Wednesday, February 29, 2012

**My heart's journey..

Once on my life's long journey
I was raised with all of my life planned
A tool to be perfect was always on my hand
Grasping every learning chart that come
Following what they want me to become.

Transforming me to be a river flowing clean
Bringing forth a perfect daughter to be seen
Everything that I did by myself was wrong
They made me believe it was for me to be strong.

Growing up with my soul on a dusty shelf
Looking down so small on myself
Waiting for my happiness giving stream
To quench my thirst of my life reviving dream.

Now as I turn my life pages
I saw what I lost in ages
Clouded with dark tomorrow's fears
Endless pouring down of my weakening tears.

Once I stumbled on my wishful dream
But my hope for love never failed to beam
I thought darkness took my chance
But he came in an unexpected glance.

Though I was imperfect and torn in his eyes
But still he loved me and listened to my cries
He melted my soul full of frozen fears
Locked my heart with his love for years.

Though all was unplanned in my kingdom
Through imperfections I had my freedom
I had failures on my hurtful dark past
But still I believe for destined love to last.

I have also my dreams to love forevermore
To build a home with him on a happy shore
Never to see again a painful cloud in our sky
No more shadows and tears to dim my eye.


weeeeeeeee..this is the cutest video I have ever seen..I am in cloud love love ;)

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

*Dana's Wednesday Photo Inspiration..

original image (here)

Join us every Wednesday on sis Dana's Photo Inspiration 

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I was tagged by one of my younger sis in blogging and since she is so close to me I couldn't escape to answer her tag questions and expose more secrets about my real self..But before doing this I would like to introduce to you Clai ~ this is her site~..she is also a Filipina like me and she has been one of my closest friends..the best quality that I like about her..she is so honest and fearless in sharing her inner views on love and life..a typical simple girl experiencing her ups and downs in life through her road of maturity. She has always treated me as her Ate (older sister) and listened to my advices..I hope those are right advices Clai here are my answers to your tag questions ;)

  • How did you survived High School?
~ High school is one of the toughest times of my life. It was the time when all that I did was very well guarded by my parents. I was not allowed to wear my own clothes because my Mom would choose and I would wake up with my clothes hanging on my closet. I was not allowed to have friends. It was the time I was bullied in our school because I was so thin and pale. I even experienced some girls spitting on me while I was walking on our corridor and I was studying in an exclusive school so I never expected to be treated that way. How did I survived? Maybe because I never gave up on my dreams. Even if my classmates laughed and mocked me I never made it a hindrance to whom I wanted to be and just focused on my studies.

  • What and where is your ideal date?

    ~ My ideal date..just walking with my husband to be on a beach..singing songs together from sunrise till we see those stars twinkling at night is a romantic date for me..anywhere would do as long as I'm with him all my days would be perfect.

    • Do you prefer a surprise wedding proposal? Why?
    • ~ It will be more exciting to receive a surprise wedding proposal..any woman wants it for sure *blink*
    • What is your favorite channel? Why?

    ~ I always love to watch Discovery channel since I was a kid..I am always into Science and I love reading National Geographics books while I am inside my father's office before.

    • What do you think about long distance relationship?
      ~ I am in a long distance relationship right now..honestly it is a bit hard because you have a limited chance to be with the person you love but distance can't stop two loving hearts that are destined to be together. Some say there are few chances for a long distance relationship to last but for me who is in it now I could say it will always depend on those persons building a relationship. As long as love and trust is there, a long distance relationship can lead to forever.

      • What was your greatest achievement so far?
      ~ I had the best career before but now I can say being a mother of my two cute kids is my greatest achievement.
      • What do you think about interracial marriage?
      ~ I have a friend who is in this type of marriage and I could say it is a bit hard because both should understand and adjust to each other's cultures, introducing their own ideas and customs. However, race for me has never been a question to someone who loves.
      • What do you think are the causes of infidelity? 
      ~ I think each individual has their own personal reasons..but the way I see it..because they don't love the person whom they are with..but then again I am also human and I never judged anybody ;)

        • Do you think the world will end this year 2012?
        ~ No, the world won't end this year..and no no..many people have predicted that this year our world would end but I am not really focusing on it..I have heart failures and I can go anytime so the best thing I can do now is to focus and cherish each day that I have with my love ones.

