Friday, November 25, 2011

~A Love that Won't Let Go♥

"If Your Love Is All I Had In This Life, That Would Be Enough For The Rest Of My Life"

Each of us wanted to be with someone who we can be with for the rest of our lives. That’s the main reason why I never flirted with any guy. I have always looked at myself and wished to have someone beside me not just for a temporary time but to be with forever.

Giving your love to someone can carry a lot of fears and the risk of being hurt again. Starting again in another relationship gave me fears and insecurities. But I have proven that all of these reasons won’t matter much as long as you are investing your love with the right person.

I went through a failed relationship but this didn’t stop me to believe that true love does exist. I have always believed that everybody deserves a second chance. 

My painful experience didn’t give me any reason to Stop Believing but Learning to Give All My Love and Trust MORE to someone who deserves all my service and love.

My grandpa had a brain damage last year. But their endless love for each other remained. My grandma has always been their taking care of him and giving all the love he needed. Holding my grandpa’s hand, cleaning him up and giving his food.

I have always looked up and appreciated those relationships that have been tested but lasted for years. I have always envied those couples that have grown old but their love has not withered and faded through the years.

One of my dreams in life is to have a partner for the rest of my life. To have someone beside me still loving me even when my beauty faded and when my hair turned white. Someone who will still hold my hand even if it is wrinkled and weak. Both of us walking along the beach and just enjoying the simple moment together.

Both of us sitting together looking at the old photographs, memories that we have spent years ago but it just seemed as yesterday that passed by. That same smile that captured my heart and dazzled my eyes every single day. 

Gracefully walking with him in my journey. Loving him always even till the day I have to go

  I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you 

I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you
Sharing everything you do
I wanna grow old with you

A thousand miles between us now
It causes me to wonder how
Our love tonight remains so strong
It makes our risk right all along

Monday, November 21, 2011


“You never know what life has in store for you, but I believe there are certain things one is meant to go through.” ~Gloria Estefan~

All of us go through this journey in our lives. A few years back I should say I was on the peek of my career. I was about to be promoted to be a branch cashier in a bank but something bad did happened and I had no choice but to resign. I had miscarriage and I can’t have a baby while having work.

I have plans before of being a career woman at the same time having a perfect happy family. I had planned to have my own business too and having my kids enjoy the life and freedom that I didn’t have when I was young. I was physically abused when I was a child so I promised myself to give all my love to my kids.

For the past 10 years..All of these things that I have planned for was blown away like a dust in the wind. All of it just exploded and all the pieces I have built for a long time crumbled. I had gone through the toughest time of my life but I have no choice but to hold on for my kids. To be strong for them because I am their Mom.

All of these came to my life unplanned. As I was reading on the different blogs yesterday I keep on saying to myself we all go through a journey in our lives though differently. Some of us may go through pains of betrayal. Loving someone, giving our all but ended up being betrayed. Some of us may have been always one’s Option and Never been their Priority. Or some people may just come and teach us a lesson, hurt us and then Walk Out.

We may have felt irrelevant to some people. Neglected us for no reason. Taken us for granted and just left us in one corner pretending we have not been a part of their lives. Some of us may have been tired and pushing ourselves too hard just to fulfill our dreams.

All of these situations in our lives came unplanned. We did never wished for these things to happen in our lives right? No one I know would wish to have hardships. I know because I have been through it. My relatives and friends would always say I am a strong person because if they would have been in my situation now..They would have gone insane or committed suicide.

But these same Unplanned situations in my life gave me strength to hold on to God even more. I had many tears so much and if only I could shout now I will. I have always believed that in every pain that I have gone through all of it came with a purpose. Though I may not see it now, though I am still waiting for my prayers to be answered. I know God is still there listening to my every cry.

Not all people are the same. I may have been hurt and betrayed from my past but I won’t let myself get stuck on my past. I won’t dig up those past hurts anymore. We are all created differently and my kids and I will soon have the true happiness we have been waiting for. All of us deserve second chances in our lives.

Now even if I have no career I have the noblest work of being a single mom. Looking back I love my life now more. My kids and I are more bonded than ever. I have freedom because I am not pretending anymore. I am enjoying the real me. My life of having a fake smile and a masked heart that where full of anger and lies has now been set free.

A woman who has learned to stand up, move on and hold to the life that I have now because I am not alone. I have them. I may not have the most successful career. I may not have the riches in life. I may not be a woman that any guy wishes to have. But I know I am a woman who knows how to love. A woman who has survived and moved on.I may not know where these steps would lead me and my kids but I am certain that God will lead and guide us along the way.

"God Never Draws a Plan Without a Promise; He Never Puts a Path without a Pointer and Never Sets a Life Without a Purpose .. We just have to accept every situation in our lives and MOVE ON"

this song always makes me cry

Sie on Emo mode ;)

Friday, November 18, 2011

..A new day~

The stillness of the early morning scene enables me to take in and enjoy many things that pass me by during the bustle of the day.

