Friday, November 25, 2011

~A Love that Won't Let Go♥

"If Your Love Is All I Had In This Life, That Would Be Enough For The Rest Of My Life"

Each of us wanted to be with someone who we can be with for the rest of our lives. That’s the main reason why I never flirted with any guy. I have always looked at myself and wished to have someone beside me not just for a temporary time but to be with forever.

Giving your love to someone can carry a lot of fears and the risk of being hurt again. Starting again in another relationship gave me fears and insecurities. But I have proven that all of these reasons won’t matter much as long as you are investing your love with the right person.

I went through a failed relationship but this didn’t stop me to believe that true love does exist. I have always believed that everybody deserves a second chance. 

My painful experience didn’t give me any reason to Stop Believing but Learning to Give All My Love and Trust MORE to someone who deserves all my service and love.

My grandpa had a brain damage last year. But their endless love for each other remained. My grandma has always been their taking care of him and giving all the love he needed. Holding my grandpa’s hand, cleaning him up and giving his food.

I have always looked up and appreciated those relationships that have been tested but lasted for years. I have always envied those couples that have grown old but their love has not withered and faded through the years.

One of my dreams in life is to have a partner for the rest of my life. To have someone beside me still loving me even when my beauty faded and when my hair turned white. Someone who will still hold my hand even if it is wrinkled and weak. Both of us walking along the beach and just enjoying the simple moment together.

Both of us sitting together looking at the old photographs, memories that we have spent years ago but it just seemed as yesterday that passed by. That same smile that captured my heart and dazzled my eyes every single day. 

Gracefully walking with him in my journey. Loving him always even till the day I have to go

  I wanna grow old with you
I wanna die lying in your arms
I wanna grow old with you 

I wanna be looking in your eyes
I wanna be there for you
Sharing everything you do
I wanna grow old with you

A thousand miles between us now
It causes me to wonder how
Our love tonight remains so strong
It makes our risk right all along


  1. Beautiful post!! It really touched my heart xxx
    I too dream of someone who I will grow old with (like in the notebook) have you seen that? May God give us both this dream. So much love xxxx

  2. *peeping*

    i wanna make you smile whenever you're sad, carry you around when your heart aches bad..
    all i wanna grow old with you..

    this is a different song huh? *blink blink*
    it tells the same too.. i just can sing better with my song, and my guitar..hmp!

  3. @Bonnie-hello Bonnie..I haven't seen it yet..I'll search for it..Yes may God grant the desires of our hearts Bonnie..thank you for visiting..*hugs* ;)

  4. @Beany-hahaha..hala your so fast..Yes I heard you singing it many times and you go yeah yeah hehehe..let me continue your song:

    I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
    Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
    All I wanna do is grow old with you

    I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
    Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
    Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

    wahhhhhh..arthritis is bad..the right lyrics for my post hahaha..

    I want to hear that song again so prepare..though I know you really sing well ♥♥♥

  5. but you don't have arthritis..heart aches nman ah! hmp!

    i'll get you katinko when your tummy aches
    emergency light is on when it's brown out
    oh it could be so nice growing old with you..

    i'll kiss you..mwah mwah mwah..
    miss you...hmmmmmmmmmm...
    give you my kumot when it is cold..
    need you..feed you (chocoweyts oh ubos na!)
    even let you hold the remote..(eeeee hold lng ha...bubble gang na eh)

    hihihi..*wiggle wiggle*

  6. yay! I wanna have that someone too. Still, I have no idea what the future holds for us but as long as he loves me, I will hold on to him. Stay inlove and pretty my lovely sissy. *hugs hugs hugs*

  7. Very nicely said. If you haven't already found the love of your life I hope you will soon. I too look for that special someone to share life with.

