Thursday, May 19, 2011

..Moving on~

Last night I was alone inside my room. Every 10 p.m. I would always go to the other room to pray and listen to music while waiting for my quiet angel and I to talk on the phone. Suddenly I found myself sad and crying.

I remembered my past hurts as I prayed. I found myself asking the Lord am I a bad person to experience such trials in my life? I am an only child but  since childhood I was abused physically. I had miscarriage because of my ex husband, my children and I were physically and emotionally hurt by him, pressures on my annulment process ( hopefully it will be finished this month or early June yehey) and I have a heart ailment. These things have made me weak to go on my life’s journey.

When my quiet angel and I talked on the phone he asked me why am I crying? I told him and asked him.” Hon am I a bad person to have these heavy trials? Why me?” He said, “Hon He gave you those trials because He knows you can handle it.” “You are not a bad person because He gave you your two lovely kids who are kind and intelligent, He gave you your parents.”

My quiet angel is right I failed to see how God has also always been they’re comforting me and giving me persons to help me to be strong. Sometimes we tend to focus on our trials in life and failed to see the reasons and lessons behind each obstacle in our lives.

Lesson Learned: No matter what you’re going through, if you look hard enough and keep the right attitude, you can always find something good about the experience. God gives adversity to test our faith and mould us to whom He wants us to be. Everything in life has it’s own purpose no matter how painful it maybe.All of us has been given Chances in Life and Love.It will always be our CHOICE to stop or move on, to hold on or let go.

My CHOICE is to hold on because of the love that I have for my kids . Not only for them but also for myself because one day I know God will answer my prayers. I don’t mind having a successful career or riches in life. What I always prayed and wanted was to have a happy and complete family.


  1. hmmmmm...
    Quiet Angel will always be around..
    Everything happens for a reason..and behind every reason is God's beautiful teach, to remind you of His presence through them--the very persons who will forever love the whole you unconditionally..
    Stay strong 'coz you're Quiet Angel's strength..

    *flying kisses*

  2. @Beanizer-Yes you are right they are the persons whom God gave to remind me of His presence.After all the pains that I have been through God gave me a gift-my kids and my quiet angel.I will stay strong and I will hold on because I know my quiet angel and my kids are always there loving me.Soon I believe my prayers would be answered.God will give me the best!

    Thank You..

    *catching,holding on and keeping those flying kisses* :)

  3. Sie you are and never will be a bad person.Some people are born to bring us down.You have been abused because you won't fight back.The best decision you did was to have an annulment.You deserve every love in this world can give.

    Hold on and stay for your kids and your quiet angel.That's true also for yourself.If you won't hold on how can you see the promises of God fulfilled in your life? Quiet angel would be sad and have regrets and your kids would be missing there most kind mom!

  4. Sie you have a kind and pure heart.Our good Lord has given you these trials in life to be a living testimony.Not all people can handle what you have been through.You may not know but you have touch lives in your own simple ways.One of them is your quiet angel.He is right you are his strength.You have always been thanking him but the truth is you have given him a reason to believe in love,be happy and appreciate life.Your quiet angel is a good man, he will take care of you and your kids.Be steadfast and have faith your answers will be answered Sie and both of you will be happy.

  5. @Evelyn-Thank You Grandma for visiting me again.I agree Grandma I will hold on and be strong not only for my kids and my quiet angel.I will hold on because I want to see God's promises to be fulfilled in my life.I know God will answer my prayers,He will give me the desires of my heart-a happy and complete family.Love you Grandma :)

  6. @David Scott-Thank you Sir David for visiting again.You speak like my parents.They are born-again Christians too Sir and like you and my quiet angel they never failed to encourage me to be strong and move on.

    Yes,my quiet angel is a good man.I love him not because of what he has done or will be doing.I love him because he has always been true.He has always showed me of who he is and that's what I love about him the real him.

    I know we will be happy and he will take care of us.I will always be grateful to God because He had given me a chance to be loved by my quiet angel.I have never experienced true love before Sir David.I believed in true love when he came.My quiet angel is a "gift" and he will always be the man that holds my heart :)

  7. A touching post. As the saying goes, there's a blessing in disguise. Believe in the good things in life which will be rightfully yours once the ordeal's over. God bless you.

