Wednesday, June 1, 2011

..the Joy Of Giving**

 “Don’t go through life as a taker,become a giver.”

I was reading last night a book about our life’s journey.It was an amazing story about a set of twins who was newly born. One of them had been born with a serious heart condition and wasn’t expected to live. A few days went by and the baby continued to deteriorate and she was close to death.

It was against hospital rules to put two babies inside the same incubator together. A hospital  nurse convinced the doctors to allow the twins to be placed side by side in the same incubator, just as they had been in their mother’s womb.

The healthy baby managed to reach over and put his arm around his little sick sister.For no apparent reason her heart began to stabilize and heal.Her blood pressure came up to normal.Little by little she got better, and today they are both perfectly healthy children.

As I was reading the story I realized that some point in our lives we have been self-centered.We tend to focus on our problems,our own wants and needs.We are always saying I have no time,I am busy. What can I get from you in return of my favors?.We failed to see those people around us who have always been there when we needed them.

How long does it take to give somebody a compliment? How long does it take us to tell someone “Thank You” and appreciate something that he did? How long would it take for us to say to someone ,"I love You”? or even to give a smile for a job well done?

Everyday let us wake up and say I will be happy and make someone happy today.We have so much to give, so much to offer.It is also not enough to think and give kind compliments, we need to express them. “Love is not love until you give it away.”

Somebody needs our love.Somebody needs our touch.Someone needs our time.Someone needs our hug.Someone needs a pat on his shoulder or a smile.We may not realize it,but there is healing in our hug and in our simple ways.There is healing in our voice and on the way we make people feel how important they are.

We may not know but giving a small amount of time for others can change one’s life.A simple hug, or listening to one's troubles or making someone feel loved can and would heal, bring hope and save one’s life.

 To My Kids and my Quiet Angel : These past few weeks I have been stressed and weak but you have always been in my heart...although I may not give you time as much as thing will always remain...You will always be the Most Important and Special Persons in my Life... :) 

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expected to give


  1. Thank you a lot, Sie, for this wonderful post. There are many things to learn in this life. The art of giving is one of them. We don't go poorer when we give our love, attention and care to those who deserve them. Actually, it enriches our lives when we let love grows.

  2. The post and song was touching.I had tears 'coz I remembered and I miss Bianca.I was too busy working and I regret not giving her more of my time when she was still alive.Now she is gone and I can't bring back time.If I can turn back time I will.

    Sie and quiet angel this thought has always been with me: "YOU WILL KNOW HOW IMPORTANT A PERSON IS WHEN SHE IS GONE", so DO what YOU can do NOW till there is time.

  3. You really know how to touch our hearts Sie.I was reading every word and it gave me a smile.All you have said is true.You have chosen beautiful pictures, a good song and so with the video.All I want to do is read it again and again.

    All of us need SOMEONE, we were created not to be alone.If you have found the one who will take care of your heart then don't let go.Give all your love and time.

    Lance is right.I have the same sentiments like him.Do it now before it is too late.

    Those three angels are very cute and cuddly like your three angels now and triplets in the future.

    Spread love to everyone!

  4. @Balqis-Thank You Balqis.Yes, I agree it won't make as poorer and make us less.It is like saying "it is not wrong to give all our love and our everything to those who deserve it" :)

  5. @Lance-Thank You Lance for sharing your story..I am sure Bianca felt your love and how you made her special..Quiet angel and I also miss Bianca..

    @Evelyn-Thank You Grandma.I won't let go grandma and the real thing it was hard for me to find the right pix but it's worth it po :)

    Yes, the three of them are my angels and they are the ones who gave me strength.They hold the strings of my life :)

  6. wow i can really say that you are so full of wisdom. thanks for making me think of something about life rather than what i dont have.

  7. God uses people to show them how He loves them.We must believe in miracles because it does happen.We may not see it now because those people that were chosen to give love, hope and heal stopped believing.