  8. @Beany-hahaha..ay yes..friday..bubble gang nga hahaha..let's sing together I also have my own version weeeeee :

    I'll miss you, kiss you,mwah mwah mwah
    Give you my Tight Hug when you are cold.
    Need you, feed you ( select on my menu lists hehehe)
    Even let you hold My Hand With the remote control.(ok you win let's watch GMA 7 hahaha)

    So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink.(serve and cook your food all my life)

    Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink.(wahhhhhhhhh..don't drink too much liquor hmp)
    Oh I could be the woman,
    Yes I am yeah yeah ♥

    Who grows old with you.

    I wanna grow old with you.

    * I can also do laundry and iron clothes very well..while wiggling hahaha ;) *

  9. @Chacha-weeeeee..very well said long as love is there..our future with our special someone will remain ok..we can't say until when will a relationship last but as long as true love is being taken cared of and both of you are holding on..nothing and no one can hinder true love..thank you for your visit sissy *hugs hugs* ;)

  10. @Suzy-hello Ms.Suzy *waving hand*..he found me weeeee..both of us are so happy having each other ..thank you for your visit Ms.Suzy ;)

  11. May all your wishes be granted! You have found a quiet angel. I like to see loving couples who are always together since the first day they fell in love till they grow old. So wonderful!

  12. @Balqis-thank you Balqis..yes I also smile when I see couples still in love even when so many years has passed by..being in-love, having that same smile and passion from the day they first met..being with your true love is really wonderful..thank you for your visit ;)

  13. The right relationship is hard to find!

    Sorry to hear about your grandpa. Sounds like your grandmother is a huge support to him though.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. @Lisa-hello Ms.Lisa..yes I really miss my grandpa..I am really amazed on how my grandma has always been there taking care of him everyday..they are still in-love regardless of how many years has passed by. Thank you for visiting my site too Ms.Lisa ;)

  15. Failing once does not mean you will fail again. Its about not giving up and take my word that you will find that person in your life.

    Just to share with you Sie that I failed before in my personal relationship but today am married to the most adorable man in life who loves me to the max.

  16. now that's what they call... "till death do us part"....♥♥♥♥♥

  17. Ohh, my dear ~Angel*♥*Sie~ (may I call you that? *smiles*), what a heartwarming post this is! As usual, I LOVE the song but I think I enjoyed the additional lyrics that you and Quiet Angel created even more and loved the humour! ;) I can see both of you growing old together in the way you have always imagined, sweetie!

    So sorry to hear about your grandfather's health :( but very glad to know that your grandmother personifies the eternal love we all dream of, by remaining at his side through good and bad :)
    *Hugs* to you, sweet angel ♥ LOVED this post, as always!

  18. @Nava K.- weeeeee.. I love it when you's about not giving up and finding that person in your life..weeeeee..quiet angel found me Ms.Nava..and yes he is the one I want to be with for the rest of my life..we will both love each other to the Max hehehe..I'm glad to are so in-love with your hubby and he gives you all the love you deserve Ms.Nava..God bless you and stay happy always ;) thank you for your visit ;)

  19. @Clai-hello Clai..yes it is Clai..soon the best guy will come..the right guy for you is beautiful because we are toink hahaha ;) thank you for your visit sis ;)

  20. @Lady Fiona-*shy* can all me whatever you like is actually a song with the same title Ms.Fiona..I wanna grow old with you by Adam Sandler..but we changed some of the lyrics weeeeee ♥it is a song quiet angel loves to sing hhehehe..and he usually sings it with yeah yeah at the end of it..quiet angel laughs and giggles..both of us clicked because we are like kids just laughing, singing and just enjoying every single moment that we have now..♥

    It is really an unexplainable feeling Ms.Fiona..honestly I have never felt like this before..entering into a relationship with the right reasons..because you just love him and you are willing to do everything, adjust things just to be with him, giving all my love and trust..which I have never done it before..just giving and not hiding anything, trusting him so much..true love..yes it is ;)

    thank you for visiting me again Lady Fiona..8hugs hugs hugs* ;)

  21. Sie ~ what a lovely post and I wish you the exact same thing! I was lucky enough to marry a wonderful man almost 30 years ago and he still makes my heart beat faster....I love him more than the day I married him. ....and we have been through thick and thin!'s my fondest wish that you have that, too. I'm so happy that you're open to love like that and I suspect it will sneak up on you when you least expect it!

