Thursday, May 26, 2011

~Our Best Choice..

"Don’t let the regrets of yesterday destroy your hopes and dreams for a new and better tomorrow."

I was reading yesterday a post of one of my new friends in blogging. Her post said I should let you go so I can start a new beginning. A simple quote but indeed it is true.

How can you start something new if you are still expecting your old past to come back and holding on to your feelings? How can you move on if your are still not letting go even the past memories when you are with him? How can you say you have finally given him up if you are continuing to find someone and comparing them to the qualities of your old past? How can you say you have finally let him go if you are still dwelling and digging up those past thoughts you were together? How could you let go if you are still full of regrets?

We may have made poor choices that have caused our heartaches and pain. Life may have been unfair. Perhaps we feel that we have blown it, that our lives is in shambles and beyond repair. People may have betrayed, abused caused pain in our lives, but SHOULD Our Lives STOP There?
It is easy to let go if your past has been full of wrenching heartache and pain. It is hard to let go if you have given all your love to someone and yet left you alone in the end. We all can look back and see things in our lives that we wish we would have done differently. But we can’t do anything about what’s gone, but we can do great deal about what remains.

We must stop dwelling on it and stop digging those past hurts again. To be able to let go we must Avoid talking about our old past and learn to Forget about it. Let past be the past. Don’t live in regret. Don’t live and carry the pain year after year and on every new relationship, the relationship will surely fail again and again.

Let it go. God has something new in store for us. “When God allows one door to close, He will surely open another door for you, something better.” God knows what is the best for us and the right person for us. We need not struggle and find someone who deserves our love; he will just come on God’s perfect timing. We just have to patiently wait. “We just have to believe that God will turn our disappointments to reappointments.”

Let us learn to quit living in a negative frame of mind, dwelling on something that is OVER and DONE. “We can’t put a question mark where God has put a period.” "Focus on what we can do to change, rather than on what we should have and could have.”

 Our life depends on our own Choices in our lives. Circumstances just come and go no matter how painful it is, there will always be a reason and a learning experience behind. “We can’t blame on the circumstances or experiences that we had no matter how painful it was, it will always be our choice on how we deal with it.” Will we end up a Whiner because of regrets on our old past or will we end up a Winner because we have chosen to move on and believe that God has the BEST things in store for us.” :)

~~This song is for all of US who have decided to Let Go and Move On~~
~~We Can make It As Long As We Have Each Other~~


  1. Sie this post has the perfect revelation of letting go.I agree on every word that you have said.What caught my attention was what you have said--quit having a negative mind and stop dwelling on what is over and done.

    True how can we move on if we are still trying to remember things from the past that was already over and done--it should be forgotten.

    Moving on includes forgetting the past and focusing on your present relationship.Talking about the past and digging up past hurts will only ruin a new relationship.

    This is post Sie is a WOW--as always--A True post coming from Sie who have stood up,survived and moved on ;0

  2. Amazing write up my dear Sie.You never missed saying the true and real words needed to reveal the inside meanings of life.Your message was so clear that any person can relate to.Move on and be happy with your Quiet angel because he is the right one.All persons with an old past must learn to let go TOTALLY because it is over,done and GONE.Nice work my dear Sie!

  3. @Gracey-Thank You Gracey.Past experiences have given me different lessons and made me stronger.This is just one way of saying to others,"As long as we pray,believe and have faith; our lives will turn out right and God will give the desires of our hearts."

  4. @Evelyn-Hello Grandma *waving hand*.Thank you so much for always reading my post :) Your right Grandma and I should have included "it is Over,Done and Gone."Yes,I will move on po and I am so happy now with "quiet angel" :)

  5. I know you're a strong person to let the past go. Now, it's time to move on. Don't look back!

  6. Don’t live and carry the pain year after year on every new relationship, the relationship will surely fail again and again!Don't struggle just wait!

    This is so true Sie-Before Bianca came I have been into several relationships.I have loved and fallen out of love many times 'coz I have carried the pain on every new relationship. I had fears of being hurt again so I didn't give all my love and trust to the next woman that I had relationship with and which was wrong.I searched and struggled for someone who will love me and heal my broken heart but in the end I end up failing.When we let go we must also learn to WAIT AND BE READY before entering to a new relationship.I waited and Bianca came, a woman who have showed me the real love that I had searched for.

