Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Story

Once there was a simple young girl whose wish was to have a man to truly love her and have a happy family someday.

She became a mother of two lovely kids but failed to have a happy family. She was so down like all the weight of the world was loaded to her. She thought that life for her was all pains and sacrifices.

Then one day a total stranger came into her life. They started as  friends; they opened up their problems and started to reveal each other’s true self.

 As time passes by they never expected that the friendship that once started became to be a story of discovering one’s true love.

He became her strength and comfort in all her weaknesses.
 In all her saddest days he had put smile and laughter.

Everyday she was waiting to hear his voice .
She would love to hear him sing, play keyboards and  the guitar. Both of them would sing and feel each others love in every symphony of a song.

They say he is the cutest and most adorable one but for her it is not just his looks but it is his heart of loving her that made him became the most important part of her life.

All of us have imperfections in life but for her he is the perfect man she has wished in her life to love. He might not know but she loves and values him more than her life.

Finally this simple girl found her true happiness; she wished that one day a man would come to love and accept her of who she is and He gave more than what she prayed for.

This simple girl is so happy now and didn’t I mention that it was me...

"While I was walking I stopped for a while and thought of the things I don’t have in my life, but I suddenly realized I have you and I felt complete."


  1. So much love dear Sie.You deserve to be loved by a man that will take care and truly love you.

  2. there is something lacking on your story sie and where are the two cupids namely Lance and Gracey? Well let me give the ending of the story.You and our cute friend having a happy family with triplets <^^>

  3. Your love is exceptional Sie.He must be so in love with you too.He loves you so true Sie and both of you will be happy.

  4. my friend you have said it well.you have never failed to love him in all ways.if I am a guy I will definitely fall for you good thing he had you ahead of the others because of us heheeeee---

  5. It's such a touching story of love. I like the hero and heroine. I wish both happiness and an everlasting love! :)

  6. it's no joke when a man loves a woman..a woman won't be loved if she is not worth-keeping.
    Lucky is that man who found a beautiful soul in you..but he is most blessed to experience the truest love through you..
    very heartfelt song..
    "i'll paint the truth, show how i feel, try to make you completely real..the sun to warm your heart swearing that we'll never ever part..
    i offer what you cannot buy..devoted love until we die.."

  7. @Ms.Evelyn-can I just hug you Grandma?hmmmmmmmmmm
    love you po :)

    @Lance-I know you would say that hahaha...my story would be long if I will include both of you...thanks anyway our two devil cupid cousins hehehe...

  8. @David-Thank you so much Sir David God bless you :)

    @Gracey-in our lives there are things that are just meant to be.All has been planned and I feel so happy and so blessed that God gave me a chance to love a guy like him.

    @Balqis-Thank you my friend mwahhhh:)

  9. @Beany-it is also no joke for a woman to love a man if he is not deserving of such love.

    He has been and forever will be the most important part in my life because he have shown me the perfect reason of loving.

    He may not know but He made my Life Complete.

    I love him so much and nothing and no one can change the love that I have for him ;)

  10. oh wow very touching story...

    thanks for the visit sie...

  11. yes your story would be long let me start by saying how the two of you started being honest to yourselves and realizing that it is true love <^_^>

  12. Those are the sweetest pictures and sentiments!

  13. @air-thanks Air

    @Lance-ssshhhhhh...keep it a secret will you...

    @Ms.Jill-Thanks ms.Jill :)

  14. hi sie good story.nice post.


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