Monday, November 21, 2011


“You never know what life has in store for you, but I believe there are certain things one is meant to go through.” ~Gloria Estefan~

All of us go through this journey in our lives. A few years back I should say I was on the peek of my career. I was about to be promoted to be a branch cashier in a bank but something bad did happened and I had no choice but to resign. I had miscarriage and I can’t have a baby while having work.

I have plans before of being a career woman at the same time having a perfect happy family. I had planned to have my own business too and having my kids enjoy the life and freedom that I didn’t have when I was young. I was physically abused when I was a child so I promised myself to give all my love to my kids.

For the past 10 years..All of these things that I have planned for was blown away like a dust in the wind. All of it just exploded and all the pieces I have built for a long time crumbled. I had gone through the toughest time of my life but I have no choice but to hold on for my kids. To be strong for them because I am their Mom.

All of these came to my life unplanned. As I was reading on the different blogs yesterday I keep on saying to myself we all go through a journey in our lives though differently. Some of us may go through pains of betrayal. Loving someone, giving our all but ended up being betrayed. Some of us may have been always one’s Option and Never been their Priority. Or some people may just come and teach us a lesson, hurt us and then Walk Out.

We may have felt irrelevant to some people. Neglected us for no reason. Taken us for granted and just left us in one corner pretending we have not been a part of their lives. Some of us may have been tired and pushing ourselves too hard just to fulfill our dreams.

All of these situations in our lives came unplanned. We did never wished for these things to happen in our lives right? No one I know would wish to have hardships. I know because I have been through it. My relatives and friends would always say I am a strong person because if they would have been in my situation now..They would have gone insane or committed suicide.

But these same Unplanned situations in my life gave me strength to hold on to God even more. I had many tears so much and if only I could shout now I will. I have always believed that in every pain that I have gone through all of it came with a purpose. Though I may not see it now, though I am still waiting for my prayers to be answered. I know God is still there listening to my every cry.

Not all people are the same. I may have been hurt and betrayed from my past but I won’t let myself get stuck on my past. I won’t dig up those past hurts anymore. We are all created differently and my kids and I will soon have the true happiness we have been waiting for. All of us deserve second chances in our lives.

Now even if I have no career I have the noblest work of being a single mom. Looking back I love my life now more. My kids and I are more bonded than ever. I have freedom because I am not pretending anymore. I am enjoying the real me. My life of having a fake smile and a masked heart that where full of anger and lies has now been set free.

A woman who has learned to stand up, move on and hold to the life that I have now because I am not alone. I have them. I may not have the most successful career. I may not have the riches in life. I may not be a woman that any guy wishes to have. But I know I am a woman who knows how to love. A woman who has survived and moved on.I may not know where these steps would lead me and my kids but I am certain that God will lead and guide us along the way.

"God Never Draws a Plan Without a Promise; He Never Puts a Path without a Pointer and Never Sets a Life Without a Purpose .. We just have to accept every situation in our lives and MOVE ON"

this song always makes me cry

Sie on Emo mode ;)


  1. Hey Sis...
    I hope everything is fine at your end... Don't think too much.. just remember that everything happens for good...
    There is something that i really love about you.. and that is your optimism.... So keep it up..
    God is with you... be happy :)

  2. @Sie: After hardship comes ease ... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  3. My beloved friend
    What a beautiful post. You are such a special woman and I am so grateful to know you and read your words to the world. You really inspire me to be a better Mother. xxxx

  4. This is great sis, we never know when or where this unplanned will come or will end. What important is we learned out from it. We became more stronger and it gives us extra strength in facing the real meaning of journey, it's all about waiting for the right time, for the right plan that only God made for us, and when this plan of Him came, it's never ending happiness for us. I am so happy that after all what happened in your past life, here you are, woman with strong personality, a loving and caring mother for your kids and faithful one to your loving quiet angel, standing still to hold tight for your dreams and never lose hope that everything will be fine and soon your happiness will complete, because HE is always there for you and your family.

