Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life is a Constant Change...Move On

Yesterday I was cooking a simple hot cake for my kids. As I was placing the ingredients I remembered myself when I was in College my Mom would love me to bake a chocolate mayonnaise cake when there are special occasions on their friends home.

But before having a delicious chocolate cake you would need flour, baking powder, mayonnaise, eggs, baking soda etc. Eaten individually, each is distasteful and bitter. But when baked together these ingredients becomes into a delicious cake.

The past years have given me too much pain that I can’t sometimes imagine and asked God why. But now moving on to this new year like making a simple cake it made me realize that in everything no matter how distasteful and unpleasant those experiences are God will blend them together for good.

Every pain or problem is a character building opportunity. In every trouble it produces patience. And patience produces character. Our circumstances in life are temporary it just comes and go, but your character will last forever.

In every trial I learned to stand up not only for my kids but for myself as well. Going through tough times gave me the strength to look at it as a learning process. Everything that has been going on in my life now is just a part of my growth to maturity. In everything even how hard and painful it is it has it’s own purpose.

Now that another new year has started it is also a time of letting go of those pains and smiling and embracing for the new changes and better beginnings in my life.I am ready to accept those changes it is time to move on...


  1. Sie life is really a constant change.Just embrace the changes that will be in your life.Change in priorities and yes even relationship.

    You deserve to be happy and a second chance to be happy again.

    Don't worry your true happiness is coming Gracey and I wish you true happiness with your (quiet angel) you deserve to be happy Sie!

  2. Hi Sie. You know even Lord Jesus had all those kind of pain when He once lived here as a human. It was love that caused Him to leave a comforting kingdom in heaven, just to save His people. In return (as we all know) even Israel denied Him.

    Seeing everything through, life is a loop of circumstances that will refine our way of living, polish our beliefs, stretch our patience and strengthen our hope, that one day it is LOVE that will stood still.

    Be happy, because you have a great Lover up in the heavens and it sure bruises His heart seeing you hurt.

    I may not know you in a very personal sense, but then I believe you and all of the writers here deserve real happiness. And so I pray that you will be, all the year through.

  3. Happy New Year *hugs and kisses*

    You deserve all the happiness not just this year but all your days. Changes are great when we learn to forgive our past and move on with a light heart. Everything will be alright.
    We're here for you..esp. Beany *wink*

  4. patient + dont give up is the main ingredient to have a wonderfull life. happy new year and good luck in what ever you do :)

  5. @Lance-thanks Lance and yes I am holding on to His promises.

    @Dai Ning Li-Thank you very much my dear friend.Your right life is a loop of circumstances and in every pain it creates a deeper maturity in us.

  6. @Beany-Happy New Year to :) hugs and kisses too *blink blink*.

    Your right Beany to move on we should learn to forgive our past.I also do believe that Time heals all wounds.I am happy now and on forgiveness it will take time.

    Thank You for always being there for me and people like you gives me the strength to move on and look at life on it's brighter side.

  7. @noreed-thanks and happy new year too :)

  8. hello sie yeah right its a constant change, there is nothing here on earth that don't change. and yes we do really need to stand up and move one. Most of the baggage we have we cant leave them but there are things that we have to because they wont allow us to move on if we bring them together...
    forgive the past it's hard I admit even myself I admit its hard for me but we cant do anything carry the pain or let it go...

    BTW the process I hope it will be over soon, it tiring as well as relief and pain on the side... be strong...

  9. Whenever I face some trials in life, others used to say "Life has to go on." At first, it might be hard to accept it but gradually, I'm able to get on with life leaving behind the pains. The priority in mind are the loved ones. They need me, I need them, thus life has to go on. The bad times we go through are actually trials that can transform us into better and stronger persons and make us more matured in handling life's never ending tribulations.

    Congrats to you for looking positively at life. I'm wishing you a fulfilling year graces with lots of happiness and blessings! :)

  10. This is absolutely beautiful, Sie! What a perfect analogy of the bitter ingredients combined to create sweetness. I LOVE that!!! Many good wishes for a fab 2011. I think you have mixed up a big choco cake for yourself!

  11. I admire you for the courage and strength. Yes, tough times come to our lives in different degrees. But, please do remember the Lord is there to carry us. He will NEVER leave His children unattended. Just hang on...

  12. @Stephanie-yup sis it is time to let go.It is the past and for now I am starting to move on and just taking one step at a time.I have to be strong most especially for my kids they need me and I love them so much.on the process yup tiring but it will over soon 4 months hehehe...Thanks :)

    @Balqis-I agree my friend and thank you so much for your nice comments.Wish you all the best too this year.

  13. @ Ms.Jill-hehehe...big choco cake yummy yummy Ms.Jill.Thank You and wishing you too blessings for you and your family Ms.Jill mwahhhhh...

    @ Ms.Jolly-yup thank You Ms.Jolly He is always there carrying me on the weakest time of my life.On all my pains I know He is watching and He is always there when I needed Him most.


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