Sunday, January 23, 2011

Your Love Is The Greatest Gift Of All

Love, Love, and lots of love. However, how do you really define true love? In the bible, it says, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects always trusts, always hopes, and always preserves.”1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

But how can you define true love when you are hurting, stressed, bored, and sick or your partner is about to die?

There is a real true to life story of a couple here in our country. The couple has been married for three years. Rodel is a very good and caring husband. He has been excellent in providing the financial needs of his family. While Elena was an accountant and has been a loving and most caring wife as she could be. They were blessed with a two-year-old son named Matthew. The family was indeed very happy and near to having a perfect family. After a year, Elena became pregnant again. Everyone was so happy to welcome another child to be a part of his or her loving family. All was preparing for his birth.

When baby Joshua came, it was the same time that Elena was paralyzed. When she gave birth there have been an over dosage of the anesthesia that was given to her. She was paralyzed totally and for the rest of her life she would be on a wheel chair. Depression sets in and questions cannot stop to come. They are indeed a perfect family before, happy and contented until this trial came. Rodel could not imagine seeing Elena on the wheel chair. The sweet and jolly wife that was always there to greet her with a smile. Now Elena could just stare at him and can’t talk. Rodel would always cry on the knees of his wife and embrace her. Elena can just cry and cannot even utter a word.

Rodel and Elena until now are still happy and accepted the trial in there life. Rodel decided to stay and take care of Elena for a lifetime. In times, that Elena needed him he has always been there for her, giving his love,time and care just to make her happy because of true love.

For me, love can be found and felt in different ways but true love is rare and should be treasured. True love takes time; it is not felt overtime in a day. It is true love when you learn to love unconditionally without expecting it in return.

My friends always say "Sie when you love don’t give your all". But this is me the true me. When my TRUE love comes I can do anything and give everything because of love. When I give my heart to someone it means I gave my everything.

Sometimes even it is so hard to do something for someone I love I just close my eyes and do it no matter what the situation is, call me crazy but it is true *covering eyes*. I give my very best and if it fails it will really hurt but at the end of my life I could say I have given my best, my everything and I won’t have regrets doing it.

Just listen to this song please…I just love this song so much :) dedicated to _______*blink blink*


  1. Hi Sie. Many say I don't have much experience in life when it comes to "love" compared to married people. Despite other's belittling of my thoughts, I stand in full confidence that I know with deeper understanding what real love is all about ─ it is surrendering the inner person in pursuit of honoring the other one, with exactly no reason why. It is how the Lord defines it when He chose His children despite the cause of leaving His kingdom of comfort and power in the heavens. We hurt and apparently, God was too. But then because He knows better than we do, it is Him who helps us get back on our feet to the track He wants us to take. I once had fallen Sie, was bruised as I stumbled alone in a relationship I first thought would give me equal essence of loving. The Lord pulled me up, hugged me tight and surprisingly I came back to my senses and poured genuine attention again to myself. If you've given enough and things still go wrong, I learn to leave everything up to God. He is the author of real love, after all. ♥ And borrowing this quote from a friend, "Whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly" I am sure that better things shall come soon enough.

  2. *looking sternly at ning li*

    what are you doing there!! it's my place! i'm the top commentor! you daya!
    *sniff sniff* Ms. Sie oh! ning li agaw2 my place..and she made a novel there! hmp!

  3. ooops! forgot to comment about the post..that ning li! hmp!

    anyway, when i was reading the first part of your post, i already had the answer at the back of my mind. Reading the story 'til the end, it proves me right, we have the same thinking..
    the only way of proving love is TIME, but time may end without warning and that creates the fear inside us, such that STAYING is the better way of proving it to your love and to your self..
    STAYing to keep one's heart beating..

  4. @Dai Ning-thanks you I was once stumbled in a relationship but He has always been there for me.He has answered my prayers and gave me more of what I have prayed for.I am holding on Dai Ning to His promises and I have faith that someday the best things will come...

  5. @Beany-ah CapsLock on STAY? *thinking* what is Beany trying to say? *whisper it to me Beany*

    to add up to what you have said "Love can be proven by time and time can be the only measure for destiny."

    You are right Beany time can end without warning and it does mean that while we have still time, let us not hesitate to make each person feel loved :)

    Don't worry either your the first or last commentator you will always be...ok fine most cute and adorable...I know you would say that hahahahaha... hugs hmmmmmmm...thanks Beany for always being there.

