Monday, February 7, 2011

The Love I Found In You

The Love I Found In You
by: Jim Brickman

You are the air I need to breathe
the river of life inside of me
you are the half that made me whole
you are the anchor of my soul

and you are strong when I am weak

you are the words when I can't speak
you never fail to see me through
that's the love I found in you

you are my shelter from the storm

you are the road that leads me home
and baby with you here face to face
Oh I know I've found my place

and once in every life
you find the one that's right
and when you say forever it's true
That's the love I found in you

You are strong when I am weak

you are the words when I can't speak
you never fail to see me through
That's the love I found in you

That's the love, love I found in you. 

Once in our lives comes a person that you never expected to give meaning to your life. Someone who you never expected to bring light to your darkest path. A person who was and will always be there to lift you up when you are weak. A person whom you know God has sent to comfort you and make you feel that life is beautiful even when your world seems to be turning down.

Once in our lives we never thought that a person would come to wipe those tears and bring joy to your everyday life. 

With this person I feel blessed for having you in my life. They say the time is not yet right but for me you came at the right time and at the right place. Of all the pains that I have been through you have given me hope and a chance to be happy again. 

You may say I have not done much but for me every little thing that you do made me feel special and say that God is still there with me taking care of me through you. I am thanking God everyday that he gave me You.

I am so blessed to have you...Thank You For Coming Into My Life :)

"There Is Only One Thing That Last Longer Than Time And That is True Love"


  1. *munching chocos*
    i know that song! *singing w/ action*
    'coz you are strong when i am weak..
    you are the words when i can't speak..
    you never fail to see me through..
    that's the love..i found in you
    *holding pink tulips*

    hmmmmmm...wait! Who is that someone!? you love him more than the cutest me? *teary-eyed*

  2. ow someone going teary eyed or is giggling now.So much love Sie for that person,that person who you have been giving your heart too is more blessed having you.

    Gracey says hi and said don't worry much about her.

    The truth is she worries more on your heart knowing the bad news.

    Be happy Sie and you having a kind heart surely you will be blessed.

  3. @ Beany-you know who am I referring to and I made a promise of forever right...ssssshhhh...and it will remain to be our secret *wink*...thanks for the flowers :)

  4. @Lance-please hug Gracey for me Lance and tell her to get well and be strong for me.Tell her I love her and I will always be here for her.Thank You Lance :)

  5. So romantic! So much of your love is pouring from your heart for that special someone. How lucky! I'm sure you get back what you give. :)


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