Saturday, May 28, 2011

..When My Heart Speaks**

“There is no perfect relationship, but loving and accepting each others imperfections makes a relationship worth keeping.” "Love never assures long days,months and not even years because love won’t fade if it is true and taken care of.”

True love they say is just an illusion and it doesn’t exist. But for me I know and BELIEVE that it is real and it can only happen once. When can you say that it is true love and if he is the right one?

It is true love if you are willing to love, respect, trust, understand and accept the Whole him. "He will be the most important person.” True Love always Involves Commitment.” Being faithful and trusting someone despite the distance.

In a relationship there can always be misunderstandings along the way and adjustments are very important. All of us have flaws and all of us have been created differently. Willing to adjust and understanding each others weaknesses is an important part to save and stay in a relationship..Oooopppsss.adjusting and not changing one’s self to please a person so don’t get me wrong my friends.

There is a big difference between adjustment and change. Adjustment is giving each other a chance to adapt to some differences that you have, learning and allowing both of you to grow and mature together. Change is different because if one wants someone to change just to let him or her feel and prove his love then it is not true love. True love is accepting the whole him and not making him change for you!  Believing that he loves you and not hurting him in any way!

It is true love when he gives time and effort to be with you when you needed him the most.He makes you feel loved even through phone or appreciate the most simple things that he could give.

When you feel Contented and Happy with a person. When you stop asking too many questions because you know you can trust him and what matters is him loving the true you.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

~Our Best Choice..

"Don’t let the regrets of yesterday destroy your hopes and dreams for a new and better tomorrow."

I was reading yesterday a post of one of my new friends in blogging. Her post said I should let you go so I can start a new beginning. A simple quote but indeed it is true.

How can you start something new if you are still expecting your old past to come back and holding on to your feelings? How can you move on if your are still not letting go even the past memories when you are with him? How can you say you have finally given him up if you are continuing to find someone and comparing them to the qualities of your old past? How can you say you have finally let him go if you are still dwelling and digging up those past thoughts you were together? How could you let go if you are still full of regrets?

We may have made poor choices that have caused our heartaches and pain. Life may have been unfair. Perhaps we feel that we have blown it, that our lives is in shambles and beyond repair. People may have betrayed, abused caused pain in our lives, but SHOULD Our Lives STOP There?
It is easy to let go if your past has been full of wrenching heartache and pain. It is hard to let go if you have given all your love to someone and yet left you alone in the end. We all can look back and see things in our lives that we wish we would have done differently. But we can’t do anything about what’s gone, but we can do great deal about what remains.

We must stop dwelling on it and stop digging those past hurts again. To be able to let go we must Avoid talking about our old past and learn to Forget about it. Let past be the past. Don’t live in regret. Don’t live and carry the pain year after year and on every new relationship, the relationship will surely fail again and again.

Let it go. God has something new in store for us. “When God allows one door to close, He will surely open another door for you, something better.” God knows what is the best for us and the right person for us. We need not struggle and find someone who deserves our love; he will just come on God’s perfect timing. We just have to patiently wait. “We just have to believe that God will turn our disappointments to reappointments.”

Let us learn to quit living in a negative frame of mind, dwelling on something that is OVER and DONE. “We can’t put a question mark where God has put a period.” "Focus on what we can do to change, rather than on what we should have and could have.”

 Our life depends on our own Choices in our lives. Circumstances just come and go no matter how painful it is, there will always be a reason and a learning experience behind. “We can’t blame on the circumstances or experiences that we had no matter how painful it was, it will always be our choice on how we deal with it.” Will we end up a Whiner because of regrets on our old past or will we end up a Winner because we have chosen to move on and believe that God has the BEST things in store for us.” :)

~~This song is for all of US who have decided to Let Go and Move On~~
~~We Can make It As Long As We Have Each Other~~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

..Moving on~

Last night I was alone inside my room. Every 10 p.m. I would always go to the other room to pray and listen to music while waiting for my quiet angel and I to talk on the phone. Suddenly I found myself sad and crying.

I remembered my past hurts as I prayed. I found myself asking the Lord am I a bad person to experience such trials in my life? I am an only child but  since childhood I was abused physically. I had miscarriage because of my ex husband, my children and I were physically and emotionally hurt by him, pressures on my annulment process ( hopefully it will be finished this month or early June yehey) and I have a heart ailment. These things have made me weak to go on my life’s journey.

When my quiet angel and I talked on the phone he asked me why am I crying? I told him and asked him.” Hon am I a bad person to have these heavy trials? Why me?” He said, “Hon He gave you those trials because He knows you can handle it.” “You are not a bad person because He gave you your two lovely kids who are kind and intelligent, He gave you your parents.”

My quiet angel is right I failed to see how God has also always been they’re comforting me and giving me persons to help me to be strong. Sometimes we tend to focus on our trials in life and failed to see the reasons and lessons behind each obstacle in our lives.

Lesson Learned: No matter what you’re going through, if you look hard enough and keep the right attitude, you can always find something good about the experience. God gives adversity to test our faith and mould us to whom He wants us to be. Everything in life has it’s own purpose no matter how painful it maybe.All of us has been given Chances in Life and Love.It will always be our CHOICE to stop or move on, to hold on or let go.

My CHOICE is to hold on because of the love that I have for my kids . Not only for them but also for myself because one day I know God will answer my prayers. I don’t mind having a successful career or riches in life. What I always prayed and wanted was to have a happy and complete family.


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