Saturday, September 24, 2011


Does this thought disturb you?  Many of us fail to appreciate those persons that have really loved us. We often neglect them and oftentimes even abusing their kindness and understanding to us. Some of us forget those old friends or people who have helped us when someone new comes along. Sometimes because we think it was ok for them to just leave them there and go back if we needed them. We failed to see the true value and importance of that person in our lives.

 Until one day when we lose them. Then we will feel regret of not treating them the right way. We will feel regret of not loving them in return when we have still time. Regretting the moments that we should have been there with them but we were busy doing our own stuffs.
Our Lord has given us people who will take care of us and for us to love them back. But some of us just take them for granted. Until one day we will wake up and realized that those precious gems that where given to us are gone.

Life is so short and it can go just with a tiny bit of a second. We don’t know what will happen next. So let us make each day a happy moment and cherish each moment with those persons who deserve our love before we end up in regret!!

From my special friend Beany : Appreciating is an easy task, keeping someone's value is harder. Rejection causes pain. Pain leads to realization. Realization is not known at the beginning, it is always waiting at the end..for us to learn and become better for those who truly deserve us.

When was the Last Time You have said I Love You, Thank You Or I Miss You to Your Love One?  When was the last time you have given them a Hug or just a simple call? Today may just change everything most specially when they have been waiting for it  *blink blink*  :)

To ALL those people who have showed me love..THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of my Life..this song is FOR ALL of you :)


  1. I have learned to appreciate those who love me so much now that I am older and enjoy every moment of my life with them, esp my hubby. But sad to say, many may be close but if they don't return your love, its not worth it.

  2. Hi Sie,
    Something touching me when reading this particular post. Reading to this post remind me of one post I have written last year in my previous blog. I would like to share it with you. If you have ample time do me a favor of read it through this link:

    Indeed Sie, life is so unexpected. It's important to always remind ourselves to appreciates our loved one and show them we care. We never know how much time we have to share all those love.

    Hugs to you Sie...and good night.

  3. Hey Sieee,
    Yes, this is so true, we may forget about the ones that used to be our friends and have helped us till life just separates us...Lets hope we keep in touch with the ones that we love. How life can make us go in different ways. Thank you for this post...<3
    Luv you

  4. Life is too short to waste for nothing.. Time is running so fast, spend and enjoy life with those people who really cares and love us most, because they are more precious than gold..

    Have a wonderful Sunday! God bless..:)

  5. So true Sie.... It happens so many times... You never love the one who loves you and the one whom you love never loves you back...
    Its a tough world... everyone is mean over here.. no matter how much you love them or how many extra miles you walk for them, they never seem to appreciate it :(
    Its not that I haven't had good people in my life..but yeah.. I have had such jerks too in my life who took me for granted.. It all makes me sick :(

  6. The sad part is, I often find myself at the losing end. I'm the one who's taken for granted. I try as much as I can to value the people who are dear to me. I let them know how much they mean to me.

  7. @Nava K.-Hello Ms.Nava..I'm glad to see you here Ms.Nava..your right all of us needs love..and it is hard to be in a relationship if you are the only one loving.

  8. @Christine-yes Christine I will definitely read it..we can't control our life and the best thing we can do is to give love and be there always for our loved ones..every second counts :)

  9. @Black Pearl-hello Dana..I agree with you sis..communicating always with our friends old or new..sometimes we tend to focus more of our attention with the new ones and forget the things that our old friends have done..and when they are gone..we regret of not giving them our time..thank you for visiting sis * lots *

  10. @Sagittarian-hello Sagittarian..your right life is too short so while we have still time to be with them..why not cherish and make each day with them special..make every one who deserves our love feel every drop of our attention and love :)

  11. @Madhulika-I agree sis..I have experienced it a lot of times..and many people would say I was so stupid of letting them trample on me and sacrificing even my own self-worth..but not all people are the principle that has always pushed me to hold on to love is..

    "Their will be people who will come along and hurt you even giving the most painful things you won't forget..but their will always be SOMEONE who will come to MEND those Broken Pieces and MAKE YOU WHOLE AGAIN"..being hurt has always been my fear sis and most specially being neglected..I hate it if that relationship is not worth it then let go :(

    But don't give up on love sis :)

  12. @The Pepperific Life-hello Peps..looks like we have the same feeling know my story Peps..I have always walked an extra mile and believe me my patience and understanding is way toooooo long even sometimes forgetting my own self..BUT what I have learned Peps..if we want people not to take us for granted..then don't let them..I have been taken for granted many times and been into crying a lot of times..and one thing I have learned..

    Learn to VALUE OURSELVES FIRST..then on WE WILL LEARN also to appreciate even the simple things that people are doing for us..