    Have a wonderful and blessed day my sis!:)

  5. @Madhulika- everything is alright sis..yes everything happens for good..just a little bit upset on my annulment..but I can't do anything about it but to wait.

    I do feel irrelevant in some way..I want to work again but I can't for now..I just feel I have nothing to be proud of..but looking at myself now..I know God is just preparing me for something better..I just have to hold on sis..thank you for your visit sis ;)

  6. @AsmaKhan-yes Asma..after all those pains..something better and something new will happen..we are God's children so He will always be there loving us..thank you for visiting ;)

  7. @Bonnie-hello Bonnie..I miss you so much..thank you so much for your kind have also been a good example to me..we are both single moms so I know you can relate to every word I have said..we can get through this Bonnie..we have been created to be what your site says..there will always be blessings through trials..hugs to your lovely kids from me *hugs* ;)

  8. @Sagitarrian-hello have said it all..all I can say is huh..I can do this..kakayanin ko to..I just felt a bit down inside ate..I want to go back and work again ate..but there are certain reasons why I can't for now..You know the feeling wanted to do something but you have no choice but to wait..I'll be ok ate..this time will pass..thank you ate for your visit ;)

  9. Yay! very well said ate sie. Though yah, I've been to a point in life where I've been hurt because of love. I think we will go through different stages in life with a lot of hard times. Ate, I wanted to share this one to you and to your readers, I got this one from a verse :)

    “When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up. … For I am the Lord your God.” (NLT) Isaiah 43:2-3

    We know that following our Father's way will not guarantee us hard times. But the hard times will not defeat us. God will never leave us alone in the fight.

    Have a bless day Ate Sie :) *hugsssssssssssss*

  10. @ChaCha-thank you sissy for that made me smile..yes God will always be there..He allows these things to happen for a are you sissy..can you eat na?..get well soon ka ni ateh ;) *hugs*

  11. I can eat slowly ate sie but I think this will heal now, it has been a painful 7 days. hehe, I hope this will end soon. hehe. Thank you ate na love kita :) Smile parati and as always stay pretty.

  12. Sie - what a beautiful post. I admire your strength! How wonderful that you chose love over bitterness. Hugs to you...

  13. @ChaCha-hay naku get well soon fast you too sissy and stay pretty too..I know you are naman..oh blinking eyes ka oh hehehe..thank you sissy ha *hugs* ;)

  14. @Ann-hello is the way it should be Ms.Ann..I have to choose love and get over with my bitterness so I can survive and move on..I have every reason now to live..thank you for your visit Ms.Ann *hugs* ;)

  15. WONDER MOM!!!!!!!!!
    I thought of it too...
    the only constant is changes...
    and if that's life...
    BRING IT ON!!!!!!!! MOVE ON...
    wow nag rhyme....

  16. @Clai-hahaha..looks like you have moved on Clai..that's the spirit everyone should have..accept life, bring it on, and whatever it takes..move on..there will always be unplanned situations that will come Clai which brings unexpected changes in our lives..but it will always be our choice on how will we end up with it..thank you for visiting ;)

  17. You are a strong cookie Sie and I am proud of you that despite all that you have gone through, you have came a long way ahead.

    Like you have mentioned before - everything happens for a reason and sure to make us strong and sincere. Just like you, I have gone through so much but I learned to be strong and here I have not a perfect life but something that I have nothing to complain about. Take care Sie.

  18. @Nava K.-hello Ms.Nava..rightly said..I am now smiling thank you for your message..I don't have a perfect life too..and there is nothing I should complain about..thank you Ms.Nava *hugs* ;)

  19. eeeeeeeee...ako yan oh! tago pa ako, eh ba't huli mo ko agad?

    this is a haba post but i basa it til the huli. I am a warrior rin! A tapang a baby uha uha uha! hihihi..ako robinhoon eh!..why you iyak2? sipon oh! yucker! hahaha!

    Me makata 'coz nosebleed ingles na!

  20. I'm so sorry to hear what you had been through. Every time I read your posts, I can see an amazing strength in you which keeps you going. That's the quality which we should have to keep us moving forward.

