Thursday, April 30, 2015


Dear Lord,

I am here again in this same situation I was before. I feel so alone. I feel so rejected and ashamed of myself. I thought I have moved on but deep inside I am still stuck to where I used to be. Lord, I know I have many imperfections in my life. I know I shouldn't be writing in my site anymore but this is the only way I can at least cope up and share my feelings. 

I have no one else to turn too. I don't want anyone to carry my burdens anymore because in the end all of them leave. I have always been true to every people that I love. I give my full trust to only a few people but still I can't do anything but just to let them go. I can't force anyone to give back the trust and love that I give and I can't force anyone to stay in my life.

I feel so down looking at myself now. I know my life is a mess and I have nothing else to be proud of. I always fall below their expectations. But what they can only see and judge is the person outside of my being. You can see Lord the pureness of my heart. I have always been true and never did I lie to them even to myself.

Lord please help me see that there is still hope. Please heal me Lord. I am still hurting. Some people might have heard my story but they haven't felt the pain I have been through. This pain is unexplainable Lord. Please heal me..I have no one else to turn to right now. All I want is for me and my kids to be happy someday. Please guide me to the path you want me to go.

I feel so alone in this battle

Lord I am so hurt please let my pains end



  1. You're a strong-willed woman, I know that, Sie. Please stay strong and keep your prayers going. In times when we feel so weak, prayers will enlighten the burden we face. We might not be able to overcome everything but positive thinking might help a bit.

    I'm here as a friend. Thinking of you like before. Be strong, Sie! :)

  2. yes sis..I is still hard coping up but I am willing to let go of these hurts in my life..missing you :)

  3. Hi Ms.Sie... How are you? .. You know life is like a novel you never know what next page brings you so be positive.. I suggest you to read as many autobiographies as possible it help me to get out of my depression..

    1. Hello are right life is a series of novels and how many novels have I written hahaha..I am glad to see you here Sudhi..hugs :) yes I will read every article..My heart is still healing and I know in God's time I will be ready again.


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