Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank You So Much

I just arrived yesterday from an important trip. When I was away and riding a bus going home I was just silent and was looking on every person passing by. I was thinking on the life that God has given to each and one of us. It made me realize that in everything we should be thankful regardless of happiness and pain.

I left my kids just for one night and I felt how valuable they are to me. I miss my kids so much even just for one day not seeing them. When I carried them to their bed my tears just began to fall looking at them. I was so tired then but as I looked and touched the hands of my kids I was just thanking God for giving them to me. Just watching my two kids breathing and sleeping peacefully just makes me smile and say that God is watching and still there whatever I will be going through.

I was just thanking the Lord that amidst some pains he has given me persons who gave me strength to go on. My kids have always been my inspiration to stand up again and move on to life. My parents, relatives and friends that have always given me comfort and love. Friends even on the net  Beanizer,  Didz, Sudheera, Estaphanie, Ms.Jolly, Ms.Jill, Balqis, Dai Ning
Li, Ravali, Gracey, Lance, Kukuru, Tryant, Nandita, Maya, kuya Jec, Shinori who have given me a reason to smile.

God gave me a “quiet angel” who has accepted me of who I am. I am perfect like what my “quiet angel” says but I am not. I often cry a lot. I have also things in life that needs more growth to be able to mature more. I am just me a simple person just wishing to have true happiness and be loved of who I am. I am just me who will give you my love, time, my everything, my all even my life for you to feel special and loved.As time passes by whatever happens I'LL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU.

This is not farewell but: To all of the people who have loved me Thank You For all of you who have given me care and love. Thank You for letting me be a part of your life. Thank you for accepting my weaknesses and for making me smile. I won’t forget you and I will always be thankful for once in my life God gave me persons who have lifted my spirit in their own simple ways. THANK YOU SO MUCH…to my quiet angel and to all of my friends on Bloggers this song is for you


  1. Every word of yours touched me deeply inside. I'm sure you're an angel yourself to have so many great people around to love you as you are. ;)

  2. Sie we are on tears reading your post.You have not only been a good friend but most imporatnt a good mother.

    Eventhough your husband has mistreated and neglected you you have kept in you that heart that is already to help and care for other people.Don't worry after 4 months you will be annuled and your true happiness will come.

    Sie don't go

    You have such a kind heart that's why people loves you.Sie we know you have a heart ailment and we also want you to know that Gracey,Bianca and I have always been thankful for having you as our friend.We love you Sie and to your "quiet angel" he is really very fortunate to have you in his life.Hey quite angel take care of her we know you will and we know who you are yahhhh we trust you and you will be reading this.

  3. @Liling - thanks Liling and thank you also for being one of the persons who makes me smile in bloggers.

    @Lance and Gracey - miss you both where are you this days hmp.Thank you for being my friend and to Gracey tell her why she is not calling me on phone anymore hmp...I miss her...Don't worry quiet angel has been always there making me happy every minute but making me cry with laughter hehehe...say my hello to your wife Bianca...

  4. Sie we will always remember you as our friend as the song says Sie who has always had a gentle mind,loving selfless,caring to all and has a heart full of kindness.My wife Bianca says can she be also your friend? Thank you a lot for touching lives Sie you might never know BUT You are the One who we should say Thank You.-Gracey

  5. hmmm...is that quiet angel cuter than me??? hmP!
    i will spank him! i'm your only angel!..look i got wings! *turning back*,but you can't see it well 'coz obviously i'm still a baby but it'll grow soon *wide grin*..
    i don't wanna comment much..let me just hug you.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..don't hug me too tight *whispering* my diapy is full..can you change it??*blink2*

  6. Hey Beanizer you want to know her quiet angel? Get yourself a mirror and ask who it is.Don't make her a nanny*wide grin*.spank yourself hahaha-----Gracey

  7. hey you gracey using lance's name!

    hmp! *showing fist* why should i spank myself!? My Angel will spank you first! She's not my nanny, i'm just asking if she can do the honor of changing my valuable diapy..but i guess you'll get envy, so ok, you change it! i won't mind!!
    *tongue out* bleh!

