Sunday, April 10, 2011

`knowing me more..

I am honored and so thankful to receive another blogger award from my friend Balqis.With it I have to answer 7 random facts about myself:

1.I am a single parent, a mother of two lovely kids and for the rest of my life my commitment is to be the best for them.

2.Patience is one of my virtues.I am patient and understanding at all times but when I have reached my limits I can be so angry.I can even not talk to the person for a lifetime, so watch out because I can go grrrrrrr….

3.I love cookies and cream ice cream and oreo cookies. I love chocos and the truth is I crave eating chocos everyday but just a little bite would do.
4.Going to the beach and listening to the waves have always been my favorite relaxation. I don’t know how to swim like Balqis but I love to walk along with my special someone hehehe…..

    5.My favorite food is eating all kinds of noodles. I am half Chinese so maybe my taste buds are into that kind of food.

6.I love tulips and carnation flowers. Reddish pink tulips and pink carnations are my favorites. Among all the flowers tulips are the closest to my heart because it means true love and perfect love. Carnations are next because it means, “I will never forget you.”

     7.I love color pink. I don’t know why but I am always calm and I feel loved when I see color pink.I love wearing color white and brown.My locket is full of color pink,brown and white shirts.
Ok my friends now you know me a little bit better.Madam Balqis I have done my assignment can I have chocos as my reward?


  1. Congratulations Sie! :D And mind sharing some chocos with me? :D

  2. Sie you love chocolates I know but you still manage to be gorgeous and pretty.You don't have those pimples and your sexy! teach me how will you? Those tulips are lovely and it is perfect to be given to someone like you friend.You deserve to be happy!

  3. This is such an awesome post revealing 7 random facts about yourself. Thank you so much! I get to know you better now. We do have a few things in common - can't swim, going to the beach and of course, eating chocos!

    Why not, Sie, let's share chocos now? :)

  4. Now I know so that's the reason why Gracey told me you love tulips.Well you love munching chocos too made me think of your quiet angel who loves chocos too and what a perfect match <^-^>


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