Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~~A New Beginning..

Know why God has blessed you another day to wake up?

It is to forget your failures of yesterday
And make up for the wrong things you have done,
To move on and stand up again
And see the chance the new day has brought.

To make others feel love and cared for
Because it brings joy to see someone smile back,
It is being there for someone who wanted and needed you
Because only then will you feel your importance in life.

To be thankful even on the most simple things
Because being contented will give you true happiness,
To appreciate and thank those people who have loved you
Knowing that they are still there.

To open your heart to love again
To give a chance to feel the love that you deserve,
And to hope for our wishes and dreams to be fulfilled
Knowing in your heart that those promises will soon become reality.
To give your all to someone without fear and hesitations
Because you have never wanted to be in regret.
Doing everything to make a relationship work
Because love fades if you don’t find ways to keep it.

It’s more than just a long journey ahead..
It’s one way of letting us feel that God has always been
There to give us Second Chances in life
To believe that God can mend those broken pieces
And make you whole again..He loves us that much
Because He loves His children. 


  1. You are right Sie. Each given days on our Life's Journey is indeed a blessing. We should always remember or remind ourselves to give thanks and do good things about it. Spread love and spread positivity to others. Lovely post you have here. Like it so much. :)

    Have a nice day to you!!!

  2. beautiful awesome:) huggs* blessings* backs to u:)

  3. I really needed this to start my day with. Thank you :D

  4. *blink blink*

    the first lines were familiar *thinking* ,,,hmmmmmmm..teddiiiiesss!!! it says this hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..and it says kiss too, see? mwah mwah mwah

  5. @Christine-I agree Christine and no matter how painful that situation was or whatever circumstances we are in is still a has it's own purpose..*hugs*..we need to be positive for us to just hang in there..thank you :)

  6. @Reverent Soul-thank you so much Aisha..thank you for being here..I truly appreciate it :)

  7. @Andreaa-your welcome Andreaa..thank you so much for your visit :)

  8. @Beany-weeeeeee..I saved that message from quiet angel..I received the first lines on our monthsary..but the next lines were written from my heart..yes teddies hehehe..I know you will smile looking at sweet like quiet angel..*hmmmmmmmmmmmmm*..I'll tell you something sssssshhhhh..I am finding a bear with shades so he will look more cute like you..the bear says showing some love so sending my flying kisses away mwah mwah mwah :)

  9. I don't know why I am speechless after reading this...

  10. @Madhulika-why sis?..I'll just give you a big tight hug hmmmmmmmmmmm..mwah :)

  11. We are given tomorrows because God has already prepared our future and waiting for us to experience His masterpiece in our lives.

    And one more thing, we are given another day to wake up to read beautiful posts as yours.

    Thank you Sie for always inspiring our day!

  12. Lovely post Sie, every day is a new journey and comes to show us that we are not our past, mistakes are human and as long as we stand up again and make a new step towards improvement we deserve a second chance. Every sunrise is the promise of something else, a new beginning each time.
    Lots of love Sie!XXX

  13. @Dai Ningli-thank you for visiting Dai Ning

  14. @Marie Harmony-I should have included it on my post.You have said it right sis..I just love every word that you have said..thank you for always leaving comments that made me smile..your thoughts have always touched my heart..Love lots Marie *hugs*

  15. this is really a nice post :) It made me remember the value of life and how I should live it.

  16. oh i love this writing Sie, lalo na yun napaka-cute na bears hugging, you know what dear, your personality reflects by the way you write :) quiet angel is very lucky to have you :)

    you are not just my mere acquaintance Sie, but you are already a dear friend of mine, my hugs to you and the kids!

  17. @Ms.Levy-hello po Ms.Levy..I miss u here tagal nyo pong nawala..busy na Ms.Levy..thank you po for visiting :)

  18. @Ms.Joy-yes Ms.Joy and it's obvious that I have a child like character inside me hehehe..I am more blessed to have quiet angel Ms.Joy..we both have baby talk sometimes which makes us more compatible because we just laugh and enjoy simple things in life :)

    *you have always been a dear friend to me Ms.Joy*mwahhhhhhhh *hugs po*

  19. An other beautiful sharing... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  20. @Asma Khan-hello Asma..I miss your post..busy days..thank you for passing by :)

  21. weeeeeeeeeee I love it! Everyday is a brand new day, a different day to start a new a beginning. I love your positivity ate Sie. spreading the good vibes. *kiss kiss*

  22. Ate sie! do u think bf needs second chance..?
    Ive said to myself that i dont like giving chances...If God can give chances...I should also right? He says his apologies..and I hate him seeing that he's sad
    everything is complicated now!

  23. As usual, a great post full of love and care. A very good new beginning! :)

  24. hi sie, you are one special blogger i know, whose heart is so full of love and whose strength is go great, that you are able to undergo all sort of calamities with a smile on your face.
    i wish there are a lot more people like you.. including myself. keep up your great spirits, hope you always are a winner sie. have a nice day

  25. will always be your choice..if love is still there and if the relationship is worth it..then give him a second chance..Clai all of us in-love go through this..if you love him then you can go an extra mile with him..if he says that he is sad because things are complicated now..ask him he willing to be with you even when times get complicated?..

    Quiet Angel is so busy now BUT we always find time for each other and I understand if he has less time with me most specially when he is tired..My situation is complicated even he doesn't tells me BUT he is still there ALWAYS for ME AND MY KIDS..

    Love,Patience,understanding,respect Clai..if your relationship has it then it is worth keeping :)

  26. @Balqis-thank you so much sis for being here *hugs* :)

  27. @ChaCha-hello sissy..each new day brings new chances to hope for a better you sissy mwahhhhh :)

  28. @cooking varieties-hello Ms.Wan..thank you for your kind words..I can be strong but deep inside Ms.Wan I am also is not that easy being a Single Mom..but with God,my kids and Quiet Angel..they are my inspiration to move on and hold know my story Ms.Wan and of all the pains I have been through it made me say God has always been there..He saw those pains..Now my prayers are being answered one by one :)

  29. @Ms.sie: wow Ms.sie I'm so happy for you. May you are blessed with utmost happiness in your life from now.... cheers!!!!!! love ya........

  30. That just hit the spot, Sie. Thanks for reminding me about beginnings. After so many failures in life-and love- I sometimes end up having a negative attitude about things. But yes, today is a chance to embrace life, while letting go of the past.

  31. @Sudhi-thank you so much Sudhi..I always smile when I see you here..miss you soooo much :)

  32. @Pepperific LIfe- hello Peps..I know what you are feeling now sis..but worrying and having those negative thoughts won't do anything..I have proven that many times..the only thing that is left is to hold on to the journey that has been given to us no matter how hard it might be..just let those positive vibes set in..all things will work out well peps..kaya natin toh :)

  33. @Sharda-thank you for visiting Sharda :)


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