    My prayer is- may the abusive pain that caused your heart to be empty be filled with happiness and love from you quiet angel.

    for quiet angel-may the pains from his past that caused his heart to be wounded and deaf learn to beat and trust again,may it be completely healed with the right medicine of love,trust,patience and care from you Sie <^_^>

    ows! did I just had that long comment.Drama king ;I was carried away hey my bro. will tease me for sure!!!!!!!!

  7. @Balqis-I have moved on Balqis and yes,I will never look back.I was lost before but now someone has finally found me.I will forever stay and be with my quiet angel.Nothing and no one not even our old past can change the love that I have for him :)

    @Lance-a drama king hahaha..Thank you for sharing a part of your story Lance and I had no idea what you went through.Yes, my heart was empty before and was full of anger but now it is filled with joy and love from quiet angel and he had done it so well :)

  8. that mary gracey took my place again! hmp!

    all true. And I will tell again, we have to save the remaining pieces of our hearts before they are totally broken. It's alright to regret despite we can't bring them back, it's part of human nature to get hurt of the past, BUT, we must ALWAYS bear in our minds and hearts that those bitter memories ALREADY ENDED and our ONLY choice is to give ourselves that chance of having the happiness we truly DESERVE.
    After all, that's life. We have to taste all its flavors.

  9. oooops..forgot to mention..

    HEY BRO!!! ahmmmmm..ahmmmmm..nothing! *wide grin*

    God! i guess bro is having an audition for Oscars..tsk.tsk..

  10. @Beany-..I agree :)..

    and I am teary eyed because God gave me my "quiet angel" who have been the most kind and loving person that I have met in my life..he gave me love more than I should Deserve.He had given me a reason to move on and an inspiration to live life to the fullest..

    I will forever be grateful and true to the promises that I have made.He is not just a gift but indeed he is an MY ANGEL :)

  11. ooooppsss..typo should be He is not just a gift but indeed he is MY ANGEL..I'm getting old hahaha..I guess I have to borrow quiet angel's specs tsk tsk..

  12. hey bro. I won again.I am Richard Gere in my past life and when I won the Oscars that's one of the best past memories that I had that I am not willing to let go <^_^>.

    Sie your not old maybe a little emo 'coz of the happiness you are feeling now.

    Hey bro. you have specs will you gladly lend it to Sie with a winking eye?

  13. What? How could you be Richard Gere???--you have white hair? you already oldie??
    Well, Richard Gere is one of my favorite actors..i've watched his movies -- pretty woman, unfaithful but i love the--shall we dance when he's paired with, you mean you can dance like that??--you see my wiggling skills are pretty much inspired by that movie..hehehe..

    my specs are not for free..maybe i can lend this to ms. sie if she gives me..hmmmm...kisses?--what? i mean..kisses those small cookies 'n cyeam chocos that look*thinking* what do they look like? i forgot..

  14. Kid Beanizer and cousin Lance playing on Sie's grounds tsk tsk--and kid kisses chocolate kisses? I don't think so--what do they look like or how does it feel? whoa what I mean the feeling when the chocolate kisses melts in your mouth--yiiiipeeeah--

    The two of you your comments are out of topic anymore and am I included? and with that Gere thing come'on cousin Lance are you dreaming? Hey kid why you calling her Ms.Sie,there is a much appropriate way of calling Sie (winking).

  15. Sie I am now pregnant and when will you be having your triplets? hey quiet angel do I hear you saying soon? whoa it is near? I want to see wiggling butts one two three.

    On old past bury them that's it case closed.

  16. it is fine Gracey..this is my site so all comments are welcome most specially from my friends..

    triplets? you will be the first one to know weeeeeeeee:)

  17. hmp! that mary grace! you envy my kisses? go ask for yours from v!

    we're not playing, we're just sharing our experiences..lancey was richard g. before and you didn't know?? where were you? you didn't support him?

    anyway, hellow 'lil dragon!! your mommy is a a good dragon alright?

  18. @Beany-sssshhhhhh..hugs hmmmmmmmm :)

  19. You have been through so much, yet your light still continues to shine so brightly from within. You amaze and inspire me, Sie!

  20. @Ms. Jill- Thank You Ms. Jill for reading my post.You are one of the persons who inspires me Ms. Jill mwahhhhh:)


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