    Maybe sis..we just have also to open our eyes and focus also to the most simple things and be contented of what they can give now..sometimes the best thing to do na lang is to accept what he can give for now..

    Not to expect more because we will only be failing long as he is not abusing then it's ok :)..*salamat Peps ha*

  13. nice post again Sie...always inspires me...thanks for constantly dropping at my blogs..visiting you back..:-)

  14. @Genny-thank you Genny for dropping by :)

  15. hello Sie,sometimes we have the tendency to forget and take for granted the people who we love most, why? we are always busy. busy to earn money to augment our daily needs, the last book i just read taught me how to work productively and enjoy being with our loved ones at the same time. i'll be posting a book review on it in my Joy's Flair blog, hope you can drop by there too :)

    A great day ahead Sie :) *hugs*

  16. @Ms.Joy-I agree Ms.Joy..sometimes we just have to learn how to balance and manage our time..our love ones should always be our have another site po pala Ms.Joy..opo I will visit and follow your blog as well..thank you po :) *hugs*

  17. Wow!.. What you have added to your post is so wonderful friend..:) The words that we always wanted to hear, you are right.. when was the last time we use that word to make our love ones feel secured? And the song that is full of heart I remember my elder sister who passed away, she loves and always sing this song when ever we have gathering, Thanks to you... for sharing one of your wonderful insight through this post.. Realization..

    Thanks again friend!.:) I loved it..:)God bless you..

  18. Me and my father use to fight a lot
    And he will tell me every time
    that I will miss him when he dies
    ..when he died..
    I really missed him insanely
    Im partly regretful
    because im not a perfect daughter to him
    but just once in this life..
    I have felt my father's love for me
    once is enough for forever

  19. @Sagitarrian-hello Rosalinda..Yes those words are often taken for granted sometimes..many people are actually waiting for our love and sometimes we do take them for granted..really that was her song..I'm so glad you remembered her through that song I posted..I love and sing that song too..

    *thank you so much Rosalinda for always being here..thank you sis ;) *

  20. @Clai-I'm sorry to hear that Clai..and I know it is so hard..if we can only turn back time..maybe the best thing to do is to learn from is the time for us to love those persons who are still with us..learning to appreciate and giving them all our love while we are still with them :)

  21. There's a saying that says "You never know something is good till it's gone". It's very true indeed. We fail to give the attention or love to those who could be the gems of our life. Nice post! :)

  22. @Balqis-Yes sis..and we can't do anything but regret when they are while they are still here with us..let us learn to give back the love and care that they deserve..thank you Balqis for visiting ;)

  23. Appreciating is an easy task, keeping someone's value is harder. Rejection causes pain. Pain leads to realization. Realization is not known at the beginning, it is always waiting at the end..for us to learn and become better for those who truly deserve us.

    *shaking* it's cold in here..don't i get some akaaaaap???? *blink blink*

  24. @Beany-as all ways..very well said..I should have included that on my post..weeeeeee..let me include it hehehe..

    *you need a akaaap..hug..hehehe..hmmmmmmmm :)*wear your jacket and be careful on your way home ok *blink blink*..

    *someone is always thinking of you..she wants you always to be safe..your hon loves you*

    take care of yourself also for her and your future quads weeeee :)

  25. hi..sie

    this always been a reminder to me

  26. @Shengy-hello Shengy..yes it is actually a reminder to all of us..welcome to my site :)

  27. @GoodiesNBadies-thank you for visiting :)

  28. Once again beautiflu words those inspired me... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  29. Hey Sie =D
    Now you have a blog award!

  30. hi sie, nice post, a lot of interesting comments.
    i do find that generally, irregardless what kind of love and connections- special, siblings, friends, office acquaintances neighbours etc, one will find more hypocrites than sincere people.

    Talk is always easy, practice is not. character building is very complicated except to the ones whose sincerity never falters. The worst trait is- taking friendship for granted

  31. reading this post, makes me realized I seldom say i love to my love ones. thanks so much for this post Sie...:-)

  32. @ASma Khan-hello Asma..nice to see you visit me again :)..thank you so much sis :)

  33. @Black Pearl-thank you so much sis..I'll get my award now yehey..*hugs*

  34. @cooking varieties-hello Ms.Wan..I agree this world I can only name few people who have been true to me..most of the people I met used me and taken me for granted..but then again their are still a few who are sincere and true - people who deserved to be loved..I am blessed to have them..

    *hugggsss ms.Wan..thank you for visiting me always and being my friend*

  35. @Genny-hello is not yet too late Genny..saying this words can touch one's life..salamat sa pagbisita :)


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