Monday, August 15, 2011

..keep smiling :)

"Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it"  

..look oh I am pretty Sie and I am prettier when I smile :)
 One of the healthiest things you can do is to learn to smile and laugh more often. A smile a day relaxes our whole system and will help us to stay healthy. Often times when we feel sad and depressed our body follows. When we are in a negative mood we suddenly feel weak and sick. I look like Beany when I have a wide grin hehehe..
  It is scientific fact that if we go through life in a negative frame of mind, worried, full of fear .Our immune system weakens, making us susceptible to sickness and disease. On the other hand, people who are happy and have a positive frame of mind has their immune system functioning on its peak performance. 

..yeah strike a pose..hellow mellow I am Balqis smiley or I can be  cutie Sudhi.. a sissy Chacha smile  ..
  I have been sad for these past few days and it shows on my previous post yesterday - a mother's last cry..but I got tired and said to myself enough of that sadness. There should be no room for condemnation and sadness in my life. I have been always down and crying in misery and now I got tired of it. My sadness is over and that chapter is over it is time for me to smile and believe for a better life ahead of us. It is time for positive vibes to set in. about this seductive smile..oh it belongs to Dai Ning,and  Marie or Asma or Aisha or Madhulika :)
 Let us all learn and stop being uptight and stressed out. Yes, some of you may say well it depends on the situation I am into. But have you realized. Will your sadness and negative thinking do anything?. It will only lead to more gloomy days and having a desperate life.

hahaha..Beany again when he was a baby or future quadruplets smile..
   Let us start having a victorious mentality in us. We may have been victims of someone’s brutality, rudeness or unfaithfulness, which have given us a reason to entertain these negative thoughts, but it won’t lead us anywhere. Make a conscious decision of smiling amidst of our difficulties in life and make a  decision to have a positive frame of mind.

..ehe Bear wife.Divine, Ms.Joy and Wan,Clai,Pepper,Pinx,Christine,Genny..this smile is for you with costume on boink boink..
As the saying goes.. “A merry heart does good like a medicine..And a cheerful mind works healing.” ..So we can say.. “A smile, a happy heart and a cheerful mind a day keeps the doctor away”..don’t let our circumstances steal our joy, let us start rejoicing and think that victory is coming our way.
..wiggle it..wiggle wiggle just a little bit :)


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Sie! I have been worrying about something since this morning. It's true what they say... it takes more muscles to frown :)

  2. hi sie, the first photo of the grumpy boy also looks cute. somehow i must say, ever since i visited your blog, i noticed you have a lot of beautiful and sharp, crisp photos in your collection.
    i do agree very much that " a smile" is the best medicine to kill anger.
    When a person is in a very angry state, i just tell that person to smile, surely after a few times telling, the person will tend to put on a smile of course. immediately upon smiling, the anger is gone.. tried this often, it works.. have a nice day sie...

  3. awwww lovely cute pics :) shooooooooooo sweet :) keep smiling dear like these little angels:) ::
    Our beloved Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]said:
    Even a Smile is Charity*:)

  4. @Ms.Pepper-naku sis..all of us go through sad times but as the song says..don't worry and be happy..everything will be alright sis :) *HUGS*

  5. @Aisha-thank you Aisha..nicely said..even a smile is a charity and it can make someone's day happy..thank you for visiting :)and keep smiling :)

  6. @cooking varieties-Hello Ms.Wan *waving hand* have said right Ms.Wan..I also do that and it works :)..have a nice day too Ms.Wan :)

  7. A nice post..!! Thanks for reminding about the small but important things in life...
    Keep smiling :) :)

  8. Thanks for the lovely reminder tha “A merry heart does good like a medicine..And a cheerful mind works healing.”
    now a days live moves so fast that we dont even get time to sit, think and be thankful to God..
    Lovely Post :)
    Keep Smiling :)

  9. Sie this time you made me smile, thanks for this, keep smiling always... Loads of Love :)
    May you have lots of happiness...
    Stay Blessed

  10. Definitely a good thing to smile, it changes our view on life too and help us understand that in every day we can find a bit of beauty. A smile can give so much and is an easy way to help another.
    Take care Sie and keep up the smile, it will show you a brand new world. xx

  11. @Madhulika-your and time has been so fast this days..a few months from now, another year will again end..but no matter how busy we are let us have time to relax and enjoy our lives..thank you Madhulika for always having time to pass by :)

  12. @Asma Khan-I have been crying for the past few days and I guess my tears are already tired and have given up because I have always been crying hehehe..*hugs*..thank you Asma..your presence always make me smile :) stay blessed and happy *blink*

  13. @Marie Harmony-weeeee..Marie you are here..sis you have said it right..I should have included your words on my post..thank you for reminding me..your right a smile can show me a brand new world..I will always keep that in mind..thank you so much *hugs*

  14. I'm here now smiling. :) Hehehe...I like that Balqis smiley!

    Like your post. :)

  15. @Balqis-yehey my sis is here..and you are smiling..always have that smile Balqis *blink blink* *huuuggggssss*

  16. Hi sissy.. naks!! Big grin po ang smile ko today :D there are a lot of reasons to smile and be happy and be merry..weeee advance merry christmas!! haha! Anyway, smiling also can help burn fats hehe, that's why I prefer smiling than frowning hehe..nagpapa slim po ako haha! muaah! Have a lovely day sissy pretty, beautiful and ever charming :)

  17. Hi Sie...thanks for the smile. My given day today must be a great one because of this post. And thanks for reminding us to always wear the smile.

    And this is for you :)

    Have a great day ahead!!!!!

  18. ???is that meee??? with two small teeth?? i am POGIer than that kid! hmp!
    and the other smiling while sleeping hehe, 'coz i got a vewy vewy beautiful dweaam..wanna know wanna know??? *blink blink*

    well yes! smile is the best therapy, but i don't give it to stwangers..but that first pic, that one i can give wholeheartedly to stwangers..

    i have a song fow you too..
    aheeeeeeem! *clears throat*
    you know i can't smile without you..i can't smile without you...
    i can't laugh and i can't sing..
    i'm finding it hard to do anything..
    you know i feel sad when you're sad
    i feel glad when you're glad..
    if you only knew what i'm going thru....
    i just can't smile without youuuuuuu *tulis nguso*

    *wide grin*

  19. @Chacha-hahaha..sissy and you made me laugh..ah eh smiling can burn fats..maybe when you are smiling while doing aerobics wahhhhhh..oo nga Christmas is near sissy..time has been so fast..thank you sis and have a lovely day too *huggggssss* mwahhhhh :)

  20. @Christine-thank you so much Christine..have a great day too and keep smiling :)

  21. @Beany-hahaha..your so so cute *pinch pinch those cheeks* hahaha..I think I have an idea what your dream was..and you spilled your water on your bed last night tsk tsk..thinking of someone again or stressed out on your reports.. *blink blink*..aha you got a point I don't also smile to strangers but to you I can give a pretty smile ok no change my mind a *wide grin* would be nicer that song..thank you for visiting..I know your soooooooooo busy..wiggling hahaha :)

  22. So cute. Children gives the most innocent smiles.

  23. @Paps-I agree..thank you Paps for visiting :)

  24. I LOVE all the smiling baby photos, but have to say that first frowning baby is adorable, too! ha ha!!

  25. @Ms.Jill-hello ms.Jill..I miss you mwahhhhhhhh..I miss you *hugs*


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