Thursday, December 30, 2010

I was tagged...

It is my first time to be tagged...and I was tagged by the most adorable one "beanizer" my special fwend... ok here it goes just for you to know me better...

1. What is your favorite foodie on Christmas?
I have no favorite food in particular because what has been always important to me is having my love ones around and exchanging laughter during this season. Ok ok let’s see fruit salad maybe and some barbeque will do…

2. Is there something you wanted to change or make unusual this Christmas or New Year?
I always believe in Second Chances in all things…failures and too much pain have been in my life for the past years but now that New year is coming I am wishing and hoping for a happier and more lovely year.

3. If you would be asked to choose
honestly between a last-piece gift (material) you've been dying to have and a 12-hour bonding with someone you longed for..which would you choose?
Honestly, I have always wanted and longed for to be in a beach setting.Walking along the shore just smiling and looking at the sunset. I would love to have a 12-hour bonding with someone and we will be both singing our favorite songs with him playing the guitar *wink*.

4. Aside from home, where would you like to spend your Christmas or New yEar?
I would like to spend Christmas honestly in Japan…why? Because I always love those cherry blossoms in Japan if there are none for this season I would like still to go there and sit down on one of the parks.Japan or the parks in Korea have been always a dream just a  romantic place for me.

5. Proceeds will go to charity, Which would you prefer to pet? Piranha, Shark, Snake, Crocodile? You MUST choose one.
Oh no just one?…if it will go to charity any will do but one ok let’s see maybe a snake will do because I can just lock it on a small container or something and does not need extra care hehehe…

6. You are obliged to date someone, who would you choose: a murderer? a retard? a perv?
Choose wisely and explain.
Oh no this is hard hmp…maybe a murder because I  mean he could change wahhhhhhh…but he killed someone but first is he proven guilty already?…

7. What talent/ skill do you desperately want but never owned?
State one.
A skill that I want ever since is to be good in ice skating…I have tried when I was young but all I got was bumps ouch hehehe…

8. If you are to buy me a gift, what would it be? Excuses of not-giving is not allowed.
This is hard really…There are no material things that I can give you. I can’t offer more except a “gift” ok got an idea Open your mail* blink blink*. I think I have given it yesterday? Hahaha…
 hmmmmmmmmmmmm....ok here's a SONG for You...


  1. hehe! yup..seen my mail..that was a yummy one Ms. Sie..*wink*
    Japan? 'coz I look like a Japanese?..take me with you pleeeeease?? *puppy eyes*
    let's try ice skating in the freezer, can we fit there?
    thanks for answering the tag po!
    and for that song..nanananana

  2. no I really want to go to Japan ever since because of the romantic parks there...yup I'll take you with me but pay for the plane ticket going there I'll pay for the next one *wink*...

    ice skating in the freezer...hala hahaha we are not that small to fit in...

    Your welcome po!!! :)mwah

  3. Wow! wow! you are so witty in answering the questions with humour added. I'm smiling. Good answers, Sie. :)

  4. My parents just had there vacation in Hiroshima last November, and the places they've been to were really awesome! If I can, this year's Dec, I will spend the holidays there too hopefully! ;')

    I giggled at once upon seeing your choice as whom to date with. Beany must have clearly noted if that murderer was proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt (wink!). For me, I'd rather date a "retardate" for as long as his mental incapacity hasn't rendered him a murder yet! Hahaha

    Happy New Year all! I'm loving the blogsphere even more!

  5. Hello Sie, I just drop by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! My BEST WISHES for the year 2011!

  6. No favorite holiday food??? I'm sending you a box of heart shaped chocolates...hee hee!!

  7. @ning li:
    i said a murderer not a suspect so it's proven! hmp! oh yeah? a retard? hehehe..take me and ms. sie with you, see? i got japanese eyes *blink2*

    @mommy jp:
    *waving* you didn't give me gifts! it's new year already!

    @ms. jill: sie is not much on sweets, can i have them??*puppy eyes*

  8. @Balqis-thanks my friend.witty? just a little hahaha..thanks mwah

    @Dai Ning Li - Wow yup I always wanted to go to Japan also.I just love those parks and quiet scenic spots there.For me better to date a murderer if he not in jail yet ofcourse hahaha...

    @thanks Ms.Jolly Happy New Year din po :)

    @Ms.Jill-Thank You Ms.Jill mwahhhhhhhhh...

  9. oh Beany!!! :) ok go ahead be a part of my site thanks for your comments to our friends yehey we are a tag team hehehe...


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