Friday, September 23, 2011


When you Really Love Someone,
Sometimes you have to swim a little
Deeper..You Can’t Give Up just
Because things don’t come easy..
You have to Overcome those Questions
And Face your Fears..

But in the end, It’s All Worth It,
Life and Love are full of ups and downs,
But if you believe in yourself and
BOTH of you just Holding On To Love
You will Always come through with
Flying colors..

Love is Sweet when it is New
But it is Sweeter when it is True..
Even with just a Simple Smile or Hello
Can make your day so fine
Because you know even for One Second
You have crossed his mind..

You must have been sent from heaven to earth to change me
You're like an angel
The thing that I feel is stronger than love believe me
You're something special
I only hope that I'll one day deserve what you've given me
But all I can do is try
Every day of my life!!


  1. naks naman, na miss ko tuloy si VIP ko hehe, I like this ate sie Love is Sweet when it is New
    But it is Sweeter when it is True..I believe that too, life is sweeter when you're inlove. Stay Inlove and happy my pretty sister. muaah!

  2. @ChaCha-hala bilis mo sissy..I'm so glad you also finally found your partner sissy..yes I believe love is sweeter when it is true..because true love won't fade and along with it comes your sweetness with each other..

    There will always be misunderstandings along the way..but you will know if it is true love when after each small fight you can feel your relationship has became is happening to me now weeeee..yes this is true love sissy..kilig ako hahaha :)

  3. Hey Sie <3
    how touching, owww , you know when I read those kind of love things , I really feel like I want a pious husband...Lol
    Thanks for the post, resplendent =D

  4. @Black Pearl-hello really made me have always a happy soul when you come here..thank you so much for passing by sis ;)

  5. Hi Ate Sie ^_~ thank you for your comments mwahness ♥ I feel better now thanks God!!!

    >> I love this post ^_~ it reminds me a lot of things... aja

  6. @Ferry-thank you so much Ferry..get well soon ok..aja hahaha..oo I remember fight fight..lovers in paris kaw talaga..paggaling ka ha :)

  7. Aww, such a lovely post. I like how all your posts inspire me to love more and be happier. Thanks Sie! :D

  8. Once again i can relate with each n every word of this post.. :)

    Thanks for sharing wonderful post as well as video :)

  9. @Andreea-hello Andreea..thank you so gives joy to my heart to see someone smile while reading my post..thank you for visiting me again :)

  10. @Riya-*hugs* hello's been a are you?..I know you can relate Riya ssssshhhh and I see those smiles remembering your special someone..the lyrics of the video are really wonderful..stay happy and in love always Riya :)

  11. "All the Love that history knows is said to be found in every rose... but yet it is less than what I feel for you"
    I guess you missed this quote ;)

  12. @Madhulika-*hugs* sis..ooooppppssss..I should have included it sis..thank you for passing by :)

  13. hi sie, that's the truth in life, one has to swim a little deeper quite often- for many reasons and the cute part is when you said.. even one single hello is so great cos you know you crossed his mind,,,
    haaa! i see the beautiful blue hearts at your side bar- that's you to him huh :)

  14. One word says it all "Amazing!" :)

  15. @cooking varieties-hello Ms.Wan..yes I agree..oftentimes we have to swim deeper and understand things most specially if you love someone..setting aside every fear and being humble in all ways..hehehe..thank you for giving those one hundred hearts award Ms.Wan it really fits my site and yes my love for him *hugs :)*

  16. @Balqis-hello sis..two words actually..So always amazes us :)thank you for passing by Balqis *hugs*

  17. Love indeed is full of mystery. I don't think a lifetime is enough to make us understand it to the fullest.

  18. Love is so mysterious. I don't think a lifetime is enough for us to understand it to the fullest.

  19. @Christine-I agree Christine and each day with your love one is a learning and growing process..thank you for passing by :)

  20. weeeee.....we felt the same ate..
    I think we're really blessed to be loved

    I'll definitely hold on this time ate sie..
    mukhang mauunahan na kita...hahahahaha
    ^___^ nagunahan talga...

  21. @Clai-yes we are really blessed Clai..oo naunahan mo na nga ako nabasa ko sa site mo po..but one thing is for sure I will hold on..I won't love anymore kung di lang naman sya Clai..masakit masaktan if you really have loved the person so much..magiging single mom na lang ako kung di kami nagkatuluyan..sobra ako magmahal kaya sobra din akong masaktan..I always keep my promises :)

    I'm happy for you Clai..finally you will meet na :)

  22. I answer a bit later on this but you're right Sie, the path to Love is never easy but if you keep your love close to your heart and move, face the challenges, remember to be patient and that some things take more time than others, it's worth it! But you already know it!
    Much Love and remember all the good ones around you, it can help on the way.
    PS: My mum who was against our marriage said to me after it "you were right to fight for the one you love, it is a good lesson for us, we learnt a lot during this 2 days. never loose faith".


  23. @Marie Harmony-thank you so much Marie..I agree the path of love is never easy and it will only last if both of you are willing to work it out.Their are certain relationships that are worth keeping and sometimes even when misunderstandings comes along you just have to sigh and smile and go on again.

    I'm always so glad to hear from you Marie..stay Happy lots..thank you so much Marie :)


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