Waking up each day, thanking God that he has given me another day to live and enjoy the life that He has given. Knowing that it is another day for us to have new hopes and another chance to make things right.

 Another day to be healed from the hurts of yesterday and to believe that each day gives us a chance to love and be loved. A new day to make someone feel special and loved.
We may have many questions and unanswered prayers and each day brings new hope to believe that all will be given in His perfect time. Believing that soon my waiting would be over.

Sometimes we need to stop analyzing and asking these why’s from our past, stop worrying for our future and stop figuring out how we feel. We just have to accept life and move forward. We may stumble and fall many times but each new day gives us strength to stand up again and be better.

It is not on how many times we had those tears but on how we managed to smile and see the lessons that we have learned. It is another day so let us be thankful that God has given us a chance to live. Regardless of what we have been through there will always be hope. There will always be a new and better day waiting for us

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

~believe in me♥

Love Love Love

weeeeee.. I really love this song since I was in College ;)

Believe, I'm here to stay.
I will love you,
Till they take my heart away.

Now we're stronger than before,
We've made it through.
I've never felt more sure ,
Because of you.

Hey now, are you listening.
Can you hear me say,
I will love you,
Till they take my heart away...

All I Ever Wanted To Be With For The Rest Of My Life Is  YOU

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

~Through the eyes of a daughter..

Dear Papa,

I am always lost of words when I always hear you say. I miss my daughter when will you go home.

You have always made me feel so special even when I was still your young girl. I remembered when we both sing our favorite songs and dance. When you have kept my secrets from Mama so she won’t get mad. You use to carry me and cuddle me every time you came home from work. We always do the dirty jobs inside the house. Painting the vacant rooms before our boarders sets in, gardening and doing the carpentry jobs together while laughing. I have always loved your smile Papa. You have never made me cry. I have always felt love from you. You have always been there for me even through the bad times.

You have always made me smile when you say I am your most beautiful child because I am your only child hahaha..Since elementary until college we had our lunch together and those where the precious times I will always cherish. You have been so kind to me and to other people. You have been a perfect model of a gentleman. I never saw you made Mama cry. I am still amazed on how you have raised me and held on to your love for your family.

You have always said to me that you have already finished the home you have made for us. I wanted to go home Papa but I can’t. I need some time to be alone with my kids. I am doing this because I wanted also to prove to myself that whatever pains I have been through I will survive. It is so hard being a single Mom but Papa I need to be alone to be stronger. I need to learn to fight for my kids. I need this to put my self-worth back.

One day Papa I’ll go home and I want you to see a New  Me. Your young girl who have turned to be a stronger woman. One day Papa you will be proud of me again. I will always be your sweet young girl. Thank you for your love. I am so blessed having you as My Father.

I love you Papa I miss you so much


Monday, November 7, 2011 early wish*

Christmas Season is just around the corner and it is getting colder every night. It is with great joy to see our malls decorated with Christmas decorations and my kids beaming with joy. Their smiles have always given me every reason to be strong and their hugs gave me every reason to fight for them. Being a single Mom for more than a year gave me a lot of lessons in my life. It made me enjoy and embrace life to whatever it may bring.

 As the Christmas season approaches each and one of us have certain wishes in life. This season I believe is not only for kids but also for all of us. Do you have any wishes for this season? I have only one wish for Christmas and I want to share it with you through a song. This song is dedicated to , my two kids, my parents and for all who have been waiting for their love ones to come

All I Want This Christmas
By Martin Nievera

All that I have, I give to you

All that is love, I see in you
All that I ask this Christmas
All that I need this Christmas
All that I want this Christmas is you

All that I am because of you
You are to me a dream come true
All that I ask this Christmas
All that I need this Christmas
All that I want this Christmas is you

You're here with me chasing our dreams
Chasing them everyday
Tomorrow may be so far away
We're together each step of the way

All that I pray, I pray for you
I have been blessed with all you do
All that I ask this Christmas
All that I need this Christmas
All that I want this Christmas is you 

All that I want this Christmas is you ♥♥♥
..I guess I am the first one to have a Christmas post weeeee..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

** An Invitation - your time to shine ♥

Hello friends,

            You have always known me because you have witnessed every step of my life’s journey. I have not hidden anything and had no fears of saying the truth about my principles and true to life confessions about myself.

I have known Marie for a long time now and we became like sisters though virtually. I don’t easily give my trust to anyone because of the pains that I have been through in my past. But through her writings and her continued concern for me and my family, she gained my trust and respect.

It was an honor for me to be interviewed and chosen among the women in the whole world to share my true to life story to inspire others. Thank you so much Marie for giving me a chance to touch people’s lives. Thank you for always giving me the inspiration to appreciate my life to the fullest.

I would like to invite you all my dear friends to kindly visit her site and read my answers. I have always loved reading her post on her new site because it gives empowerment most specially for women. An invitation not only to know me better personally but also a hope to inspire you through my life testimony.

I highly recommend her may follow her site too..thank you ;)

Hope to see you there - (here is the link to her site)

* my answers are a bit long kindly use your specs thank you..*


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