Thursday, December 30, 2010

I was tagged...

It is my first time to be tagged...and I was tagged by the most adorable one "beanizer" my special fwend... ok here it goes just for you to know me better...

1. What is your favorite foodie on Christmas?
I have no favorite food in particular because what has been always important to me is having my love ones around and exchanging laughter during this season. Ok ok let’s see fruit salad maybe and some barbeque will do…

2. Is there something you wanted to change or make unusual this Christmas or New Year?
I always believe in Second Chances in all things…failures and too much pain have been in my life for the past years but now that New year is coming I am wishing and hoping for a happier and more lovely year.

3. If you would be asked to choose
honestly between a last-piece gift (material) you've been dying to have and a 12-hour bonding with someone you longed for..which would you choose?
Honestly, I have always wanted and longed for to be in a beach setting.Walking along the shore just smiling and looking at the sunset. I would love to have a 12-hour bonding with someone and we will be both singing our favorite songs with him playing the guitar *wink*.

4. Aside from home, where would you like to spend your Christmas or New yEar?
I would like to spend Christmas honestly in Japan…why? Because I always love those cherry blossoms in Japan if there are none for this season I would like still to go there and sit down on one of the parks.Japan or the parks in Korea have been always a dream just a  romantic place for me.

5. Proceeds will go to charity, Which would you prefer to pet? Piranha, Shark, Snake, Crocodile? You MUST choose one.
Oh no just one?…if it will go to charity any will do but one ok let’s see maybe a snake will do because I can just lock it on a small container or something and does not need extra care hehehe…

6. You are obliged to date someone, who would you choose: a murderer? a retard? a perv?
Choose wisely and explain.
Oh no this is hard hmp…maybe a murder because I  mean he could change wahhhhhhh…but he killed someone but first is he proven guilty already?…

7. What talent/ skill do you desperately want but never owned?
State one.
A skill that I want ever since is to be good in ice skating…I have tried when I was young but all I got was bumps ouch hehehe…

8. If you are to buy me a gift, what would it be? Excuses of not-giving is not allowed.
This is hard really…There are no material things that I can give you. I can’t offer more except a “gift” ok got an idea Open your mail* blink blink*. I think I have given it yesterday? Hahaha…
 hmmmmmmmmmmmm....ok here's a SONG for You...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Real Meaning of Christmas

The true meaning of Christmas is not on the value of the gifts that we are giving and receiving. It is on the happy moments and smiles that we will be sharing. It won’t matter much on how many gifts and how abundant our food will be what matters most are the joys and cheers that we will be sharing. The true meaning of Christmas is remembering the birth of Jesus Christ and giving love and smiles to everyone from our hearts.

The video includes pictures of how we Filipinos celebrate Christmas. Enjoy and have a Blessed Christmas and Prosperous New Year to everyone!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Woman In Your Life

It will be nice if you can read it all for you to be inspired and learn to appreciate the woman in your life. God bless you!

Tomorrow you may marry a woman, but you should marry her with these facts as well.

One, who has dreams and aspirations just as
 you have because she is as human as you are;

One, who has never entered the kitchen in her life just like you or your
Sister haven't, as she was busy in studies and is in a system
that gives no special concession to girls for their culinary achievements

One, who has lived and loved her parents & brothers & sisters, almost as
much as you do for 20-25 years of her life; 

A woman who has been ALWAYS UNDERSTANDING  your moods and BEING PATIENT of your rude attitude sometimes

One, who has bravely agreed to leave behind all that, her home, people who love her; to adopt your home, your family, your ways and even your family name

One, who is expected to make the tea, first thing in the morning and cook
food at the end of the day, even if she is as tired as you are, maybe more,
and yet NEVER EXPECTED TO COMPLAIN; to be a servant, a cook, a mother,
a wife

She, who has been always your friend who has been always there to LISTEN to your deepest thoughts and inner revelations in life. 

