Monday, October 3, 2016


Life Happens.
Tears are shed.
Hearts are broken. BUT
God restores!!!

Life has not been easy. I was tired but I never gave up. Maybe a moment of silence, being alone was the key to search the true meaning of my life. I am still recovering from my hurtful pasts. Still struggling from my fears. Currently healing of my physical sickness and emotional pain from my past relationships. Life goes on and on this Season that I am now God made me see not to put all of my trust in people. I trusted too much, loved too much and gave too much to the point of forgetting myself. Forgetting what I truly deserve. Now, though it was painful and agonizing the most important thing was I learned. 

God gave me strength to hold on to the life that I once have taken for granted. I committed suicide last year but God made me see many reasons why I should never give up. I have my kids and my many reasons why I should enjoy the life that has been given to me.

 If not of what I have been through I wouldn't have discovered that God has given me a talent to Paint. God has blessed me my hands to paint and now it is now one of my sources of income. This is one of my latest wall mural that I have done recently. 

I am sharing my story to all of the readers of my blog to let everybody see that there is always hope in every situation we are in. Forgiveness is never easy but as what they always say time heals all wounds but scars remain. I forgive people not because they deserve it but for me to move on. My kids are my Life and they need a loving and strong mother not a weak one. In God's time I know He will Restore Everything that have been lost. God sees everyone and everything..nothing is hidden from Him. Vengeance is not mine it's God's.

My Scars reminds me of God's Faithfulness


  1. That's a great painting, Sie. Is it in watercolor? acrylic? oil? :-)

    So glad to see you back. You certainly inspire people with your show of courage, strength, and an abiding faith in God. A lovely future beckons to you with a promise of blessings in great measure... far more than your brave heart can hold. God bless you.


    1. I am using acrylic po Ate Ellen 😊 God has His ways..I am slowly getting back..recovering my self worth again after countless pain and hurt from people. I am now enjoying being alone away from the crowd so I am into wall murals Ate 😊 thank you for still being there Ate 😊

    2. Hi Sie! How is your day going today? Everything fine I would presume. :-) I will send you the link (you requested in my blog) via email. Mine is

      Life is tough, we know that. But we're never alone going through those rough waters because God is always there making sure that we get to shore. I have been through tough times of my life, too; made more difficult by mean and unkind people. But God, as always, made sure that I would come out of it all in one piece. So here I am, battered and bruised and scarred maybe, but much more wiser than I was before. I think that God allows us to go through the fire to shed unnecessary layers of character... that which hinder our growth.

      You are brighter, smarter, wiser now --- a better version of your old self. Yes, there will indeed be scars to show for your battles but be proud of them because they stand as proof of your passing the test or tests. You seem happier and more at peace now with your newfound wisdom and maturity. Further it unearthed talents which you thought you never had. And, importantly, brought you even much closer to your God. That, my dear friend, tops it all.

      Treasure everything now in your heart. God has blessed you with His love, care, and provision.... and always will! All that you have to do is ask. --- "Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be upon unto you."

      Take care lagi. Hugs!

    3. Yes Ate has been really tough but it made me stronger and see things CLEARLY :) still under repair..maybe slow but I'm getting there. I have been really damaged Ate if you can just feel my pain but my faith in God has not decreased a bit! many people just come and go..some will hurt you but at the end of the day..each pain have taught me a lesson..maybe the biggest part is on trust issues.

      I am just enjoying the season that I am now po..being alone away from the crowd..still afraid to trust again and be broken again but I can sa I am ok Ate..moving on and forgetting all the bad memories..focusing more on the future for my kids..wala ng love hehehe..natuto na po ako..thanks for dropping by po :)

    4. Hi Sie! Gee, so sorry but I can't find your email in my gmail inbox. You did get it right?.. Please if you still have copy of that email (in your Sent Box), kindly resend it to me. I'll be waiting. Thank you. :-)

      I am happy where you are at now. That's great! As for love, it will come when it comes. In God's time. What happened in the past were simply meant to deliver a lesson or two to you for your learning. I have been through some problems of my own in the love department. We shall have a good chat when we finally get our email communication established. And soon, I hope.

      Take care lagi. God bless you.

    5. Finally! After searching my gmail top-bottom left-right .. I found your email Pumasok pala dun sa spam box ko. Imagine!! When I got your fb name agad ko pinuntahan ang site. Tapos sent you a friend request. Phewww...!! Kala ko nawala na ng tuluyan ang email mo.

      Let's keep in touch.
      Take care lagi, okay?!
      God bless you and your family.

  2. I also dabble in painting... watercolor. In fact, lately I have been painting more than writing. :-) Oh, I'll always be here. You're my friend and always will be. God bless you.

    Please send me your email ad. Mine is

  3. thanks po Ms. Ellen..I am so happy to finally communicate with you po..thanks for the friendship po..iilan n lng kayo na naiwan po na pinagkakatiwalaan ko..God bless po Ms. Ellen 😍

  4. You are sucha amazing artist Ms.sie 😊😊😊... I'm so happy that your life is turning out with positivity ... I'm very sure your kids are soooooooooo proud of you 😘😘😘😘 *hugs*

    1. Thank u so much Sudhi..yeah staying positive everyday and slowly moving on 😉😍 hugs 😍


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