  21. @Beany- I know it is a long post..thank you for reading..your asking why? I caught him that fast?..because I don't have to search for anyone anymore..I know he is the right one for me..wherever he matter how far he will always find it's way to bring us together again..

    I won't let anyone or anything come between us..that's how I love my iyakin talaga ako eh..

    kunin na nila ang lahat sa akin wag lang ang aking mahal ;(

  22. @Beany-xensya kids are playing plants and zombies hehehe.

  23. @Balqis-thank you Balqis for your kind words..honestly every word on my is also speaking to me..huh it is tough but I have to convince myself that I can make it through..I have to hold on sis no matter what.

  24. Apart for being a brilliant example for women, you are also a brilliant example for mothers and believers. You cry sometime maybe but your cries heal you and then you stand up with a big smile and ready to enjoy each second of life. When I read you I can see you.
    You are right you may not have the career, the high profile job but your heart is full of love and what you give to your children is Gold, the most precious gift.

    As Mother Theresa said:
    “I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much.”

    Sweet dreams Sie.....xxxxxxxxx

  25. I feel like I've just walked into a beautiful, emotional journey ... this happens often when I come to visit you :) Maybe it's because you really understand me and I see images of myself reflected in you :)

    I cried when I listened to the song and it's a beauty as always! Thank you once more for introducing me to quality music I've never experienced until now :) "Even winners can get wounded in the fight" ~ WoW! That is so true and really hit home with me!

    "My relatives and friends would always say I am a strong person because if they would have been in my situation now..They would have gone insane or committed suicide."

    I definitely can relate to this also, because I've been told the same thing! *BIG smiles* I do believe that our unplanned journeys in life are for a reason and in spite of them, we do become stronger and more beautiful human beings, just like ♥ YOU ♥ !

    You are a courageous and beautiful survivor, Ms. Sie. There are wonderful rewards in store for you, dear :) *love and hugs 2 U always!*

  26. @Marie Harmony-thank you so much sis..I need a really big hug now..I just want somebody to comfort me what Mother Theresa said yes Marie..God won't give me anything that I can't handle..huh oh..breath in breath out I can do this..I just have to hold on sis Marie..I have many reasons to go on with my you sis and thank you for being there..if I can have a sister I wanted it to be you *hugs*

  27. dud morning!! *blink blink*
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  28. @Lady Fiona-I always love your words Ms.Fiona when you come here..the first time I visited your site I know you can be trusted and be my friend..I have this connection with you..I don't know why but I really felt every word that you have written touched my life..God can really send angels in our midst to guide are one of them Lady Fiona..

    Now you have just said you can relate on my post because you have went through it..It is not by accident Lady Fiona that you and I have met..

    Though we have met only are one of those persons who have touched my heart..thank you for your words of wisdom Lady Fiona..I am more than blessed to have known you.. thank you so much *hugs* ;)

  29. @Beany- G☺☺d morning too..*blink blink*..♥♥♥

  30. Ohh, Ms. Sie! It's been such an emotional day but one of many HAPPY tears and you are a LARGE contributor to that and I can't thank you enough for all of your kind words and honoring me with such a *SPECIAL* award ~ WoW! I am blessed and overjoyed beyond words!!!

    I have felt this connection to you also since the very first time you stumbled into my blog! I just knew I had met a VERY special angel in you!

    I have been blessed with these types of unions on several occasions via the internet and you are definitely right, it isn't an accident. There is a reason that 'Someone' intersects our paths ;)

    The "Letter to a Friend" poem that is currently on my blog was penned before I met you but it was written to someone as special as you are :) She helped my faith from fraying (as mentioned in the poem). I struggle with this a lot and when I come here, I feel like you do the very same for me. You make me believe and want to hold on to that faith that is eager to fray.

