Tuesday, August 28, 2012

** Silent Whispers ..

My life has always been an OPEN BOOK to everyone. I have ALWAYS BEEN TRUE AND REAL to anyone that comes my way. BUT NOW IT IS TIME TO CLOSE A CHAPTER OF MY LIFE. I have always given my TIME and LOVE to those people who deserves it. I have easily given my TRUST on a relationship even to my new friends but I STILL ended up SEEING THEM JUST COME AND GO!!!

I have always been inspiring other people to go on with their lives and be strong BUT now it is really hard for me to be strong. I CAN'T PRETEND to be someone else. I can't smile while I am hurting. I can't show happiness when I am drowning of sadness. I know LIFE GOES ON but right now my life is like an AUTUMN LEAF JUST FALLEN AND FLOWN BY THE WIND without ANY DIRECTION TO WHERE WILL THE WINDS LEAD IT TO!!!


To all my blogger friends I will miss you all. I decided to leave my blogging world for a while. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your time and friendship. I won't be around to inspire you all but each and one of you remains to have a special part in my heart.

I have always ask God..Lord I am proud to say I have been a good girl and never abused or hurt anyone but why are these things happening in my life? Why can't ANYONE JUST STAY WITH ME FOREVER? The Answer: Because MAYBE I have always been SOOOOOOOOO OPEN to people and trusted people easily. I have to say GOODBYE for now friends. My mind is so confused and I really don't know what to do. 




Right now the only one that I could trust and 



From now on I don't want to let anyone ANYMORE be hurt or be stressed because of the pains and problems I am going through and I won't OPEN MY LIFE to anyone anymore!!!


  1. Dearest Sie, Have a good break. You have not lost. You have learned a valuable lesson. It's part and parcel of our life. What you have now are two of God's precious gifts to you. They need you and would be lost without you. So take good care of yourself. You are loved. All my love and hugs.

  2. Hi Sie! you need a break dear...no harm to breakdown and cry but please don't forget to stand up again...I am somebody who never in love for this 38 years of living on earth so I don't really feel your pain. Girl! retire from blogging for awhile is a good move for a start but don't forget to come back dear! keep in touch..wish you well!

  3. First know I will always be there for you Ate Sie, wherever Life will bring me, closer or not from you, I will not let go of our friendship. You are dear to my heart and you know you can talk to me. As I always say In the Midst of Joy don't forget others. And whatever good comes my way know that your pain and troubles will never stress me, as you are my friend.
    Now, I remember my dad always saying to me "in life we area always alone" and the only one you can truly rely on is God.
    Nobody knows what is next, today you suffer and the only thing I can say is I love you Sie.

    Now take care of yourself and find your peace in your life, find your way in this world that already hurt you way too much. Solitude help us understand who we are better and where we can go next.

    Take care of yourself, it is what matters the most. xxxxxxxxxx

  4. take your time sissy T^T

    I feel you. You are in my prayers ALWAYS.

  5. I know its a tough time for you but it will pass... be strong...
    Do read this post... it will surely make you feel better

  6. Sie.....Oh, You are not stressing anyone. But you make your choices, and I'll be here. It must be so hard. I know, it's not easy. I'll be missing you Sie :( really will.,you have been such a lovely friend. But it's your choice sie , we will always be around. I hope that you will have strength to bear these problems in your life, remember you are not alone. You are a warrior.
    Take care of yourself sweet Sie.<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. You'll be in my prayers, Dear Sie . . . take care, Dear Friend . . . I'll miss you . . . I pray that you will feel better soon . . . words on a screen seem so cliche right now, but please know that I do care for you as a friend.

    Love and Friendship,


  8. Sis Sie, take a good care of yourself; physically and emotionally.. I hope you'll be back soon with a new fresh self.. You have many friends here who are truly sincere with you..
    I miss you.. You're always in my prayers.. God bless..


  9. It's really sad reading this post, Sie. We'll always be around. Take of yourself and the kids. I'll always remember you.

  10. Hi sie.. i will always remember you as the kind and honest lady with a strong will.
    i believe you will be up and around again, cos it is just you.
    Take good care of your health. Be with you again, all the best to you and your kids

  11. You are stronger than you think you are and whatever you think and feel right now this time will pass, the sun will shine again and you will be happy.And one day someone will love you like you deserve, you wont live out your days alone because you deserve so much more than that, you are a wonderful mother and you will make a wonderful wife. I love you my dear Sister. Big hugs sweetie xxx

  12. Sie: Life is full of tests and bitterness, what else should I say... :/
    Wherever you be, Stay Blessed Always...

  13. Sie.....Will surely gonna miss you.....I hope your gap to come back will be small....Take care of yourself...:)
    Looking to see you soon....

  14. thank you so much to all of you..thank you for being my friends ;)


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