Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Mother's Wish

I was not feeling well last night but I was happy. My 6 years old daughter just went near me and asked if I was ok. Then she went downstairs and when she went up she gave me a piece of paper. She wrote I love you three times and she draw me, she said this is my Mom the most wonderful mom in the whole world. Then she said I love you very much. My youngest 3 years old boy would kiss my heart every time it was in pain. When they were sleeping I just can’t help but have tears in my eyes.

Thanking Him giving them to me.My babies have grown up so fast.I never expected them to be so sweet regardless of what we have been through. My kids are one of those where I get my strength. I was just smiling knowing that when they grow up I am confident that they would say they felt loved when they were kids.

As a mom I am doing everything even having videos dancing with them which my daughter loves and this have become our bonding moments.I would do anything just to make my kids happy. Children are a blessing from God and as a mother He has not only given us a responsibility to take care of them but also having a heart to love them unconditionally.

If I can just have one wish to be with my kids forever.Even being their guardian angel just to make sure that they are safe.I would trade anything and give my everything to them.My kids and my "quiet angel" have been my inner strength.With them I am not afraid to face tomorrow because I know I will be winning battles as long as they are with me.I love the three of them so much and no one and nothing can change that :)  


  1. wow that was so sweet of her!
    i wish my son will do the same!

  2. @hello Sis-yes po my kids are so sweet my cute little angels...

  3. Sie now I am crying reading your post.Sie I am 3 months pregnant a little dragon kicking hahahaha!!!

    Reading your post made me feel that we mothers are so fortunate to be given children to love you are absolutely right.

    Sie there is only one reason I can see why your children are so sweet even with the trials you are having now.

    Because YOU HAVE BEEN THE BEST MOTHER to them.You showed them the good qualities and examples of being a good and kind person.Looking at your children is only a fruit of your sweetness not only to them but to us as well.

    hey "quiet angel" must be smilin' right now because you will be the best mother for them and yes including to him hahahaha!!!

  4. that dragon is taking my place here! hmp!

    most wonderful kids deserve a best mom..
    You were there to guide their values and mold them as responsible loving children. Let them be the source of your strength forever. They need you. Your warm touch always remind them your unconditional love..and in the most simplest ways they repay them with little hugs and kisses..
    Stay strong and keep the faith in you.
    mwah mwah
    *blink blink*

  5. @ Gracey - thanks Gracey...and about little dragon hmp you didn't tell me.You have an explanation to do.So when your in the hospital your preggy already and you did not tell me.grrrrr....

    now soon you will be a mother also Gracey and I'm excited who will you kid look like you or vik?have you had planned names already?

  6. @Beany-thanks Beany nothing to say much...just a little sad this day and a lot worried huh...hugs for you hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....mwah mwah mwah... :) thank you...

  7. 'lil dragon will look like me..cutest *blink blink*

    yeah! whip her ms. sie! she didn't tell you!

    don't worry, you'll be alright *hugggggsss*

  8. Wat a wonderful children u have Ms.sie , c they care abt u frm this tender age only . Be proud of them Ms.sie . Tc of yourself and b strong . love ya!!!

  9. @Beany-and the three of you have secrets hmp...

    @Sudhi-I am proud of them Sudhi.Yes I will love you too and miss you...

  10. Psalm 127:3 "Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward."

  11. Oh, Sie...this made me CRY! Children nestle in our heart and soul! Love your sentiments.

  12. @Dai Ning-I agree Dai Ning and my kids are my reward from Him.

    @Ms.Jill-Thanks Ms.Jill thank you so much po love you


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