  8. @Balqis-Hello Balqis.I'm glad you are here again mwahhhhhhhh..Yes my dear friend and I like what you have said believe in the good things in all things we should learn to believe and have faith in Him.I know one day I will also have my real paradise (I remembered your post)hehehe :)

  9. Hey there Sie.Smile your quiet angel is there.Those painful experiences are not your fault.He is right you are not a bad person it was given to you to make you strong.Cheer up Sie!! God has given you persons like your quiet angel and kids to help you hold on and fulfill your true happiness <^_^>

  10. How is he? Is he still munching his chocos and tell him I have a bag full of lollies for his birthday next month.

  11. hi Sie.Surprised? you are feeling bad about yourself because of those people who mistreated you shame on them.Sie-Balqis is right after all the ordeals God's blessings will come.Those people who have hurt and abused your kindness will have their bad karma.You have your kids and another kid your quiet angel bleahhhh--he will be mad--just teasing your quiet angel

  12. @Lance-Thank You Lance and ok I'll tell him your gift.Thank you for being his bro.

    @Gracey-Hello Gracey how are you? Yes, I am surprised I was so worried about the car accident.

    Yes, I have them and that gives me a reason to wake up with a smile every morning.

    My quiet angel is a kid? his not when he is with me hehehe..But I am and can also be a kid in many ways ( know that right?)

    Missing you a lot Gracey huhuhu :(

  13. *waving at lance*

    bro! i heard you got a bag of lollies there! *searching* i'll make them safe, give them to me *wide grin*

    that gracey! i will throw him my bag full of diapies with sticky gems! haha!

    ahmmmm..hi ms. sie!! *reaching pinkish red tulips* ..these are fow you *blink blink*
    wanna hear me sing? you want? you want? ok..ok..*clears throat*..
    "i wanna make you smile whenever you're sad..carry you around when your heart aches bad..all i wanna grow owd wit youuuu *wiggling butt*..i'll give you medicine when your tummy aches..make lancey build us fire if the furnace breaks..oh it could be so nice growin owd with you..i'll miss you kiss you give you my coat when you are cold..need you feed you..even let you hold the remote control..
    gracey will do the dishes in our kitchen sink..put you to bed---*thinking*--so we can have sweet dreams..oh i could be the one who grows owd with you..i wanna grow owd with youuuuuu *flying kisses*

  14. @Beany-hahahahaha..the two devil cousin cupids will surely go grrrrrr..and Gracey will do the dishes she hates doing the dishes and she never did hahaha..what are those sticky gems?hahaha..better give me my medicine my tummy aches already laughing..

    Thank you for these tulips I will keep them with those flying kisses again..Sending flying kisses too hehehe :)

  15. whew.
    your life should be on tv..
    just kidding.

    anyways, from what I've heard, you are a good person,
    its just that, life isn't fair,
    we have to live with it.

    I guess you deserve everything what you have now, and its like the turning point of your life..from being the unluckiest person to having an angel.

    So, stay strong and be happy:)

  16. nga pala ate,
    i answered all your comments in my blog na.
    sorry medyo late, busy sa ibang site eh:)

  17. @Yam-ok lang Yam.Yes I have already left a comment on your new post :) Opo I will stay strong and be happy.I am happy now and hopefully my prayers will be answered in His time.Thank you :)

  18. hey Beanizer and why am I always doing the dishes while my cousin Lance has an easier work load?And what are those sticky gems? You are a man now so learn how to put diapers for your triplets soon blehblah--

    Anyway, Sie I am now going.I just want to apologize for somethings that I have done to you and your quiet angel that might have ruined your relationship in a way before.

    I will miss you Sie

  19. Ms.sie ur angel is right be strong , i know there is handfull of happiness for you in future i know it , because god help good people.

  20. @Gracey-I will miss you too :)

    @Sudhi-I will be strong Sudhi.Thank you so much love yah......blink blink :)

  21. This made me cry! Love your quiet angel. Your inner beauty shines despite the past. You have conquered!!!

  22. @Ms.Jill-Thank YouMs.Jill..Yes, I have conquered and survived and moved on with a big smile..Love you ms.Jill


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