Wednesday, December 28, 2011

**Hopeful Beginnings..

Softly whispering
Words prayerfully spoken
Scarred shunned heart nearly broken
Life's cast burdens seem too much to bear
Walking tirelessly towards the light to dispel darkness and to rise above despair
Faithfully and earnestly praying my tears descending, yet not in vain for it soothed the pain
Though I know not what awaits and what the future has in store
God's immeasurable love, I've proved it oft before
Patiently guiding facing new hope
Opportunity to cope
Another Year

This Fibonacci is based on: My Life's Journey
Special Thanks to: Princess Fiona @Princess Passions
 ..please don't copy my poems..
For many years people around the globe celebrate New Year’s Eve standing and gathering together in a crowded wide place. There’s no singing concert or live theater or even Cinderella turning to a simple girl. There’s just a huge lighted ball that drops down a pole on a top of a building and people counting before the clock strikes 12 midnight. It only takes a few seconds and some people will even walk just to witness a once in a year event.

So what draws us to be stuck on our television screens and join the counting? Why do we make such a fuss and prepare for this event?

For me New Year’s Eve doesn’t only symbolize just an ordinary passage of time. It signals the END of an Old Chapter and the BEGINNING of a New One. The old year’s problems and adversities becomes a dim memory when we think of getting a fresh start.

As we leave our past life for the past twelve months and wait for the coming new year, we can have hope and look positively for the next coming days because we can be sure God will lead the way. That makes our New Year Worth Celebrating.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."  Happy New year Everyone ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

♫♫*Merry Christmas weeeee..

How would you define the Christmas spirit? Would it be a happiest smile shared with our loved ones, the sound of familiar carols, a tree with twinkling lights with it’s brightest colors, lots of gifts wrapped to be given, or just that good feeling you get this time of the year?

It seems to happen every year. Malls put up Christmas decorations. Magazines are full of discounted gifts and toy commercials punctuate television shows. Christmas just brings smiles and music fills the air.
Before we know it, there are parties to attend, banquets we can’t miss, family reunions to attend to or cooking to be done. All of these activities manage to crowd out the real meaning of Christmas.

 This Holiday Season, let’s keep first in our minds the reason for this celebration-the birth of God’s Son.

It is not on What We Give BUT on How Much LOVE We Give..
Merry Christmas EVERYONE ;)

 This has always been my favorite Christmas Song
(kindly listen)

Christmas Longing
Wishfully thinking
Sharing infinite smile of happiness
Families gather around giving gifts with mirth cheerfulness
Behind this window panes I see them beaming with joy, embracing each other
Making each member feel love and grateful for being here this season, reunited finally together
Inside my humble home I see my two kids smiling back at me
Three of us holding and hugging so tight
Thanking I have them tonight
Believing from afar 
Quiet Angel's
 ..please don't copy my poems

♥♥♥ Even if distance has kept us apart may you feel my love in your heart..Love you hon and look I'm Blinking hahaha..Merry Christmas Hon.. weeehehe♥♥♥

This Fibonacci is for: Quiet Angel ♥ Beany ♥
My hon's sites : Beanizer's Instincts and The Purpose Of Me

Special thanks to: Princess Fiona @Princess Passions

Dear Santa: Can you please give my hon a ride? hahaha ;)

Monday, December 19, 2011

~ My Heart Cries..

A Silent Battle

Sadness abound
Bitter heart mourning
Her smile shines everyday radiantly
Making everyone feel her kindness and love endlessly
She laughs but she keeps her innermost painful secrets behind her teary eyes
Treasuring her life with every sound of the clock ticking, waiting for her family to come
A daughter who always hungered for a mother's love to be her home
An only child abused physically, secluded and wounded
Soberly anticipating for this season
Once again forsaken
Deeply hurt


..please don't copy my poems..

Based on: My Life Story

Sorry friends if my Fibonacci is sad. I wrote this when I received a text from my parents telling me they couldn’t come this holiday season. They said at first they will try there very best to come here on December 26 to 30 but they can’t come on the 25th and they needed to go home on the 31st, leaving me and my kids alone celebrating this season. I have plans to go to my hometown but I have to travel six to seven hours and since I have heart failures I can’t travel alone with my kids.

I am so sad because I am their only child, I have celebrated my birthday and my kids birthday just the three of us. Now it is holiday season and still they couldn’t come. I am not selfish but I am deeply hurt of their reason for not coming.

Their reason always was-they are busy with their schedules and they have lots of meetings to attend to. My parents are elders of a Christian church and they would always say they couldn’t absent themselves.

Now they are not sure if they can come because a certain bus company has been disapproved of it’s franchise and there are no reservations. I am just wondering how can they put their church first before their family. I am their only child and now a single Mom - they know the traumatic experience we have been through and they just neglected me. Though I was used to it even when I was young I still hunger for their comfort and love.

But I will always be their daughter and I still love them. I will be hoping and waiting.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

**Untold Story ♥

Way Back Into Love

Desperate soul
Deaf heart betrayed
An empty heart helplessly wounded
Both hearts bleeding in search for true love
Hopelessly believed for a lover to come, long awaited gift granted from above
On this blogger world they started as friends, simple chats then a phone call, His first Hello
Days and nights where filled with happiness and love that won't let go
Sealed promises etched inside, their love so divine
Two captured hearts finally intertwine
 Relentless love vowed
 Destiny bestowed 

 From every human being 
there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven.
And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being. 

 ..please don't copy my poems..

Special thanks to : 

Monday, December 5, 2011

~Sie's Fibonacci ..

My Quest For Love
Covered darkness
Choked my being
Painful memories haunt each night
Silence of my room echoes my inside cries
A plea for freedom from this painful chains trapped and blinded for years
Then came an answer from above my quiet angel who rescued me from my caged past
Freed me from these chains, embraced me in his arms hoping it to last
Suddenly love ruled inside and true happiness sublime
Finally true love has come
My heart locked
Captured forever

 ..please don't copy my poems..
Thank You Quiet Angel for giving a Meaning To My Life

*This is my first attempt to do a fibonacci. I am shy but because she is one of my dearest friend I decided to try and accept her challenge. I am not into writing poems and sonnets but I was inspired  by my dearest older sister  and friend here in my blogger world.  Princess Fiona who owns The Princess Passions site has poems with words that touched my life. 

Princess Fiona have inspired me so much not only through her writings but the way on how she looks on every step of her journey. Princess Fiona thank you so much for your time and love. I really feel like your my older sister every time you send me mails and I am always in tears knowing to have met a beautiful woman with such a kind heart. Love you Ms. Fiona thank you for being an inspiration. I really look up to you. I hope I passed your challenge of making a fibonacci. To all of my friends I personally recommend her site.


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