Saturday, May 28, 2011

..When My Heart Speaks**

“There is no perfect relationship, but loving and accepting each others imperfections makes a relationship worth keeping.” "Love never assures long days,months and not even years because love won’t fade if it is true and taken care of.”

True love they say is just an illusion and it doesn’t exist. But for me I know and BELIEVE that it is real and it can only happen once. When can you say that it is true love and if he is the right one?

It is true love if you are willing to love, respect, trust, understand and accept the Whole him. "He will be the most important person.” True Love always Involves Commitment.” Being faithful and trusting someone despite the distance.

In a relationship there can always be misunderstandings along the way and adjustments are very important. All of us have flaws and all of us have been created differently. Willing to adjust and understanding each others weaknesses is an important part to save and stay in a relationship..Oooopppsss.adjusting and not changing one’s self to please a person so don’t get me wrong my friends.

There is a big difference between adjustment and change. Adjustment is giving each other a chance to adapt to some differences that you have, learning and allowing both of you to grow and mature together. Change is different because if one wants someone to change just to let him or her feel and prove his love then it is not true love. True love is accepting the whole him and not making him change for you!  Believing that he loves you and not hurting him in any way!

It is true love when he gives time and effort to be with you when you needed him the most.He makes you feel loved even through phone or appreciate the most simple things that he could give.

When you feel Contented and Happy with a person. When you stop asking too many questions because you know you can trust him and what matters is him loving the true you.


  1. can't make a good comment here..
    guess i have eaten "shocking chocos"..
    i'll be back..
    don't know what to say..

  2. bro.can't make a good comment?
    I can hear your heart beating fast!
    you have the top spot yahhhhh!
    I will hug you owwww no I mean ask your hon!!!!!

    True love always involves commitment.It is absolutely true.How can they say they are in love if they are unfaithful?

    One proof of true love is being faithful even how far two lovers are.Being contended and happy that is true 'coz for me when you love someone you won't demand things that he can't give yet.Accepting the WHOLE HIM that's a catch.

    Changing yourself so your lover will love you is a wrong thing to do 'coz in the end for sure you will go tired of doing anything just for him to accept you.

    Again a worth reading post Sie <^_^>

    hey quiet angel listen to the song very nice

  3. wow awesome post about love Ms.sie i hope your quiet angel see this post..... cheers!!!

  4. @Beany-your so fast I was thinking of editing some lines and I go hala there you are na po :)

    It's fine eat your lunch first.Tummy must be hungry. *blink*

  5. Oh, Sie! you wrote lovely lines full of love! And the song complements it! I'm almost speechless reading this very beautiful post which is expressed with genuine love for your quiet angel.

    I agree with Lance for his well-thought views.

    I also agree with Beanie. This post made him "choco-shock", thus he wasn't able to say more! C'mon, Beanie, once the "shock" is over, you gotta be here and let us hear what you have to say. :)

  6. I love it when you said because our chain of love is stronger and when you said thank you for loving me more of what I deserve.Your love is so true Sie.Quiet angel must be smiling and in heaven now of you thanking him and saying I love you to him for the whole world to know .wow.I will hug you both when I see you.Love is in the air and I am happy for you both.What a nice feeling to feel that someone is so deeply and really loving you even miles away.

  7. @Sudhi-hello Sudhi *hugs..hmmmmmmmmm* I am smiling oh look nice to see you :) Thank you..

  8. @Balqis-Thank You so much my friend mwah mwah..The song was really for this post.It is my favorite song and every word is dedicated to my quiet angel.Yes, Balqis it is easy for me to write these words because I love him genuinely and..

    all of it is a COMPLETE DEFINITION of HOW my "Quiet Angel" is loving me..and I will forever be grateful :)

  9. @Evelyn-Hello Grandma *hugs hmmmmm..*..All of you were so fast..Thank you Grandma and We Both Love You :)

  10. @Lance-Thank You..Say Hello to Gracey from me..

  11. aw. again, sweet. Love is all over the place.

    nice one ate:)

  12. @Yam-Hello Yam *waving hand* ano ok ka na? Thank You for visiting again po ha and leaving a comment I really appreciate your time Yam.I know you are busy finding a nice job.God Bless You..Sana matupad na lahat ng prayers natin po :)

  13. Sorry I cannot relate to this post.. Heheh..

    I just want to let you know Sie I am happy for you. :)

  14. How are you feeling now Sie? Please do take care of yourself.Very well said Sie and True love can be tested through distance.It is true on what you have said that love won't fade if it is true and TAKEN CARE OF.

    Stay healthy ok--

  15. i love to love, let share some love so that it will come back to us. hope to hear from you on my post...

  16. @ Ms.Jolly-Hello Ms.Jolly yehey your here po..thank you for visiting me after a long time :)

  17. @Gracey-I am well now Gracey.Please take care of yourself and your baby ok.Don't worry too much and be safe always :)

    @Air-Thank you Air..Yes, I will

  18. if we hold on together, i know our dweams will never die *blink blink*.. Dweams see us through to fowever..where cloud 9 roll by..fow you and i..

    see?! hmmm..ok, im born honest..hmmmm..that is a song my teacher taught me in school..and ..and..i can give interpretative dance fow that *blink blink*

  19. @Beany-I will hold on to those dreams :)

    you know how to dance that song?..let's dance move it Beany wiggle or do a ballet..

    ok I am good in translating your song..hawak kamay di kita iiwan sa paglakbay..dito sa mundong walang katiyakan..corny hahaha..

  20. ballet??? hmp!
    would pink dwess fit me well?? and pink diapy?

    that song *giggles*..some readers might not understand what you sang..

    i'm the first and last commentor! yey!!!

  21. pink dress? pink diapy no hmp..your a baby boy..a white one would fit you well..I'll put your diapy wahhhhh..with eyes closed noh..parental guidance hahaha..

  22. Sie, you are an amazing writer...just beautiful through and through!

  23. @Ms.Jill-I am inspired to write Ms. Jill because I am on cloud 9 hehehe..Love you Ms. Jill I really missed you here :)


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