One, who has her own set of friends, and that includes men whom she knows and yet is willing to put all that on the back-burners to avoid your irrational jealousy and your inherent insecurities; 

One, who is DOING HER BEST and wants to make this most important,
relationship in her entire life a grand success, if you just help her,               GIVE HER TIME 
     and TRUST her

A woman, that God has given you to be your PARTNER in times of happiness and your comfort in times of pain

When was the last time you said "Thank You" and "I Love You" to the woman that has loved you so much? 

Please appreciate "HER"  I hope you will .....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sometimes When You Least Expect It...Love Happens

I just remembered a true life drama I had watched before.I easily got hooked into the story because it was about on family issue and love. The story moved me and touched my heart. Let me just give you a summary of the story.
The story was focused on the story of a young woman who went through the challenges of life being a deaf person. She had an angelic voice and she loves to sing and play the piano. In her early years, she would join choirs and singing was her passion in life. She had this flu which she did not consult her doctor because of financial problems. After a while, she started not to hear her classmates and neighborhood voices. She consulted the doctor and she was not sick of an ordinary flu it was a viral infection that damaged her ears. One of her doctor's recommendation was to stay away from music and loud tunes. She was very depressed then because she could not play the piano anymore and attend choir.
To cut the story short in her depression she met a person who is also into singing in a choir and playing the piano. They had a relationship regardless of what had happened.
"Loved moves in mysterious ways and love moves over the horizons indeed. She could not accept him at first because she could not believe a person loving her even though she is deaf. The guy said, “Love comes from the heart not from your ears and whatever the problem is what’s important is my love for you.”In her depression, the person turned to be her inspiration to sing again and play the piano from her heart. Moreover, even though she could not hear she learned to look at the positives of life and to let her story inspire other people.
Love moves in mysterious ways and God has a way for everything. I do believe that love happens even when you least expected it.Sometimes when you are so down someone will always be there unexpectedly to help you out.God uses people to guide and be your strength in times of trouble.Love can happen anytime and to anyone.
Sometimes the person you least expected to come into your life would be that person whom God has given to you as a “GIFT”! I love this song  !Listen to the lyrics...

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Life and Time

I have second thoughts of writing this short article of mine because this site is usually on positive thoughts about life’s journey. But then again I am just another simple human being like you.!

I have been at least half of the journey of my life in this world I am living. I am 34; I have 2 kids, in the process of an annulment case and have a heart ailment. My heart was in pain last night and I felt like I am on a boat on the middle of the ocean that has no definite destination to where the winds would lead me. On this point of my life there is nothing left for me but to pray and wish that all things might turn out right. Of all the trials that I have been through since my childhood I can say that I am a strong person. But the question is how long will this strength push me to go on and how long will He permit me to stay in this world?

How I wish to always be there for persons who needs comfort and love. To be always there when they need me the most. To be always they’re to make them smile everyday and hear their laughter on my simple jokes. I wish to be always there to feel them they are loved and that they are special in every way.

I wish to hold their hand and say I will always be here. To look into their eyes and dry their tears. To see them smile and say thank you for being there. To let them feel my embrace so they could feel how much I love them.

But how can I give all my love if all that life has given me was mostly hurts and pain? How can I face the world with a smile when almost all of my strength is gone? How can I give love when I always Battle Against Time?

How I wish that I would have time in my hands. That one day I will be able to see God's promise of happiness to come in my life. How I wish that my life would have more time. Not for myself but for me to make my kids, parents, loved ones and more people to feel my love and to make them special in my own simple ways! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"God is not finished with you yet"

Before transforming into a beautiful butterfly, we all know that it goes through a lot of stages. One of which is being a caterpillar. Caterpillars are one of the ordinary creatures that you can’t ever imagine being transformed into a beautiful one.

My kids were watching this story about Hermie the caterpillar. It was a story for kids but I was glued watching it. It is about basically being special.

Hermie and Wormie are both caterpillars. Everyday Hermie would wake up seeing his ordinary looks and always ask God why am I so ordinary? Hermie would always wish being somebody. He would ask why God made me so common and he would be envious of the other creatures. He would wish and imagine himself to be like a ladybug with beautiful colors, an ant that is so strong and a snail that has it’s own shell. Every creature that they encounter would boasts something beautiful that make them special and unique. Hermie and Wormie would wriggle under the weight of comparison and they always come short all the time.