  8. @Beanizer-yup ok fine your the cutest and no words to tell also I'll just hug you back hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...wahhhhhhhh I don't want to be your nanny hmp!

    @Lance-Lance and Gracey three comments in a row and Gracey don't be harsh on Beanizer I'll spank you twice bleh :(

  9. @gracey:
    bleh bleh! wahahahaha!!
    see? you can't hurt me!

    @ms. sie:
    *blink blink*
    spank her thrice! hehehe *evil grin*

  10. Ok Sie and Beanizer two of you ok go ahead be happy *wide grin* do your stuff but I won't change your diapy blast off and Sie forgot to tell you.Bianca saw your picture you look like Maricar Reyes in person and she is right.

    Hey Beanizer your tongue is still out I wonder why? your hon is not just perfect she is really pretty in real life *widest grin* winki'n---gracey

  11. @gracey: who?? me? Maricar Reyes? *grrrrrrrrrr*

    why won't you change my diapy eh? it smells good i tell you! haha!
    why? who told you she's not pretty?? i know that before you! hmp!

  12. @beanizer---really eyk you have not seen her yet we saw her your hon already kid she does look like her hmp!

  13. i've seen her!! what do you think of me? blind???
    *wearing shades* "it'll rain again"

  14. Sie dear, sorry for finding this post a little late..You're such a wonderful person that you will have many blessings in every single thing you do beside your love ones :)
    I've been very busy lately, really sorry for not being around that much.

  15. hi didz!!
    yeah, you've been sooooooo busy..for that you're not forgiven even you don't plan to say sorry to me! hmp!

  16. My dear Sie, it's so touching reading the well-expressed words of yours and it pricks through my heart. It doesn't hurt my heart but instead it brings the love of a friend and it stays there. Thank you so much for being such a nice friend. I feel so blessed knowing you. I'm happy to know that you're able to cope with everything that comes your way. And if I could make you smile, that's my humble gift for you. Thank you for everything. :)

  17. the word made me cry, I hear you as well. I know the feeling when it comes to leaving the kids in someone else care...
    and to the post its a wonderful post, a person who wont be touched have a heart of stone..

  18. Oops found this post late hehe....sorry ms.sie.Any way thanks for including my name too in ur friends list and hey bro!!it seems ur bulli..... Ahem! playin with lance,grace lemme join too*evil grin*

  19. Oh Ms.sie thts very sweet of u good heavens i have seen it!!! Ahh have no words to say Ms.sie . I have been sad bt this cheered me up. yes ,u hav to move on for ur kids!!!

  20. Sie, this is just beautiful! I am touched how you have taken a difficult situation and turned it around to look at the bright side and opportunities out there. I feel so much LOVE in the air for you!!!

  21. Sie, I get no much sleep nowadays but after reading your post my eyes were exercised to break down in tears really!

    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. I'm equally happy knowing how you enjoy the blessings given to you.

    I hope I can meet you someday. Cheer up always!

  22. you yourself Sie is an angel and I saw you in my dreams I am a pastor and you have seen the light.Just be strong answers will come.

  23. @Didz-it's ok blogger wife I mean Didz hehehe...we miss you here mwah

    @beanizer-thank you for your replies Beany got an idea why not you and I be a tag team on this site hahaha...

    @Balqis-thanks my friend I am not asking for anything just you being of my friends here is worth it.i won't ask for more.

    @Estephanie-naman sistah drama hehehe...mwah love you...

    @Tryant-hello there try seems it is your first time on my site and first time to read my post hmp...thanks :) send my hugs to your bro.hehehe...

    @Sudhi-hello Sudhi you made me smile your here...mwah kisses...thank you...

    @Ms.Jill-hihihi...love is in the air Ms.Jill yipee *blink blink* I miss you mwah...

    @Dai Ning Li-thank you Ning Li...let's meet hehehe...but I like to meet you where? let's go to Japan and just sit looking on those cherry blossoms and don't forget Beany to come with us it will be fun....

    @David Scott- Hello there Sir.Nice to see you on my site.Thank You for reading and taking time to comment.I am just reading again your comment how did you know I have seen it? I will actually about to write it on my next post Sir.I know Sir and I am holding on to the answers to my prayers.Thank you so much Sir hope to see you again :)


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