another one of your lovely posts, that we were conversing on that day *smiles*

    I was SO excited and failed to come and visit the original post. Please excuse me for the delay. I know you said that it's not necessary for me to do the tag questions, etc. but I plan on doing it in the early part of the New Year *hugs*

    When I first came to your wonderful blog, I noticed how beautiful this award was ~ I referred to it as the most beautiful award I've seen circulating Blogger! At that time, I didn't realize you were the creator and then I wanted to hit myself on the head he he! Something THIS beautiful could ONLY come from someone as BEAUTIFUL as YOU ARE, Ms. Sie!

    The fact that I now own this award and proudly display it at the top of my blog is still so humbling to me! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once more for including me and for adding my name here also! Such lovely compliments about me *blush* ;)

    You are the epitome of ~*INSPIRATION*~! Thank you so much for this great honor and for continuing to amaze and inspire me on a daily basis!
    Love you very much, Ms. Sie :) ♥ May God bless you always! Your footprints have left the most beautiful impression on my heart ~x0x~

  47. @Princess Fiona-hello Ms.Fiona weeeeeeeeeee..I am so surprised to see you here..awwwwww..I'm speechless and I was just smiling on every word you have said..thank you Ms.Fiona and seeing the award I gave you on your site was really such an honour for is a remembrance from your younger sis for my older sister who have blessed me in so many ways..Beany knows how much happiness and inspiration you have brought into my life Ms.Fiona..

    Love you always and always take care..I'll always be here Princess Fiona as time will always have a special place in my heart


─═☆☆═─ Thank You So Much For Your Time 。◕‿◕。


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