Friday, August 13, 2010

Shake it off and Step Up!

Experiencing failure in life will always be a part of our life’s journey. In our journey, we will go through different stages and obstacles. There will always be happy moments and challenges along the way. Sometimes we feel like we have fallen into a deep pit of which there seems to be no way out. No matter how hard we try and asked for help it seems we cannot get out. The more we try, the more we become tired and thwarted. We ask for help or rescue, but instead of someone helping us out, we heave rudeness instead.

Many times, we feel life is throwing burdens on us. We feel like the whole weight of the world is on us. Problems seem to come from all directions. Discouragements and rudeness are everywhere. Loved ones and friends whom you expected to be there for you are the first ones passing judgement, throwing insults and hurting our innermost self. Problems just pile up until this problems are bigger than we are.

Sometimes I would ask why but there has only been one answer. Every situation that comes in our lives has a purpose. Whether good or bad there will always be a reason in everything. Problems come in our lives to produce patience, strong will and perseverance. The insults that are being thrown to us will give us the strength to accept it as a challenge to mold us to be a better being.

When problems come, we must not only sit and look at it. Every situation in our life will always depend on how we respond to it. No matter how bad your situation is what matters most is on how you deal with it. Instead of giving up and letting ourselves be buried alive into our pit of problems, it is time to shake it off and step up! When we experience failure and other people insulting us shake it off and step up! Life will be forever condemning if we give into it. Life will always be downhill if we allow it. Life will be meaningful and happy if we do something to attain it! So when trouble comes no matter how big it is it is time to shake it off and step up!


  1. Very interesting first post in your NEW blog!

    I totally really is about our perspective. If we dwell on all the bad stuff, we are making it worse with our negative thoughts. Bad stuff seems to fall away when we change our perspective.

    LOVE this post!!! Made me think about this TODAY!

  2. how true Ms.sie!!! u r really positive minded!!!

    yaa step up!!!!

  3. how nice post !!!! yaa Ms.sie u r right we have to step up our life!! what a nice positive thinking !!!!

  4. very true ate sie :)
    sometimes we just need to pause to realize these things..attitude makes a difference :)


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