One day when they ask God why are we so common and ordinary? God replied to them in a gentle voice. “I AM NOT FINISH WITH YOU YET”.Hermie and Wormie smiled and waited and after a few days they both turned into beautiful butterflies.

Each and one of us go through different stages in our lives. We go through hardships and situations that made us ask God why? Why are some people more capable of doing things? Why are they luckier than I am? Why are they given special talents and I have none? Why do they have a perfect family and why I have none? So many questions but it ends up in questioning discovering life as a whole.

Lesson learned: Like what the story says, “God is not finish with you yet.” I personally go through trials in my life and in every situation sometimes I always God why? Sometimes there are trials that it is so hard to carry. But I do believe in my heart that in everything God has a purpose.

The journey of life for me and for some of us may not be that easy. But I know it only allows us to be transformed inside and out. He is only making us strong and letting us see things in a more positive way that life is good regardless of what we are all going through.

 One Day I can see God pouring his love and miracle to my life and to each and one  of us. In all those trials it  will bring out a New and Better “you”. He will give the desires of our heart. It will make us learn to accept a profound truth that "God loves us just the way we are…and that each of us are indeed special.” He has greater plans waiting, it only takes patience to wait for His perfect time.” “God is not finished with you yet”.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

True meaning of Love

I just love this song by The Carpenters. It just explains the true meaning of love for me. When you love someone there is a big difference between changing yourself so as not to ruin the relationship AND trying to change someone to fit her to whom you would like her to be.

All of us have our own ideal partners in life. But in every relationship we must not only commit ourselves in growing as a couple. I do believe that even as partners each and one of you has your own individuality.

In every relationship it would be best like what the song says to “Love me for what I am for simply being me, don’t love me for what you intend or hope what I would be.” We have also to commit ourselves in maintaining our separate identities and a commitment to grow as individuals.

The song says “If you are only loving me to feed your fantasy, your really not in love so let me go.” It is right because in every relationship it would be hard to be in it if you are always pretending not to be the real you.

It is not hard to change if you have an attitude that needs to be change so as not to ruin the relationship but if the person already dictates and tries to change the real you, always says harsh words and looks in everything that you do is wrong then that is not love anymore, it is being self centered.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My true self

I just could not sleep this night. I was crying in a corner of our sala while writing to you this short article.

I was just feeling so alone and fearful right now. It is so hard to be strong if your life has always been with a time frame. I have a heart ailment and I had experienced several attacks already. I had experienced fainting and I just thank God that I have survived those attacks.

Sometimes I felt so down and now I feel alone and broken. I was always saying to myself “Be strong Sie, be strong for your kids and for those people who loves you.”

But how can I be strong if I physically and emotionally feel so weak and I always battle with time? 

Maybe this is one of the reasons why I always treat each day like it was my last.I always give my heart,love and my ALL to every person who loves me.If one day I'll go then I won't regret leaving the life I am in now because I know deep inside me I have showed the BEST of my Love to each person who loved me.

If I could have just one wish that is for the Lord to give me strength to go on and move on with this journey of life that He has given me. To give me more time to stay and finish this road of life that I am going through now.

I just wish that someday I could say I have passed the test and that someday I would see that silver lining, a light of hope at the end of the tunnel that I am into now.

Love you friends and Thank You…

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A New Chapter Of My Life

I just arrived a few days back from my hometown. I went there to see my parents and relatives to fix some things that have been happening in my life now. If you have just gone through my latest post on my marriage site it says there that I am now in the process of annulment. Many hurts have been in my life, many trials, many obstacles that I have been through.

But there is always something that keeps me going on, it is still having faith and believing that one-day God will give the desires of my heart. I am still holding on to that promise that someday my dream of love and happiness will come. My kids, parents, friends and love ones have given me full support on my journey now. It is not hard to move on with life if there are people like them who always encourage me to look at life positively and as what my Mom had said “Move on it is another new chapter of your life now.”

Being with them and listening to their advices made me realize many things. One is learning from our past and letting go of the past. Learning not to be dictated by our past because if we will let our past dictate our present life, we won’t have any opportunity to look forward to those important things that will shape our future.

