Friday, December 3, 2010

My Life and Time

I have second thoughts of writing this short article of mine because this site is usually on positive thoughts about life’s journey. But then again I am just another simple human being like you.!

I have been at least half of the journey of my life in this world I am living. I am 34; I have 2 kids, in the process of an annulment case and have a heart ailment. My heart was in pain last night and I felt like I am on a boat on the middle of the ocean that has no definite destination to where the winds would lead me. On this point of my life there is nothing left for me but to pray and wish that all things might turn out right. Of all the trials that I have been through since my childhood I can say that I am a strong person. But the question is how long will this strength push me to go on and how long will He permit me to stay in this world?

How I wish to always be there for persons who needs comfort and love. To be always there when they need me the most. To be always they’re to make them smile everyday and hear their laughter on my simple jokes. I wish to be always there to feel them they are loved and that they are special in every way.

I wish to hold their hand and say I will always be here. To look into their eyes and dry their tears. To see them smile and say thank you for being there. To let them feel my embrace so they could feel how much I love them.

But how can I give all my love if all that life has given me was mostly hurts and pain? How can I face the world with a smile when almost all of my strength is gone? How can I give love when I always Battle Against Time?

How I wish that I would have time in my hands. That one day I will be able to see God's promise of happiness to come in my life. How I wish that my life would have more time. Not for myself but for me to make my kids, parents, loved ones and more people to feel my love and to make them special in my own simple ways! 


  1. Lucky are the people who have met you and felt your perfect love. Lucky are those who have heard your voice and laughter. Lucky are those who have spent precious moments with you. But you know who are the luckiest??..Luckiest are those people who realized how much they love you beyond words can tell..and beyond what time promises.

    God is really perfect..He gave you to us.. *blink blink*

  2. Beany I am speechless...*teary eyed* THANK YOU SO MUCH...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...lots of power hugs from Ate*wink*

  3. well said Beanizer.Lucky are those people who felt your love Sie.Even for a short time we felt you making every person you meet special in your own simple ways.

    You have a kind heart and Beanizer,Gracey and I we know your undefined happiness and true love will come someday.We wish you all the best in life You deserve it!-Lance-

  4. Sie, this is really touching. I am moved by every word of yours. All of us are lucky having you as a friend, who has so much to give. You are such a strong lady being able to go through some rough side of life. There's always a blessing in disguise. Believe in His blessings which will be yours, one day. Stay strong, you amaze me a lot!

  5. i could not agree more to both of them..
    I am one of those who are blessed to have you.. its like were in the same shoes but still you manage to make me feel better in every single way..
    thanks a lot and I am lucky...

  6. @ Beanizer,Lance,Balquis and Stephanie-I am really *teary eyed*.

    You know where some of my strength comes from? It is for those people like you who have made me smile and say that I have done something at least a simple way to make all of you feel special.People like you inspires me to look at life and makes me feel that I have worth to stay!

  7. *wiping ate sie's eyes*

    ssshhhh...don't cry..*power hugs*..*kissing eyes*..see? you got us all here..and we are the chosen few..the luckiest ones to have you 'round *blink blink*

  8. Oh Ms.sie don't cry believe n god he never do insane for his loved ones... u will have a wonderful future don't worry..

    they say tension is like ten sons when u'll leave all ur sons independently we'll have no worries..

    leave all worries lets pray for glorious future ....

  9. “You cannot avoid pain, but you can chose to overcome it.”
    and remember that you are being loved by God. His ways for you may be different but it is good that in your time, He had made you see some points in your life. maybe, you dont have to catch up with time.
    The Lord has given you time each day to live with, every step, day by day, is a day worth living.
    Life is a challenge, gamble on it...
    Life is a race, win it... :-))

  10. @beanizer - thank you Beany for always being there when I needed you most.

    @Sudhi-thank you Sudhi and miss you girl.

    @Crissy Fay-Thanks you very much I will Crissy and yes life is a challenge and it will be best to gamble on it rather than doing nothing.Your right it is a race and we have to face it.I'm sure one day I will win and finish this journey that God has given me I know I will.

  11. Live each day as if there will be no tomorrow. Love more. Fearless. I love you lil sis-sie! Nice one!

  12. ay teh... I came back to check for updates.. hehe

  13. @ ate kukuru- yes ate opo I will love fearlessly? hehehe...*wink*

    @Stephanie-yup yan na kakapublish lang po!

  14. You have so much love brimming from your heart despite what you have been through, Lyn. It will come back to you a thousand fold!


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