Monday, May 9, 2016


3.9 c.m. financial support for my 2 kids for months because my ex-husband has already a new baby and getting married..I am so tired of people telling LIES and false promises..I am still alive and just silent..friends and past relationships---people don't change it was just their MASK finally fell heart is as hard as stone..pretending to smile infront of everyone..but bleeding inside..thanks to them..WHATEVER they say--it doesn't erase the fact that I have been PLAYED😒..tired but trying to be strong..convincing myself that I can handle all these pain..until when? .. just SILENCE 😒😒


  1. Hi Sie, how are you? I know it's been a long while.. my bad. Life has kept me busy but no excuses. We should be in touch regardless.

    So much has happened I can see. Sticks and stones. I've had my share too. A rough life, a failed marriage. Life wasn't easy.

    But I held on, if but for nothing else, I simply held on. Yet not with my own puny strength because already it was drained and gone.. but I held on to my God. And that was the best thing I ever did.

    You may be going through the worst times of your life and it might seem that the future holds nothing for you, but I will say this --- the best is yet to come! You see, our God is this B-I-G that he can create something good out of nothing at all. He did that for me; he can do that for you!

    As long as God is, there is hope - faith - trust - love - life. Hold on and stand firm in the faith. Believe.. and pray even so much more. For your sake and for your children. God hears!

    God bless you and your children.

    1. Thank you Ms.Ellen..yes po still holding on and gathering all the positivity in my world to keep me strong and going. I had my 2nd treatment on my cyst already was painful but it is what has to be done to prolong my life. I'll be having another treatment po. God hears my cries. All the while I thought my ex was getting married and had no work..but then it was a big ex already got married last year po and he left me and my kids hanging in our finances..and my kids were going to school it was really hard. Thank you Ms.Ellen..God bless you po 😊

  2. Please be positive and strong so that god realises you ain't loosing and he might turn your life the perfect way it could be...!! 😊😊

    1. Yes I will..I have no choice but to be strong Sudhi..thank you I do appreciate your presence here..ate will be fine..I am just being silent Sudhi..God can see everything and God will restore everything that was lost. I may be hurting right now but I am not giving up..thank u sudhi

  3. Time will heal. It has to. I won't say things are going to be fine, but I do expect you to hold on and stay strong. It makes a ton of difference. Bless you.


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