Wednesday, August 31, 2011

**Stepping stones..

It is the rough time of our lives that we find out what we’re really made of. The pressure exposes things-our fears that we need to face, wrong attitudes and motives and areas that needs change. As odd as it may seem, struggles in our lives can be our stepping stones for advancement.

 Certainly, none of us enjoy going through struggles, and adversities in life, but we have to understand that our struggles no matter how painful it is may be an opportunity for our advancement. There will be a lot of times when people and circumstances will walk into our path but each of them happens for a reason and usually to make us learn and grow.

A great deal of market for codfish existed all over America but there was always a major problem on distribution. At first the fish was frozen and shipped all across the country. But for some reason, when it reaches its destination the codfish lost its fresh seawater taste and sweetness. One day, somebody suggested to put some catfish in the tank with the codfish. Catfish are a natural enemy of codfish, so as the tank traveled, the codfish has to stay alert and be active and always be on guard. When the tank arrived at it’s destination, the codfish was as fresh and tasty as they were at first catch.

 Like that catfish, sometimes our struggles in life are dropped in our paths for a reason.
Most of the times adversity comes in our way to challenge us, strengthen and expose the true and real us. It is there in a way to push us to be our best.

  Without resistance, there is no potential for progress. Without the resistance of air, an eagle can’t soar. Without the resistance of gravity we can’t even walk.

 Sometimes people just come and hurt you and leave you so depressed but this same situation have helped you to be strong, to grow, and Be Ready For The Person You Really Deserve To Have.

 When we have been depressed of our past always remember: Our Lord gave you those lips to Smile on His every “Yes” because He knows It Is Best For Us..He created those Tears to cry to Him when He says “No”..because only Him knows What Is Best..and He gave us those Hands to Hold on when He says “Wait”.. because He is still preparing the Best for us.

 On our Life’s Journey..There are No Shortcuts; All of us Go Through a Process. There is Never an Easy Way for Us to Mature and Grow. Often times it comes from our painful experiences but in the end it was purposely given for us to Learn and Be Ready For 

The Best!!!

***kindly watch the video :) ***

                                  Are you swimming upstream in oceans of blue?
                                           Do you feel like your sinking?
                             Are you sick of the rain after all you've been through?
                                        Well I know what you're thinking
                                                 When you can't take it
                                                     You can make it
                                          Well hang on and be strong !!!


  1. yay! 1st to comment
    im waiting for the best too
    ate sie...I always pray for that moment


  2. ooohhh... a very meaningful post..
    Thanks a lot for sharing...
    Loved it..!!!

  3. @Clai-hahaha..yes you are the first one Clai because you need it..I have left a comment on your site..God will give us the desires of our heart just hold on ok..he will come Clai :)

  4. @Madhulika-thank you for visiting sis..*HUGS huggssss* :)

  5. Sie you are so beautiful and great and you know this post comes just at the right time. Uplifting, Inspiring and a great reminder to always go through dark or cloudy times with a smile on our face, tears to release our pain and hands to pray and hold on.
    Should print all these beautiful messages and do an inspiring scrapbook for the future..........would love to give you a big hug right now......sending one, no 3 (one for each)


  6. Very inspiring! Loved both the post and video. I listened with closed eyes and soak up all the wordings. Really inspiring! :)

  7. Sie I love your philosophy about prayers... It really strengthens my faith in Allah(God)....
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  8. @Marie Harmony--hello Marie..yes it is I was writing my post I was telling myself..look Sie you are still on the process of God's workmanship..honestly I had a tear in my eyes..tears of joy..on my ordeals and struggles in life though it was painful God never left me Marie..He is always there..I am now on the path of change and maturity..He is preparing me for the Best :)

    *huggggsssss*..thank you so much Marie :)

  9. @Balqis-thank you so much Balqis..Yes the video is soooooo nice..I love the lyrics of the is really inspiring to hear those words most specially if you are going through tough times..thank you for visiting :)

  10. @Asma Khan-your welcome Asma..I really appreciate your visit..thank you for reading and leaving a comment :)

  11. hi sie, thank you for such a beautiful great reminder- Like that catfish, sometimes our struggles in life are dropped in our paths for a reason...
    yay yay i am glad i have gone through alot of what had been destined fro me to go through. hopefully all future adversities seems so light, that i am more matured physically and mentally-after going through exercises like past struggles and bad experiences


    visit MY BLOG

  13. Thanks for posting this Sie. I'm a bit down this time.

    By the way, I posted the award already. Thanks again.

  14. beautiful inspiring words you have shared and thanks so much for this.

  15. Dearest Sie- what a beautiful post. You are such an uplifting woman who has been through so many hard times only to come out smiling. Sending you BIG hugs. Love and blessings xx

  16. well said Sie...very inspiring post again especially nowadays that times are really hard.God bless.:-)

  17. @cooking varieties-hello Ms.Wan..your welcome and yes struggles in our lives have always served it's purpose and usually no matter how odd it may seem it is for our learning..for us to grow more and mature to be better individuals :)

  18. @Izdiher-hello Izzy welcome to my site..thank you and yes I will visit your site :)

  19. @Nava K.-hello Ms.Nava..thank you so much for visiting :)

  20. @Yannie- *huuugggsss*..why Yanz..visit you later..thank you so much for accepting my award..kaya mo yan ok :)

  21. @Bonnie-hello Bonnie..I miss you so much..I'm so glad your ok and your baby..I'm smiling look..thank you so much Bonnie for passing by..take care of yourself, love lots and send my hugs to your cute baby from me :)

  22. @Genny- thank you so much Genny..through hard times our faith is tested but I know we will always be winners at the end of every struggle because we are created to be winners and not whiners..we just have to hold on and believe we can :)

  23. ate sie..everything is opposite of what i was I started to learn and fixed my mind that I have to let him go...
    he came..and I cant hold onto myself..
    (faints) ba't gnun...
    he's very far but the feeling is so strong...
    its like magic...♥

  24. works in so many ways Clai..just cherish each day and every moment Clai..I am so happy for you..I have left a loooon nnnnnggg comment on your post weeeee..I can relate hahaha :)

  25. weee super ganda ng post ate sissy :) Despite all the struggle moments in my life I hold on to God. I believe he's with me and he'll never ever leave me. Thank you so much sissy for making this post. I felt like crying hehe. *kiss kiss*

  26. Hi Sie! thanks for the inspiring words. I was at my lowest point yesterday. Now I'm ok :)
    Hope all's well with you. Long time no hear... mwah!

  27. @ChaCha-*hugs* sissy..I missed you ha..busy ang sis ko hehehe..thank you for visiting po and you made me smile today oh :)

  28. @Pepper-hello Peps..your welcome..I'm glad your ok na..all of us go through our lowest times..but single moms were made to be is my daughter's exam Peps kaya naging busy ng konti..*hugs*


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