Tuesday, July 17, 2012

** On My Way Home ..

Why are humans designed to be young and beautiful and then become weak and old as time goes by? I think God has planned the strength and beauty of youth to be only physical. We gradually lose the strength and beauty that is temporary so we can focus more on the strength and beauty that is forever. To leave temporarily the physical part of us and be truly seeking for our eternal home.

Each of us may have celebrated our birthdays and we can't stop time but we all can learn to appreciate each day that God has given us. I will have my own time of facing my Creator and my physical beauty will soon fade BUT I AM GRATEFUL because I KNOW I had a CHANCE TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL LOVED, IMPORTANT AND SPECIAL.

My heart pains are getting stronger again but I chose to fight with it alone and silently .. But  I AM STILL HAPPY because with this sickness and with every second of my life I learned NOT TO FOCUS ON MY OWN HAPPINESS .. I AM JUST HAPPY because I KNOW when I will leave this earthly home I HAVE NO REGRETS .. I HAVE GIVEN ALL MY LOVE AND I HAVE MADE SOMEONE HAPPY .. WITH THIS I HAVE SERVED MY PURPOSE IN MY LIFE.

We are all ANGELS in one's life .. May we NEVER GIVE UP caring and loving. TIME may not be in our hands BUT we can choose HOW to use it while we are still here.

 Lord, I'll be forever grateful for this life that you have given me. It has been a hard journey but I am thankful because you have given me a chance to share the love you have blessed me with. Thank you for my kids, for my hon , my parents and my friends.



 To You I surrender everything because I believe in my heart you allow things to happen because it is how it should be. I have so many wishes in life but I am tired forcing it to come my way..from now on Lord I'll just "let it be" and let days just pass me by. I'll stop expecting and just be happy on each new day you have given. 

To all of my friends : Thank You for your mails and prayers. I won't be writing as often as before..I need to rest.. but I'll still be here..I'll be visiting  your sites and reading you every now and then. Thank You for being a part of my Life's Journey ;)


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