        • What is love?
        ~ My own definition of love is when..someone learned to accept who you are including your past and is loving without any conditions of receiving same love in return..just holding on and waiting because you know his promises won't be broken..just letting go of those expectations and holding on to the love that you have promised because I love him so ;)

        I have done my assignment sis Clai..Thank you for reading ;)

        I just finished my daughter's reviewer for her exam so..I'll sleep now hihihi ;)

        Let us all have a Happy Sunday everyone *hugs* ;)

          Thursday, February 23, 2012

          ..Inspirations Fly*

          Special Thanks to: Princess Fiona
          @ The Princess Passions
          a fibonacci Sonnet following
          with Syllable counts per line of:
          Each of us go through different stages in our lives. We go through hardships and situations that made us ask God why? Why do they have a complete and perfect family? Why do I have to go through so much pain in my life? Why have life been so unfair? So many questions but it ends up in questioning discovering life as a whole.

          “God is not finish with us yet.” Often times there are trials that are so hard to carry. But I do believe in my heart that in everything God has a reason.

          The journey of life for me and for some of us may not be that easy. But I know it only allows us to be transformed inside. He is only making us strong and letting us see things in a more positive way that life is good regardless of what we are all going through. When people causes us pain it is just one way of exposing us to the true colors of people around us. For sometimes we need pain to expose the real strength that we really have.

          One Day I can see God pouring his love and miracle to my life and to each and one of us. In all those trials it will bring out a New and Better “you”. He will give the desires of our heart. It will make us learn to accept a profound truth that "God loves us just the way we are…and that each of us are indeed special.” He has greater plans, it only takes patience to wait for His perfect time.

          I Am Back With Wings To Fly High

          Wednesday, February 22, 2012

          Tuesday, February 21, 2012

          *A simple award I made For My Friends*

          I have been away for almost two weeks and I am smiling to see my friends who have remembered me even in my absence. First of all thank you so much to Sis Marie, Sissy Chacha, Ate Fiona, Sis Dana, Sis Asni and Sis Izdiher who have sent me mails and thank you so much for all your kind words and advices. Thank you so much to Ms.Anjuli who have dropped a comment on my site just to make sure I am ok I am really blessed to have met friends here that have turned to be my sisters. I just want you all to know that whatever happens I will always remember the friendship you have shared with me. To all of my faithful friends who have left their comments while I am away thank you so much for continuing to read and visit my site even if I wasn't able to visit your sites.

          To Sis Marie- Thank you so much for always being there sis Marie. Our friends here might not know but in my absence sis Marie have always been sending mails to check if my heart is fine and she always says she misses me. Yes these are simple words but it really touched my heart to see someone like Marie who have been there as a sister. I will always remember sis Marie what you said.."Spend time with people who will Value You and not with those who wants to be Better than You." I will always remember it sis Marie *blink* Thank you So much ;)

          Lucy Pictures, Images and Photos

          For all of my friends I have made an award for all of you..It is called Touching Hearts Blog Award..All of us are writing maybe just to pour out some of our emotions or thoughts but little did we know in our own simple ways we have touched someone's heart through our writings..I have seen so many sites and all of us have different styles..I love sites that are inspirational and I love to cook so I always love visiting sites that adds up to my learning. When I started blogging it was just to pour out my emotions but I didn't know that I have reached lives through my writing. I have been thinking of giving up blogging but my friends did say don't and I realized sometimes through our life challenges we can be a living testimony to everybody that life has hope and it can be beautiful it will just depend on how we see here's what I made for all of you  ;)

          You may or may not share this award to is my sign of friendship to all of you who are reading this post. If you know you are one of my friends then you can copy and paste it to your sites. I won't be saying the names of the persons I'll be giving to because you all know who you are hihihi..and if you want to be my friend then just accepting this award from me will make me smile..placing it as a part of your site yehey will give me a *wide grin*..this is just a remembrance a little token from me for all of you who have been a friend and for all of you who have touched my heart in your own simple ways. I will never forget my blogging world because of "YOU". 