I am just reading a book now on past hurts and learning of letting go, allow me to share to you some facts. If you are driving a car and you keep on staring at the rear view mirror, sooner or later, you are bound to either crash or end up in a destination other than what you have intended. How can you move on if the anchor of your ship is still tied on a dock?

Being in and going through an annulment case is like digging those past hurts and burying it permanantly. There have been many questions in my mind but when self-respect, losing your self-worth and your children’s safety and future is the main issue it would be best to let go of that relationship.

Being a single parent, taking good care of your kids and everything in life is not an easy task but in everything if you are willing then all would be an easy road for which you would take. Situations in life come and go, there will always be up hills that you will climb. But what matters most is how do you respond or react to these situations in your life. Are you willing to go on or will you stop? As one saying goes “People, situations, and circumstances can stop you temporarily, but only YOU can stop yourself permanently.”

Lesson learned? It is time for me now to look forward in life with my kids, appreciate the person of who I am now, bring back slowly my self-worth that have been gone for the past 10 years in my marriage, and learn to value of the person who I will be becoming.

Yes, I have been to too much pain even neglecting my own self because of someone who had been closest to me have hurt me the most.And at the end of the day, we all have a choice. My choice is to be strong for my kids and for everyone who loves me,moving on and holding on to promises and dreams. I am not afraid to love again I know God will give a gift I know He will. I am learning not to worry about trying to change the “future me.” But instead focusing on doing my best one day at a time!

Friday, October 8, 2010


The importance of things can be Measured by How Much Time we are Willing To Invest in them. The More Time you give to something the More you reveal it's importance and Value to you!

Whenever we have the oppurtunity,we should LOVE everyone.Circumstances do change,anything can happen.We have no guarantees of what tomorrow may bring.

Use every chance in your life to love.If you want to love Do It Now!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting Ready For The Next Step

One-step forward on whatever life that we have now determines on what our future will be!

All of us have made bad decisions in the past. ALL OF IT I NEVER TREATED IT AS A MISTAKE. Whatever that has been done I do believe that it happens always with a PURPOSE and WITH A REASON. If we want to move on and have a happy life, we have first to stop dwelling in the past. Regrets have been done: If only I have done this,If only I listened to my parents,etc.

Some of us just wished if we just could turn back the hands of time. If only we can go back to the past undo and change everything. If only I can have second chances.

However, in reality, we cannot undo what has been done. OUR PAST REMAINS TO BE WHAT IT IS! We cannot change our past anymore. However, WE CAN HAVE A BRIGHTER FUTURE BY CHOOSING AND MAKING THE RIGHT DECISIONS TODAY!

I have made many mistakes in the past. I have neglected myself and gave up everything to something that I thought would make me be fulfilled and happy. I even got to the extent of forgetting myself and giving my all leaving nothing for myself. Pushing myself too hard to achieve that thing that I once dreamt of.

I have done everything, gave all my BEST but still things did not come out as I have expected them to be. I have been down and discouraged. I have been always crying on one corner of the room having no one to hold on to. Asking reasons why these things should happen to me. Thinking what have I done wrong, do I deserve this cruelty on the real world?

Until a friend came into my life. A friend I believe that have been an angel sent to me from above. I do believe that God send QUIET ANGELS in our midst in form of friends. This friend gave me advices and encouraged me to look on the positives in my life. To be strong and that everything is possible! This friend made me realize to stop wallowing in my own mud and to get up and start all over again. A quiet angel that gave me a new meaning and a new reason to live!

Then I realized that no matter what circumstances we are facing right now, we just have to SPEAK LIFE AND HOPE in our situations. I learned to always say positiveWORDS THAT CAN BUILD MY DREAMS, WORDS THAT WILL INSPIRE AND NOT TO KILL MY DREAMS. To speak life and hope in every situation. I learned to stop being pessimistic that has created in me the fear of worst things to happen. It will only lead to stress, irritability and self-neglection.