    I will display your special gift on my blog with much pride and ohh, by the way, it's one of the most BEAUTIFUL awards I've seen on blogger! Well of course it has to be ~ YOU created it ;)

    Thank you for being you and for always touching my heart! *Hugs x 100* to you :) ♥

    P.S. ~ I'm gazing up at the good morning greetings between you and Beany and smiling!!! Thank you for making my day so special ~ now I will have sweet dreams for sure. See you soon, my angel :) x0x

  31. Beautiful piece, Sie. Written by a truly tough lady but a gentle soul for Christ. Blessings to you and your children.

  32. hi sie, i was on the way to meet you here and i saw Quiet Angle.I told him, that a noble man would prefer a noble lady.. and he said he has found you.
    Then i ask him what are his plans...
    He said he will let you know that you are such a noble and dainty lady, not deserving of being hurt by idiots... :) and i agree with him. cheers...

  33. @Lady Fiona-your welcome have no idea how your every word has touched my have occupied a special part in my heart Ms.Fiona..I will forever cherish having a true friend like you..thank you again and I am so glad you received the most simple gift I can give to a woman who is worth of honor and praise..oh Beany hehehe..sssshhhh..*hugs hugs* ;) God bless you Lady Fiona..I'll always be waiting for your next post ;)

  34. @Ellen-hello Ms.Ellen..yes I am proud to say Ms.Ellen I am tough because I am still standing after all that I have been through but deep inside I am weak..without God I can't have this strength to go on and move on with my life.Thank you for visiting Ms.Ellen ;)

  35. @cooking you have met that most handsome guy around the block hehehe..yes he is a noble man and a gentle man Wan..don't worry I won't let anybody trample on me again. I will never let any man destroy my self worth and value again..and no one can hurt my kids..I will hurt them for sure..

    thank you so much for your visit Wan *hugs* ;)

  36. hey Sie <3
    Omg, I love your post. Your a strong woman! =) And I like the person who you are, very warm, strong...I hope things go the way you plan in the future, hold on, God loves the patient ones, this is what I keep telling myself. I love you sis <3
    Take care<3

  37. @Black Pearl-hello sis Dana..I was are you?..Yes sis God will soon give the desires of our hearts..I just have to hold to have this fighting spirit inside me to be able to hold you sis and take care ok ;)

  38. Dear Sie, there is always a reason behind the challenges. just face it with your head up and most important that I always believe.... Don't self pity! just move on and solve it one by one... everyone had gone through a tough life! Be happy and move on...thats life!

  39. @CindyRina-hello Rina..yes you are so right..accept life as it comes..thank you for your visit Rina ;)

  40. life is always full of surprises, we ought to be ready for the good and bad, sometimes it will really make us weak and sad but bear in mind that after the rain there's a rainbow :)

  41. @Joy-hello po Ms.Joy..namiss ko po kayo..yes life is full of surprises po..and we have no choice but to accept it as it happens..I am really getting weak Ms.Joy..but my kids needs me i have to hold on..soon I know I know all of these pains will kids and I will soon have a happy family..thank you po for visiting ;)

  42. Sie, Breath and remember your heart beats next to mine always. Time and distance are just concepts. We are never far, love brings us closer. Trust in God he is the one who knows............and imagine the happiness we'll all share together one day!
    Love you.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  43. @Marie Harmony-yes sis time and distance are just concepts..I will always take note of that..I just love quiet angel so much Marie..and I have fears..I am having heart pains lately..if I could only ask God to heal me now..I am praying for it..but it keeps on going back..I want to see and be with my future family you sis..*hugssssssssssss*

  44. You are such a strong woman, an inspiration to us all!

  45. @Andreea-yes sis I should be for my kids..I am also weak inside..and I usually cry when I am alone in my room when my kids are sleeping..I have no choice but to encourage and convince myself that i will make it..thank you sis for visiting *hugs* ;)

  46. Sie passing by to check how you are and sending much love! Look after yourself my sweet and dear friend. You and your little ones are in my thoughts, may God protect you and gives you many more mornings to enjoy. xxxxxxxx

  47. @Marie Harmony-I am ok now sis..I limited my time on blogger..I have to rest sis..thank you for always being there you ;)


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