          If you want to share this award along with it comes just two simple questions hihihi..
          • What is your best quality that you can be proud of ?
          • How have you touched the lives of other people through blogging?
          You can pass it on and share to other sites whom you know deserves to have one *blink blink*

          To all of my friends who have just known me for a few months..Kindly read my previous post (here)~An Answered Prayer..A Journey to my home~ just to know  My True To Life Story..for you to know the True Sie in Real Life ;)

          **Thank You So Much and Enjoy**

          Thursday, February 9, 2012

          **Pushing my limits..~Rhyming Bow Poem~

          Wind blows
          With sorrows
          Dark tomorrows
          Suddenly time slows
          Her weak tear shows
          Fears strength flows
          Pierced  bows
          But COURAGE
          Soul lives
          And  believes
          Pains can deceive
          If her mind conceive
          Faith  in  His  name
          Redeemed shame
           Hopes flame

          This Poem is for Inspirational Purposes Only

          Hello dear friends..last week Princess Fiona @ The Princess Passions gave us an Ultimate Challenge..she created her own form of poetry - Acronet -. Kindly visit her site for a CLEAR EXAMPLE OF THIS CHALLENGE .

          I was one of her students who participated on every challenges that she has for us. But this time her challenge was not to do her Acronet. Her instruction was to do our own form of poetry and not to join two forms of poetry together. I was into joining also two forms but my Hon Beany and Ms.Fiona encouraged me to do a unique one. I was hesitant at first but I did tried my best hihihi..

          So friends here's my first attempt to do my own form of poetry..I'll be naming it 

          Rhyming Bow Poem this form the poem should be Formed Like a Bow And each lines should Rhyme And the chosen topic in Bold letters written at the middle my poem the word is COURAGE. 
          The syllable counts per line are: 1,1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1,~2,3,2~1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1,1

          This is my little contribution to your ultimate challenge Princess Fiona and thank you so much to you and Beany for always encouraging me to leave a mark, be unique and be a person with excellence and integrity.As what Princess Fiona said "Art is an exhibition to inspire imagination beyond the realm of replication". I hope you all enjoyed hihihi ;)

          BUT Before I go I would like to invite you all my dear friends to kindly visit my hon's site..he has written his poem for is his gift for our 17th monthsary..I'll be more than glad if you'll visit him and leave a is his site @Beanizer's Instincts.. Thank you soooooooooo much ;)

          image source:
          and google search 

          Wednesday, February 8, 2012

          ..Captivated Moments**

          Sitting  calmly, patiently  waiting 
          My tears descending, expecting
          Unaware  small drops  of rain
          Pours on my window pane
          Sincerely swearing
          Looking from far
          Rain ceased
          Soothed silence
          Covered  the  place
          A heart found it's way
          I  felt  your  LOVE  inside
          Burning  with  desire  to  stay
          Thanking I'm blessed,  remembering
          Those wishful vows said, cherished moments

          Written for: Quiet Angel Beany

          Special Thanks to:
          Nonet Poem (hour glass) following with syllable   
          counts per line of: 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

          I'll be waiting for You..If You'll come here..You'll Find Me

          There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real ~~by Rania~~

          image source:photobucket and

          ..An Invitation for Dana's Photo Inspiration*

          Join us every Wednesday on Dana's photo inspiration @ Dana's Diary Secrets
          (kindly copy her html code on the link provided)