  22. @Ann-hello 30 years..oh he is really blessed having you Ms.Ann..a good cook and a loving wife..I really love going to your site Ms.Ann..yes I have him now Ms.Ann..he is there oh hehehe..thank you for your visit Ms.Ann ;)

  23. you deserve to be happy Sie :) surely you will grow old with your soul mate :)

    "i wanna grow old with you" - that is waht i always whisper to my hubby, hihi

  24. Love is enough and when you find it you'd better keep it tight, cherish every moment and share this love every day. I am happy you have found your quiet angel Sie, you deserve this Love, a Love size XXL.
    I always smile when I see old people holding hands or smiling to each other, their love endured times and challenges, struggles and pains. I am happy to see my dad at my mum's side after the sickness, the depression, my grandad death. At some stage my mum was like a shadow, but he was always there, holding her hand and when he kiss her sometime, I feel I am blessed because I have an amazing model of love in front of me.
    Be happy Sie, be in Love always.............MY dear friend and sister from the other side of the world. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. @Joy-hello Ms.Joy..I really miss you po sobra..hug ko po kayo hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..yes po Ms.Joy and I will be smiling with him..he will be beside me and my kids moving on to my journey I won't be alone na I have every reason to hold on to the life that God has given you Ms.Joy ;)

  26. @Marie Harmony-hello sis Marie..I have tears oh..I just have this feeling of missing him everyday sis..I also hope and pray that both of us will have our special someone till we grow old..loving us wholeheartedly as if it was the first time we felt in-love with them..I am happy Marie..God actually has taught me many things with my relationship with quiet angel..true love, waiting patiently, hope, understanding,faithfulness, respect and trust..I am holding on to our love because I know soon it will become reality sis..

    Love you sis Marie..thank you for being my sister ;) *hugs hugs*

  27. hi Sie, you are indeed funny, i like your sense of humor.. am thinking of a way as how you can do a guest post for me..i mean you and beanizer in one post...cos i like the way he respond to your words and you both write very well...

    what i like to have is Foodie jokes..can you both make it first class, a 5 star post.. with some photos..
    wiggle wiggle ( i like that too) blibk blink ,after 50 post,i have improves and after 100, i sure wanna go for better n better.
    Theme- Foodie talk between two lovers madly in love (something like that) can you please convey this beanizer please.. have a nive day

  28. Your post melt my heart like all your beautiful posts. You are a beautiful person who keeps on spreading love with her posts! Have a wonderful day!

  29. It's all written here:) Lovely and touching post ever again sis, love that won't let go.. Wishing both of you happiness till the end sis.:)

    May God bless both of you!:)A wonderful Sunday!:)

  30. john lennon said, all u need is love.

    nice one. keep it up :)

  31. @cooking varieties-oh you mean Wan Beany's comment and my reply..oh it is actually a song we just edited it to make it a bit funny hehehe..ok I'll tell him Wan..I'll mail you as soon as I talk to him ok..thank you for your visit ;)

  32. @Andreea-hello are you?..thank you for your kind words Andreea..that's what I feel inside so everyone who reads my post feel the same love love..thank you for visiting Andreea ;)

  33. @Sagitarrian-hehehe..ate nothing to add more na ba..enjoy your is cold so I know you are missing are smiling oh..thank you ate ;)

  34. Your thoughts are so beautiful, that I can't imagine life not giving you what you truly want..Wish you all the best...

