Monday, September 19, 2011

~Wishful Thinking..

All of us have our own dreams and wishes in life..Often times we have fears for our future and sometimes worrying what the future holds makes our lives more complicated.

As a person I could say I have always been hoping for my dreams to come true, I have many plans for my future..But because of the struggles that I have been through I have learned that having those fears and worrying won’t do anything. I have always searched for the answers to my many questions; I have been struggling of forcing my prayers to be answered on my own time..I have always focused on my future and the future of my kids..

Being a single mom is never easy..I never expected that this would ever happen in my life..I have never dreamed about this..It just came unexpectedly..Being hurt and trampled upon by people was never on my plan..But what will I do?..Will I just sit here and cry and cry and worry?..NO..It will just make my life worst and more confusing..

The best thing to do is to face the problem..Stand up and move on..Worrying won’t do anything..It will only cause confusion and doubt..Sometimes we just have to learn to believe and step out with faith..Look up..God is there and He will fulfill His promises..
Forget the past..stop digging those past hurts again..Let go of those fears and Hold on of what I have now. I have always focused on what the future may bring..On my dreams..

 But now I think it is time for me to slow down and breathe.

 I am not saying this because I stopped on hoping..and I got tired of waiting ..NO..the reason is I want to focus more of what I have now and Be Happy of whom I am with me now..My dreams are just there and it will come..

 I have wished to have a simple house with a wide lawn..But what I wanted is not just a house..

 But a Home..With my family having our true happiness together..

I have my own dream of being a bride and wearing this beautiful wedding gown..

But what I really wanted was someone to take care of me and my kids..A true partner in life and not just a companion..Someone who will truly love and be there no matter what life may bring..To be my strength and someone who will stand up beside me..For richer or for poorer..for better or for worst..till death do us part..Not just mere words but fulfilling every word into action.

I am Secured that God will answer my prayers and will give the desires of my heart..Some of my dreams may come true..some may not..I don't know where will the future lead us..I don't know until when will my life be..But I know He will give the best for us..

 What is more important for me now is to cherish every moment with my love ones..To give love and be there for them..They need more of my time and love now..To make each day happy with them..To live each day with CONTENTMENT..

The Future will come..what is more important is being Happy, Contented and Thankful of what and who we are with


  1. Hi Sie, move forward and make your dreams into reality, you can achieve it, of course it will not be an easy task, but through faith, hardwork and perseverance, nothing is impossible :)

    i always forget to ask you, are we were already friends in FB? hehe, here's my FB profile

  2. mashaAllah, this is what I needed to read today, i just posted about something in my blog about the past and my frozen life, Alhamdulillah, thanks alot for the post<3
    InshaAllah, our good dreams will come true one day...

  3. My dear friend
    I am praying for you that our creator does indeed bring your dreams to reality. I know as well how it feels to see your dreams slip away from you but trusting in God is better than trusting in any man as in the end he will be the one to bring you your happy ending

  4. @Ms.Joy-hello po..I just want a hug for now Ms.Joy..I really need it now po..I know God is only teaching me to have faith in Him more..believing that He is doing something even if I still can't see those answers to my prayers..sometimes I have this feeling of giving up on my life..but I can't because my kids needs me..Right now po I have become so self-less..what matters to me now is giving love to those persons who deserve my love..I am setting aside those dreams for a while po :)

    Ms.Joy I am not using facebook po talaga..nasa iba po akong mundo hahaha :)

    love you Ms.Joy

  5. @Black Pearl-thank you so much Black pearl..I agree our dreams will come true one day..what we have to do is to hold on of what we have now..and believe that our dreams will do come true in His time and according to His will..welcome to my site :)

  6. @Bonnie-Yes Bonnie..I agree..God is the only one who knows us..our heart's desire and what is best for us..we have our own dreams and wishes in life..we have our own plans but it will always be given to us in His perfect time and if it is His will in our lives..

