Friday, November 19, 2010

My true self

I just could not sleep this night. I was crying in a corner of our sala while writing to you this short article.

I was just feeling so alone and fearful right now. It is so hard to be strong if your life has always been with a time frame. I have a heart ailment and I had experienced several attacks already. I had experienced fainting and I just thank God that I have survived those attacks.

Sometimes I felt so down and now I feel alone and broken. I was always saying to myself “Be strong Sie, be strong for your kids and for those people who loves you.”

But how can I be strong if I physically and emotionally feel so weak and I always battle with time? 

Maybe this is one of the reasons why I always treat each day like it was my last.I always give my heart,love and my ALL to every person who loves me.If one day I'll go then I won't regret leaving the life I am in now because I know deep inside me I have showed the BEST of my Love to each person who loved me.

If I could have just one wish that is for the Lord to give me strength to go on and move on with this journey of life that He has given me. To give me more time to stay and finish this road of life that I am going through now.

I just wish that someday I could say I have passed the test and that someday I would see that silver lining, a light of hope at the end of the tunnel that I am into now.

Love you friends and Thank You…


  1. i love you too my dear sister sie.... really live ur now as if its the last. be happy. keep on loving and finding strength from the people u love u.. esp ur kids. ull surpass all that. god knows what u need wat u want and how to make u happy. i wish u good health.. and PEACE OF MIND.

  2. The Lord is your strength. BE STRONDG


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