    And why only second chances...Life can give an many chances as we want...we should just have faith and courage. :)

  35. Beautiful post!! And what a perfect song!!

  36. @Kunal- life maybe unfair at times but God has His own purpose why we should go through such test.What i am talking about is Love..because I have decided to love quiet angel with my whole heart and he would be the last man I will be giving my heart to.

  37. @a mommy's lifestyle-hello..thank you for your visit and welcome to my site..I'll visit your site now ;)

  38. A love that lasts a lifetime... May you have what you are praying for. I believe you will.. :)

  39. @Divina Joy-hello sis..thank you sis..yes I also believe I will and you will be invited on our most special day..ay layo pa yun hahaha..thank you sis for visiting *hugs* :)

  40. Hey Sie,
    oh...I was going to cry....but I held it for some reason..think I got, What a wonderful post! So cute..I wish to have someone to love me forever, never let me go...ah day dreaming again, yeah...=)

  41. @Black Pearl-hello sis Dana..and I miss you's ok to cry and day dream..I have lots of dreams and one of them is this..for quiet angel and I to be together forever..look how we sing up there oh hehehe..sending you hugs and lots of smiles ;)..take care always ok ;)

  42. You're right Sie. We should never stop believing that one day, true love with come. You and I deserve it. Good luck to you Sie.

  43. @Pepperific Life-hello peps..yes we shouldn't stop hoping and believing Peps on true is the only reason so we can have our relationships last..thank you Peps..Good luck to you too ;)

  44. I wish the same... to grow old with my love one. mmmmm.... finding a soul-mate is so difficult nowadays...Big sigh!

  45. Hi Sie,

    First time visitor, I was just looking for some interesting posts and I got stumbled on this one. Now, this one should be appropriate for me and my partner since we would our 1st anniv sooner. YOU SHOULD WATCH THE LOVE STORY OF ALLIE AND NOAH (The Notebook)! Highly recommended.

  46. So lovely and wonderful post. I really loved it. God bless always!

  47. @Cathie-hello are you? thank you for your visit sis..I know you are busy..thank you for having time to visit me..*hugs* ;)

  48. @Cindy Rina-hello Rina..your right but I believe he will come Rina..maybe he just there waiting for you hehehe..thank you for your visit ;)

  49. @Kid-they say it is a good movie..I will watch it with my hon..thank you..

  50. we should have faith and be patient till we meet the right one, right? :) and im still waiting patiently here.


  51. @Fish-I have met the right one and I am so blessed having him..thank you for your visit Fish ;)

  52. Really beautiful Sie!! Being in love is such a wonderful feeling, isn't it. I haven't been in years but I sure do remember. :)

  53. Sie - I forgot to mention that I have had a friend request in to you on - but I guess you haven't seen it.

  54. @Louise Hernan-hello Ms.Louise..yes it is a wonderful feeling Ms.Louise most specially when you are loved in return..

    oh ok Ms.Louise I'll check it now..I am not an active member anymore..I barely go there..but I'll sign in just for you..thank you for your visit Ms. Louise ;)

  55. Aww... this is so romantic... You must be very in love... I wish you all the best...
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my post...
    I'm guessing you're related to sir and ma'am Agustin coz they're the only couple in the ECE department...
    And I'm not sure about the Lychees coz I haven't been to the market yet...
    You should come up for the holidays... or for Panagbenga on February...


  56. @White witch-yes I am Heide it is not them Heide hehehe..both of my aunt is a teacher of Chemistry in the Engineering department hehehe..ay I won't make it Heide my daughter has classes on Jan.3 so my parents decided to come here..oh yes Panagbenga is coming..lots of guests again and traffic wahahaha..your welcome Heide..thank you for visiting me again..on my next post you will finally know the real me..most of my old friends here know my story life is actually an open can read my sentiments on my previous post if you have time..anyways..standby for an announcement maybe early next week hehehe ;) gudnyt ;)


─═☆☆═─ Thank You So Much For Your Time 。◕‿◕。


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