    I have learned to just let cast all of my burdens to Him..for now..I just have to accept whatever life has given to me..each day for me is so important..and I want to spend it with my love ones as long as I am still here..

    love you Bonnie :)

  7. Hi Sie, all I can say is that..surrender all your hopes and dreams to God. If He see it is good for you, He will surely grant it to you. After all...'He would never give us a snake when we ask for bread' right??? :) So..while dreaming...never cease praying ok.

    Have a nice day!

  8. @Christine Andre-I agree Christine..surrendering all our hopes and dreams to God is the best thing to do..we can fail and even our love ones can fail us but God never fails..He will fulfill His promise I know He will :)

  9. That is my dweeeeam house!! *pointing*..
    and i will gaze at the stars at night inside that cave! *pointing tent*

    *wiggle wiggle*
    don't happy ..nanananana..don't happy...*blink blink*

  10. @Beany-that is your dream house too?? weeeeeee..gazing at the stars at night have always been a relaxing moment for me..but I will love it more when my quiet angel and I will sing songs while he plays the guitar and our kids will dance..I love that house but I will love it more when their will be kids running around..two plus triplets teaching each one of them how to walk and weeeee..story telling under those trees and having a picnic..a family that I have always wished to have :)

  11. yeah yeah yeah *big eyes* i want that too...can i move in with yow???? yow? yow??

  12. God is Just ate..
    He will make your hopes and dreams come into reality in God's time....

    you're a good mother and a real person
    You deserve happiness!!! ^_^

  13. @Beany-hahaha..yes yes yes answered prayer at a God's time :) *huuugggggsss*

  14. @Clai-thank you so much Clai..maybe I should say I am holding on for them..because they deserve the happiness and each drop of love that I could give :)

    *hugs*..hasus in-love si Clai..I am so happy for both of you ok :)

  15. May all your dreams come true! Have faith, nothing is impossible. In pursuing your dreams, remember the Almighty. His blessing will enable you to go through successfully. I know I don't have to say this as you have already said it many times. You're a woman of great faith. Happy for you! :)

  16. I wish you get everything that you desire of... May God turns all your dreams into reality...
    You are a brave girl Sie, you have had enough of sadness till now.. Life has been hard on you. But now you deserve to see the brighter side of life and you deserve to be loved. I know your angel will give you everything... I wish you get married soon and i wish you wear that dress for you marriage.. I would love to come to your marriage.. so do invite me ;)
    Much Love <3 <3

  17. @Balqis-hello sis..thank you so much for your encouragement..I always love hearing those words of inspiration from you..*hugs*

  18. @Madhulika- hello made me smile..a big smile..thank you for your comforting words..and yes you will be invited on our wedding day after maybe *thinking counting fingers* are one of my dear friends here..I am looking forward to the day of meeting all of you personally..

    *HUGS SIS*

  19. Hi Sie, am a new reader of your blog.

    Beautiful post, hope all your dreams come true x

  20. hi sie, how are you doing dear. i hope you are in the best of health and happiness be yours always.
    i wish you will be in that beautiful wedding gown soon.
    i am happy to note that that you live more at the present than thinking and worrying about the future.
    i am awed at the sight of your huge bungalow- yeah, its not a small house sie :)
    i am hopeful that the four in the pic is you and your in CONTENTMENT and...
    i have posted and do a giveaway on your award, do have a look...
    at last, i already have one suitable award , which i like and know for sure you dont have it and i know you will like it as well as you also deserve it...yeah i will give you next week :)
    take care

  21. @Foz-thank you for visiting Foz..

  22. @cooking varieties-Hello Ms.Wan..thank you for making me smile :) .. I love the design of the house but a half portion of it will do..

    Yes I will wear that wedding gown soon Ms.Wan but only with the right man-Quiet Angel..I'd rather be a single mom for the rest of my life if he won't be the groom..I won't give my love to love this true again..yes Ms.Wan that pix my future family because we both love to sing and he plays the guitar..thank you so much Ms.Wan..I'll check it out now :)

  23. huhu :( sie
    I have to admit that am so disappointed today. That is why this post of yours really a blessing for me today. For I have realized that I have to appreciate what I have now. Whatever desires that are not yet to come may not given to me now because this is not the right time for them. Thank you for reminding me to smile and to hold on to my faith...