          * If you post the photo in your blog , don't forget to add the button or link to her site*
          These are the following rules of  Sis Dana from her site:
          • - The photo can be your own (you can add a copyright if you wish) 
          • - It is your choice to add a quote with the photo.
          • - You can link up the photo from any sites.  If you decide to post it on your blog, it's better to link the site up with your photo for more safety. (Sometimes, I'm not bothered to do that, but it's more safer when we are trying to pass it around).
          • - You are allowed to create some effects in the photo (photo manipulation), just as long as it's a photo then that's fine!
          • - It cannot be a fantasy or digitally/ traditionally created picture (Sad face)
          • - You cannot link up any nude, racist, violence form of photos.
          • - If you are using stock photo materials, Link it up with your photo for more safety. 
            Come join us and let us all have our Artistic Minds work ;)

          Here's My Share For Today:

          I included a quote, edited the color and placed animated rain effects to the picture to make it more alive can check the original picture @getty images .com to see  the difference

          ok how I would wish to explain why I have chosen this picture and quote..even just one sentence can I please?? oh ok huhuhu.. This is Dana's purpose for you our dear friends to have your own way of interpreting this inspiring picture ;)

          So friends I hope you have been inspired and see you next Wednesday for another Photo Inspiration..Come and Join us to develop our own creativity  inspired by our Art Princess ~ Dana~ hihihi..for more inquiries kindly visit her NEW site @ Dana's Diary Secrets Thank You So Much Sis Dana  ;)

            Monday, February 6, 2012

            **Mystery Girl..' triple acrostic poem '

            The senses deceive from time to time, and it is prudent 
            never to trust wholly those who have deceived us even once. R.Descartes

            Mysteriously snared mastered by her charm

            Your angelic heart and young mind led astray

            Seduced by her alluring sight and deceitful lies

            Trapped of her masked tempting wicked light

            Enchanted viciously on each dangerous game

            Ruined helplessly while running so hastily far

            Your breath grasped, yoked by her foolish way

            Grabbing your valuable genuine life till you beg

            Invading your thoughts illusively with her alibi

            Revealing her true self really dazed you with fear

            Lost but rescued by His Light, saved from her spell

            Special thanks to:

            ~~triple acrostic poem~~
            ** The triple part comes into play when 
            the first, middle as well as the last letter 
            of each line spells out the letters of 
            chosen word(s) or phrase(s). 
            The progression can be forwards or backwards.”

            Friday, February 3, 2012

            **Inner Peace...~ Nonet poem challenge~

            Guiding light
            Glowing so bright
            Watching with His might
            Brings comfort on each fight
            Trusting Him to do what's right
            Ending life's battles far from sight
            Leading weary souls soar on high flight
             Sending His message so true and clear
            Her broken heart who has a tear
            Now a life beaming with cheer
            A soul longs most to hear
            His oath to hold dear
            Daughter I'm here
            Always near

             Special Thanks to: Princess Fiona
            Nonet Poem (in reverse) following with syllable   
            counts per line of: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 

            *Trusting our Lord's faithfulness dispels our fearfulness*

            Hello everyone this is again a challenge from our dear friend and mentor Princess Fiona  She has always inspired us to write and discover the hidden talents that we have. I have never written any poem before but when Ms.Fiona introduced to us Fibonacci poetry last December we were all encouraged to try. On goes with the different challenges which gave us a quick start and a push to challenge ourselves in writing poems with different forms.

            I am a proud student of her school of poetry hihihi..I have still many things to learn and I am always eager to know is one way of showing my appreciation for all the help she has done. I don't know if it is right but I tried and I enjoyed writing it. It is my little contribution for her new form of poetry. For the instructions of this poem kindly visit her awesome site @ The Princess Passions..enrollment is still going fees it is for free Come And Join The Fun weeeeee..

            Ms.Fiona my hon and I are done with our assignments..kindly consider my work also his..

            so we will have same grades hihihi..can we have are chocos pweeeease..

            image source: blingee and


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