  8. @Strawberry-thank you for visiting again strawberry :)

    Naku po I am not full of wisdom po.I am inspired to write because of the love that I have now from my kids and my quiet angel.As I have said every experience that we have no matter how happy or painful it is has a lesson behind so why not share it and be a testimony for others to learn..I hope :)

    @David-Thank You Sir for reading my post again..I do believe in miracles Sir David and it is true God created us His people to give His love to those people in need :)

  9. The post is beautiful like the writer. Very well said. We must be aware of the goodness of others and give value even to the most simple things and common people we meet every day. A simple gesture can make a day complete.

    Your quiet angel knows how to make his day complete--reminding him of your presence makes his every day important to live :)

  10. @Beany - ...*wipe my tears*...

    Each day of my life is and will always be complete because my kids and my quiet angel have taught me how to love unconditionally.

    The smile and hug of my kids gives me one of the reasons to wake up every morning :)

    My quiet angel holds the most important part of my life--my heart.

    He has no idea how he has touched my life.For me God has given one of His miracles. He has given the missing piece of my life and now I am complete because he has given me--My Quiet Angel--

  11. water is flowing from your eyes ms. sie
    *kissing ms. sie's tears*

    *singing w/ action*
    who knows where we'll go..what will tomowow bwing..but we have each other just howd on tight *hugging ms. sie*..we can take to the sky..and faaaaaaaaaaiiiii..(i told you i'm peter pan)

  12. @Beany--I know your peter pan and batman and secret weeeeee :) so I am wendy then hahaha..your so cute *hugging Beany hmmmmmm..*

    ay what water flowing from my eyes hmp..those are tears ano..tears of joy :0

  13. This post is beautiful. I love it. Every word pierced through my heart. You a a very good writer.

  14. @Divina Joy- Hello Divina *waving hand*..Thank you so much for reading..I am smiling because I have done one of my purpose in reach people and let them see the happiness of life..whatever situation we are in :)

  15. Wow..what an inspiring story Sie. So glad you were able to share it here in your blog. I was amazed on how the twins showed love to each other even for the little lives that they've just newly acquired.

  16. @Evalyn-Thank you Evalyn for visiting..Yes, it is and may all of us learn from their story :)

  17. thank you for sharing, this was so heartwarming. a great reminder too :)

  18. @fashioneggplant-thank you for passing by and reading my post :)

  19. Such a darling post. Those words are so simple, yet sometimes so hard to say. I'll be saying thank you and i love you ALOT more today. Thank you!!


  20. @Alisha- thank you for visiting :)

  21. this is a very wonderful post Sie!

    thank you for always visiting me :) am now your 55th GFC follower :)

    keep on posting!

  22. @Ms.Joy-Your welcome po Ms.Joy.Your blog is so informative most specially for mom's like me.Thank you po :)

  23. such inspiring words! it's really true, simple acts may mean a lot for someone. thanks so much for the wonderful comment on my post too! have a happy week!

  24. @Pinx-your welcome Pinx.Each of us can make someone feel loved in our own simple ways.Thank you for reading :)

  25. Dearest Sie

    I'm so sorry that you had a stressful week.
    Sounds like life has been tough
    Hope everything's better for you now.

    Whatever it is, if you're feeling down and out,
    I'm sure the meaningful moments with your
    beloved angels makes life worth living.

    Your post is so selfless and inspiring.
    Thank you for reminding us on what it truly
    means to "live"

    Wishing you strength and better days ahead.
    * Hugs *

  26. What a BEAUTIFUL post! You are amazing, Sie!! I'm finally catching up in here.

  27. wow Ms.sie such a wonderful post i wish i had a twin brother too :( hard luck... Ms.sie any thoughts of becoming a writer???

  28. @ Yam- Yes, Yam I will do my assignment po :) Thank You..

    @Bear Wife- Thank You Bear Wife and I still have a smile on my face remembering those pix you had in Thailand..I am well now..

  29. @ Ms. Jill - hahaha..Ms. Jill when I opened my site I was smiling because it marked 7 comments..when I opened it the 4 comments came from you and I said yehey Ms. Jill and Sudhi..I miss you both Love you love you ms. Jill :)

    @Sudhi-Thank You Sudhi..I have no thoughts of becoming one Sudhi..making people smile and for them to learn something from my life's story is more than enough..My quiet angel is a better writer than me :)


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