  6. Sie you made us giggle again.I was the one who said that to you eyk---

    But as what you have said that's you and you are right in saying---giving your all for love will never go wrong just be sure it is for the right guy that's what I've learned from you---

    Time can measure love but with love every second counts right Sie? So "quiet angel" don't be late---

    @ beanizer-ok you go girl Ning Li your the first to comment slow slow kid---Beanizer blehhhhhhhh blahhhh---tongue out---poof urf urf

  7. @Gracey-hahahahaha...sounds familiar? ok your one of them who told me ok fine :)

    my heart? Gracey no matter how painful it is I can't do anything about it but to endure the pain this is my life's journey Gracey.

    I always follow this quote:"Some things are just meant to happen and some things are not just meant to be" and we have no control over it.

  8. I agree Sie we can't control it but the truth Sie---IF I CAN ONLY JUST DO SOMETHING TO STOP OR AT LEAST EASE YOUR HEART PAINS SIE I WILL DO IT!!!

    ---I just worry much about you I saw you and been there when you were revived many times---I just cry to see you there so helpless.---

  9. @Gracey-Don't worry much Gracey I am fine and I'll be fine.It is up to the Lord He holds our lives Gracey each and one of us :) Love you :)

  10. hey gracey! you lady dragon! why you comment so dami??? hmp!
    i can make comment more than you!!

    *blink blink at sie*

    ms. sie, shall we dance? *holding hand*
    now follow me,,wiggle it just a lil bit *wiggling* c'mon dance with me! wiggle it just a lil with me 'coz that lady dragon and ning li don't know how to dance..hmp!
    *showing fist to gracey and ning li while wiggling butt*

  11. hey you there woah! a baby with a feeding bottle---and why using your feet oh nice you think the same way hahahahahaha---tongue out blehhhhh---

    sweet baby Beanizer holding hands with ms. sie.Ok if that will make my friend happy and ease her heart pains I'll dance too but not that wiggling butt---I'll dance Britney Spears co'z I am genie in a bottle---

    co'z if I can be a genie I will make Sie's heart be well and be healed hmp--- ,so Beanizer what you gonna do for Ms.Sie just wiggling your butt---but fine it will make her happy anyway---

    Sie can I just wish that your heart pains be over? If only I could do somethin' really---

  12. Well admittedly, I can't dance Beany... but Gracey I heard sings, right? ;') Maybe with her singing, I can join with the rhythm to make you dance, while Sie applauds in amazement! Ohhh by the way, the floor isn't open to minors. Hahaha!

  13. @Beany-heeeeeeeeeee...nice wiggling butt Beany teach me how...

    @Gracey-This is reality Gracey we are not on the virtual world.In this real world that we are living this is my life which I have to be in it.How I would wish also to ease my pains it truly hurts everyday Gracey I don't know why but I can't do anything about it.Let us just enjoy life while we still have it :)

    @Dai Ning-wow Dai Ning will sing.What song Dai Ning ow sing I am genie in a bottle and let's teach Beany dance like a genie with a wiggling butt hehehehe....

  14. huh? me dance like a genie?? i will be Aladin then but cuter than him *wiggling butt holding feeding bottle*
    *singing* "i am beany, i've feeding bottle"

    *staring at gracey*
    hahahahha!! you dancing like britney?? like toxic?? yeah! you're toxic! harmful!..bleh!

  15. hi.. let me say this first that this post got my attention, and i can relate myself on the topic of love and hurt. yes, you are right, you can't see love when you are hurt. i know how painful it is and very depressing, only then a great view, a more positive view can overcome problems. and the even though i tried to have suicide, only god faith from God had saved me from this mortal sin. i believed that God gave me this problem, because He wants me to learn.
    thank you for this post.

  16. having reservation for your self is always the best advice i can give for other people but when it comes to my self i dont have that...
    I realize theres is no way that you could have loves a person so true if you have reservation... it's not fair to the other party if he/she's giving her/his all and best..
    and YES i would agree that the only thing that can prove love is time...

  17. @ Beany- you are really so cute and adorable hahahaha...

    @Nixin-you are right in all things He has a purpose and it is to learn from all the trials in our lives.

    @Stephanie-sis miss kita's us really giving our All because of love...


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