Saturday, November 27, 2010

"God is not finished with you yet"

Before transforming into a beautiful butterfly, we all know that it goes through a lot of stages. One of which is being a caterpillar. Caterpillars are one of the ordinary creatures that you can’t ever imagine being transformed into a beautiful one.

My kids were watching this story about Hermie the caterpillar. It was a story for kids but I was glued watching it. It is about basically being special.

Hermie and Wormie are both caterpillars. Everyday Hermie would wake up seeing his ordinary looks and always ask God why am I so ordinary? Hermie would always wish being somebody. He would ask why God made me so common and he would be envious of the other creatures. He would wish and imagine himself to be like a ladybug with beautiful colors, an ant that is so strong and a snail that has it’s own shell. Every creature that they encounter would boasts something beautiful that make them special and unique. Hermie and Wormie would wriggle under the weight of comparison and they always come short all the time.

One day when they ask God why are we so common and ordinary? God replied to them in a gentle voice. “I AM NOT FINISH WITH YOU YET”.Hermie and Wormie smiled and waited and after a few days they both turned into beautiful butterflies.

Each and one of us go through different stages in our lives. We go through hardships and situations that made us ask God why? Why are some people more capable of doing things? Why are they luckier than I am? Why are they given special talents and I have none? Why do they have a perfect family and why I have none? So many questions but it ends up in questioning discovering life as a whole.

Lesson learned: Like what the story says, “God is not finish with you yet.” I personally go through trials in my life and in every situation sometimes I always God why? Sometimes there are trials that it is so hard to carry. But I do believe in my heart that in everything God has a purpose.

The journey of life for me and for some of us may not be that easy. But I know it only allows us to be transformed inside and out. He is only making us strong and letting us see things in a more positive way that life is good regardless of what we are all going through.

 One Day I can see God pouring his love and miracle to my life and to each and one  of us. In all those trials it  will bring out a New and Better “you”. He will give the desires of our heart. It will make us learn to accept a profound truth that "God loves us just the way we are…and that each of us are indeed special.” He has greater plans waiting, it only takes patience to wait for His perfect time.” “God is not finished with you yet”.


  1. True Sie and it goes for you too as well.God is not finished with you yet also.Your undefined happiness will surely come it is just there for you to have it for real.Perfect timing yes and it will surely come your way.You have a kind heart and He sees everything you are going through now.God is a witness to all of your tribulations and He will turn that to happiness soon.-Lance-

  2. Agreed.

    *thumbs up* ..this post is more beautiful than those butterflies.

    But one thing, we are luckier than those butterflies..we may not have those colorful wings but we got longer span of existence.
    These beautiful creatures can show their beauty for few days..unlike each of us who are given most colorful experiences on our life span.
    So make the most out of that chance..bring more colors of inspiration to those lives you have touched *wink*

  3. @Lance: Thank You Lance-Being in an annulment case is not that easy but I know I have made the right choice.Life has been let's say not the easy for me but I am still holding on to God's promises.My faith is strong and I do believe that one day God will give me that what you are saying "Undefined happiness" for Real.

  4. @Beany - I love your comment Beany Thanks...Yes that's true Butterflies have only a few days to share there beauty and we are indeed more blessed to have this life.Regardless of what I am going through now *You know it*sssshhhhhhhhh.....

    You are right I just wish and pray that God will add more time to my life so I can give more colors of inspiration to the persons that I love *blink blink*

  5. I agree!
    and thanks for posting.. made me realize how much I complain and maybe I am rushing god to complete me while in fact it is not yet my time to be completed..
    I never even closed my eyes and think how colorful and how perfect the curving of my life is.. Just like you I question things too often times I asked why but gosh He's doing the perfect thing for me and yet I complain...

  6. Nice post Sie. Full of inspiration. I love this post. How are you and the kids? don't worry the lord is with you, his presence will be with you always, you know where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty. cheers.

  7. @Stephanie-Dear we both are going through rough times now but the most important thing is how we react to this situations in our lives.Always look at it as a part of our journey in life and don't forget to thank God always.

    @Thanks my friend.My kids and I are ok.Yup God is always there and I know this is only a part of my journey called life.I just have to accept it and get through it with God's help.I know He is always there carrying me in all my burdens.

    @kukuru-helloooo Ate miss you po.

  8. It's really inspiring. We are never satisfied with what we have and we want more! This is when anxiety comes in and impatience plays its role. We always desire things to be the best for us and we want to have it the soonest! Only with patience will we be able to achieve our desires and not forgetting the Almighty who has the ultimate power in making it comes true.

  9. Oh, Lyn...this really touched me...just what I needed to read today. You are awesome!

  10. That was a lovely read. I don't have a religion myself, but I believe in the message of religion, and you intertwine religion so well with life. And it is so true that life we have our hurdles, but it isn't over yet and there is still a future for anyone if us. Thank you very much. May you be a butterfly and let life let you fly at least for a day :)

  11. @Balquis-yup very well said my friend.Only with patience can we achieve the desires of our heart and with God's perfect timing.

    @Ms.Jill-Thanks Ms.Jill people like you gives me inspiration to write and your family are a great example of a perfect family.

    @Shine the Light - Thank you.yup life isn't over yet I know God is always there in everything that we are going through.

  12. this article wow amazed me Sie.IT has a deeper meaning on the story and you have looked at it on a real deeper meaning.Love your site Sie.

    I saw this butterfly on my dream already.Just do take care of yourself Sie.


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