    >> my kisses to you sie (mwahness ♥)♥)

  24. @Ferry-cheer up Ferry..I too feel the same often times..I have lots of prayers that are still left unanswered and sometimes we feel like giving up..but Ferry there are certain situations in life where all we could do is wait..struggling more..putting time in our own hands will only lead to frustration..always remember our heart's desires will come true..we just have to believe and hold on :)

    *hugs Ferry*

  25. Great post! May all your wishes come true friend.. God is always with us, no matter what happen He will guide us..

    Have a wonderful day ahead!.:)

  26. @Sagittarian-thank you Sagittarian..Yes God is always there..thank you for visiting :)

  27. Sie, this is another lovely message of love and gratefulness.
    Running after dreams won't make them happen like a magical treat. Be happy with what we have now is the first step - you're right some of you dreams may come true, some not.
    But what matters is that right now, here, at this moment, you enjoy the time with your loved ones, your children. That you give thanks for what you have. God has great plans for you and look he gave you an amazing strength to be able to always see the positive in each situation, to see the little light shining in the middle of the total darkness.
    Take your time, everything will come when it should come. May you continue to firmly believe in this, and surely some day your dreams will turn true.

    take care sweet friend and never forget the ones who love you - the ones who abused you don't deserve a second of your time.
    Much love.xxxxxxxxxxx

  28. @Marie Harmony-hello sis *hugs*..Yes I agree being happy and contented of what I have now is the first step..struggling to find the answers to my own questions made me numb and tired for a while..the other night I was like just starring on a wall and I had this feeling of giving tears just began to fall..honestly I don't know where or what direction will my life and my kids go..

    After crying I went to our room and my baby boy might have felt my loneliness..he hugged me and in his eyes Marie I saw HOPE and CONTENTMENT..looking in his eyes made me see that only a mother's love is what he needs and nothing else..right there and then I felt SO THANKFUL TO GOD..

    I am always focusing on what will happen next..and I failed to see those persons who have given me real love in my present life..

    Yes Marie..I will stand up on my decision..I have always stood up to my principle-Once I have shut the doors of my can't be re-opened again by the same person..I agree those persons who abused me don't deserve a second of my time..and I won't even dare have a thought of doing it..

    *love you Marie..thank you so much for always being there..I am not alone in this journey..thank you for being my sis..though virtually* :) mwahhh :)

  29. hi sie, I have an award for you. please collect at my site. Do let me know if you cant download, gimme your email address, I will send to you by email .Thanks, i manage to post this earlier instead of next week :)

  30. Well said, yes, your dream will come true in God's time.

  31. @cooking varieties-Hello Ms.Wan..thank you so much..I will collect it now yehey *Hugs*

  32. @Toyin O. -hello Toyin..yes in God's time..thank you for visiting and welcome to my site :)

  33. Hello ate sie, I know how you feel, I am also worried about the future but I asked God to look into me in times of confusion. I know that God will give us whatever desires that we have, in God's grace and time, I believe you'll have that. Enjoy the presence of your kids and your sweet quiet angel. I know you're happy with them. You're not alone. Take care always pretty sissy :)

  34. @ChaCha-yes sissy..In God's time and it will always be according to his will..thank you so much for always being here..I appreciate it so much..thank you for being my sissy..mwahhhhh :)

  35. Every single mom are not single at all. God is there molding her to be the best Mom she could ever be for her children. You are one of them, Sie. You are never alone in rearing your kids. Pretty sure they are and will always be proud being your heritage.

  36. Hey Sie,
    Wanted to stop by and give you a blog award because I really enjoy reading your blog...=3

    Take care


  38. @Dai Ning Li- thank you Dai Ning for visiting..everyone of us is God's workmanship..this is a part of my journey..

  39. @Black Pearl-thank you so much Dana..I am smiling because my award have reached you..I gave it to Marie Harmony before..I'm so glad she gave it to you :)

  40. @Izdiher-hello Izdiher..your here again..thank you so much for visiting and for your comment :)


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