Friday, March 11, 2011

I Will Be...

I understand that you've been hurt in the
past, and this is my promise to you that
I will never be like your last...

The first one to have no
intentions of doing you wrong
The first one to make you the only one...

I'll do my best to bring the love
that you have wished for
and the trust and joy that you deserve.

When i first met you i knew that you were
looking for a fresh start, looking for someone
here to stay who won't hurt you and break your heart...

Well i'm here now to love you unconditionally,
right there inside your heart I'll stay 
and thats where i will
always be, I promise......
" Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle... rather a beautiful reminder of just how strong true love can be.."


  1. "i wanna spend my life time in love with you...
    no other love can make this dream come true.. "

    you really know how to love more than any one else..
    he is soooooooo lucky..i must warn you--i don't think he can live without someone like you..(just like the song)


  2. He is soooooo lucky indeed Sie to be loved by someone like you---he really can't live without someone like you because as his song for you---cause you are amazing just the way you are yipppeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  3.! Love is really in the air and all around this lovely blog! Congrats, Sie, for meeting the love of your life. Both of you are lucky to have known and met each other. May all your dreams come true and may you be together happily ever after! :)

  4. Dear Sie you are loving her more than what a man expected from any woman.I can't see any reason for him not to stay.I will pray that both of you will have a love so true beyond lifetime.I love both of you.Whatever happens Sie hold on for your love for him and don't let go.

  5. @Beany-it has been my only desire and my prayer for him to stay and be with me forever.I want to spend the rest of my lifetime loving him :)...oh there is a warning? I won't hold back because what I said is true "I love him and I will live loving him,only him."

  6. @Gracey-that song fits him more gracey :)

    @Balqis-thank you Balqis and missing you :)

    @Ms.Evelyn-I will hold on grandma and I won't let go.I love him so much more than he ever know.He has become more than a part of my life and without him my life would be meaningless and empty.I love him so granny :) I won't let go till the end!!!

  7. gracey! why do you have to copy my comment? hmp!

  8. Sie and I should say the poem was meant for him and you have properly hand picked every word.He is indeed lucky Sie.What else can he ask for?

  9. "Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle... rather a beautiful reminder of just how strong true love can be.."

    -- I so love this sie..I'm inlove ♥

  10. @ Beany-Gracey is not only a lady dragon she has also become a copy cat woman but is still good kicking anybody's butt hahaha...

    @lance-yes I have written every word for him and I won't wait for him to ask anything because I will just give it to him...

    @Cha Cha-thank you Cha cha welcome here ha :)


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