Monday, April 11, 2011

`` My Most Important One...

As my kids where sleeping last night I was in tears praying. My kids and I have been through tough times. My kids and I were physically abused and emotionally hurt by someone that was supposed to have taken care of us. I can’t bring back the past but I won’t allow it to poison our future. Many negative things and past hurts have come and sometimes I asked God why?

But one thing still remained I have a reason to be thankful of. God gave me two lovely kids, my parents and my “quiet angel”. Having them in my life gives me a reason to wake up each morning to move on and be strong.

I am a single parent now and I admit it is not easy. But seeing my kids inspires me to move on and I will always be proud to be their mom.I remember one time when I had heart pains and would feel so weak my 3-year-old son would get my medicine and my 6-year-old daughter would give me water.

Last night I had heart pains again and my daughter woke up and she immediately hugged and cried. My daughter asked and prayed to God to heal me and she asked God not to get me from them because they loved me so much. I was in tears when I heard her pray. She was holding my hand and saying how much she and her younger brother loves me!

It made me realize that yes, I have been unfortunate to some things but I have still many things to be thankful of. I learned to look through my “eyes of faith” and start seeing myself as happy, healthy and still valuable. Even if my situation looks bleak, I know “God is in control, I know He will give the best for us and restore everything.”

To my parents, two kids and my “quiet angel” I want you to know that I am holding to my life because I have a reason to live and that is because of my love to all of you. I Love You So Much and I’ll always be here loving you :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

`knowing me more..

I am honored and so thankful to receive another blogger award from my friend Balqis.With it I have to answer 7 random facts about myself:

1.I am a single parent, a mother of two lovely kids and for the rest of my life my commitment is to be the best for them.

2.Patience is one of my virtues.I am patient and understanding at all times but when I have reached my limits I can be so angry.I can even not talk to the person for a lifetime, so watch out because I can go grrrrrrr….

3.I love cookies and cream ice cream and oreo cookies. I love chocos and the truth is I crave eating chocos everyday but just a little bite would do.
4.Going to the beach and listening to the waves have always been my favorite relaxation. I don’t know how to swim like Balqis but I love to walk along with my special someone hehehe…..

    5.My favorite food is eating all kinds of noodles. I am half Chinese so maybe my taste buds are into that kind of food.

6.I love tulips and carnation flowers. Reddish pink tulips and pink carnations are my favorites. Among all the flowers tulips are the closest to my heart because it means true love and perfect love. Carnations are next because it means, “I will never forget you.”

     7.I love color pink. I don’t know why but I am always calm and I feel loved when I see color pink.I love wearing color white and brown.My locket is full of color pink,brown and white shirts.
Ok my friends now you know me a little bit better.Madam Balqis I have done my assignment can I have chocos as my reward?


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