In every situation,LEARN TO STOP COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING! Thoughts and dreams remains to be just a wishful thinking unless someone a “YOU “has to put it into action. Stop having self-pity and complaining to the smallest things-it is USELESS! Stop whining about how people have mistreated you unfairly instead do something to show them that you are of a worth, a something of value in this world!

Think of a solution that will get you out of your situation-focus on it. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE,LOVE,HAPPINESS AND A NEW BEGINNING IN OUR LIVES EVEN IF THERE ARE OBSTACLES ALONG THE WAY!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Move On, It Is Time To Let GO!

Forgiveness is always a hard issue on every individual. They always say it is easy for you to say but it is always hard to do. I have been through a lot of hurts in the past. Many have come to my life but few are those persons who can I call to be true. Many come but only few are chosen. Even how deep the hurt was I always learn to forgive. One of my principles in life is to forgive as a favor for myself and not those who have done me wrong. I always believe on a principle “Most mindsets say we become the victim if we forgive, and the offender becomes the victor.Actually, it works the other way around: When you choose to forgive, you become the victor.”-Chinkee Tan

Before I have been into sleepless nights. Always crying on the corner if someone has betrayed or cast lies and hurts on me. I have had inferiority complex and always looked down on myself. Deep emotional hurt and mental scars was there always waiting to choke me up. Later in life when I discovered that I had a heart ailment things began to change. I asked myself why I would let this anger and bitterness ruin my days here on earth. I decided not to let this past hurts affect my present and future life. I have made a choice to let go of my past hurts, forgive those persons who have hurt me and enjoy the life that God had given me.

I am reading a book and the author Chinkee Tan said, “Forgiveness starts with the word decision”. “The Decision must be based on a choice and a commitment. We should not depend on our feelings and emotions; if we will trust solely on our emotions it will just defeat us.”

Forgiveness is a decision we have to make. It is a process and it does not take overnight to undo everything. Decision to let go of the past is the first step. Accepting that it has already been done and finished is the second step. Let go of the past because you cannot change it anymore. It will remain as a memory that needs not to be affecting your future. Forget and leave the bad memories behind but treasure the good memories and keep it us a learning tool for your future. Do not let your past affect your future life for sure you will be the loser in the end!

Break your bondage from your past memories. Try focusing on your present life!Make yourself and your loved ones a priority rather than harboring your anger and having those people around you be affected and losing them in the end.Always asked for God’s guidance and emotional healing.

Past mistakes and hurts have been done. It is not an easy process but taking the first step can lead to a race to the finish line which is forgiveness and restoration. One saying goes “You cannot sail the ship when the rope is still tied to the dock.” It is time to let go and be free from your past hurts. Move on it is time to let go!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Shake it off and Step Up!

Experiencing failure in life will always be a part of our life’s journey. In our journey, we will go through different stages and obstacles. There will always be happy moments and challenges along the way. Sometimes we feel like we have fallen into a deep pit of which there seems to be no way out. No matter how hard we try and asked for help it seems we cannot get out. The more we try, the more we become tired and thwarted. We ask for help or rescue, but instead of someone helping us out, we heave rudeness instead.

Many times, we feel life is throwing burdens on us. We feel like the whole weight of the world is on us. Problems seem to come from all directions. Discouragements and rudeness are everywhere. Loved ones and friends whom you expected to be there for you are the first ones passing judgement, throwing insults and hurting our innermost self. Problems just pile up until this problems are bigger than we are.

Sometimes I would ask why but there has only been one answer. Every situation that comes in our lives has a purpose. Whether good or bad there will always be a reason in everything. Problems come in our lives to produce patience, strong will and perseverance. The insults that are being thrown to us will give us the strength to accept it as a challenge to mold us to be a better being.

When problems come, we must not only sit and look at it. Every situation in our life will always depend on how we respond to it. No matter how bad your situation is what matters most is on how you deal with it. Instead of giving up and letting ourselves be buried alive into our pit of problems, it is time to shake it off and step up! When we experience failure and other people insulting us shake it off and step up! Life will be forever condemning if we give into it. Life will always be downhill if we allow it. Life will be meaningful and happy if we do something to attain it! So when trouble comes no matter how big it is it is time to shake it off and step up!


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