Saturday, November 20, 2010

True meaning of Love

I just love this song by The Carpenters. It just explains the true meaning of love for me. When you love someone there is a big difference between changing yourself so as not to ruin the relationship AND trying to change someone to fit her to whom you would like her to be.

All of us have our own ideal partners in life. But in every relationship we must not only commit ourselves in growing as a couple. I do believe that even as partners each and one of you has your own individuality.

In every relationship it would be best like what the song says to “Love me for what I am for simply being me, don’t love me for what you intend or hope what I would be.” We have also to commit ourselves in maintaining our separate identities and a commitment to grow as individuals.

The song says “If you are only loving me to feed your fantasy, your really not in love so let me go.” It is right because in every relationship it would be hard to be in it if you are always pretending not to be the real you.

It is not hard to change if you have an attitude that needs to be change so as not to ruin the relationship but if the person already dictates and tries to change the real you, always says harsh words and looks in everything that you do is wrong then that is not love anymore, it is being self centered.


  1. nice post Ms.sie but unfortunately there r many self centered people these days :(....

  2. *blink blink*

    i know the song..but please sing it for me? *puppy eyes*

    all true..true love doesn't change you into a different person..rather it makes you a BETTER individual. We love people not because they are the ideal partners we ever wanted, we simply love them 'coz WITH THEM WE FEEL COMPLETED and CONTENTED..or that thing we refer to "UNDEFINED HAPPINESS"..*giggles*..*daydreaming*

  3. @Sudhi- I agree Sudhi so we should be careful in every person that we meet even with our friends...

    @Ate bulek-I miss you to ate mwah...

    @Beanizer-Well said beany...I should have placed that and added it up to my short post.

    Thanks beany...sing the song for you? nah you are better or duet? Let sing it both it would be better...

    Get well soon ok...*whispering* your special someone will be worrying and she will get sick also...hala so be strong and take care of yourself...So BOTH of you as what you you have said will have REAL LIFE "UNDEFINED HAPPINESS" *blink blink*

  4. Lyn, I have never heard that Carpenter's song...I'm so glad you are feeling strong in your decision to move forward. This song is like YOUR theme song right now. You are FREE..and beautiful!


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