Friday, February 25, 2011

Matters Of The Heart

I don't have much to give you
What's in my heart
Is all that I can really give you.

Love, undying love is all I have
A handful of words, that might make you laugh
And all the strength you need
To make it through.

All your troubled times
I give all of myself to you
Only you
To be with you
Is all I ever really wanted.

You've made my life a fairy tale
You've added love, to a life that was so stale
And know that I'll be here
Always for you
I give all of myself to you.

Every breath I take is meant for you,
I live this life surrounded in joy
And I hold on to the promise of your love,
My heart belongs to you alone.
Love you so much Hon :)

Good Relationships are built not only on what is done but why. Love grows not only by what we do but also by Our Reason for Doing It.


  1. you just don't grow tired loving him

  2. wow!
    what a sweet poem...
    very lucky guy..
    hmp! i won't share my ice cyeam with him!

  3. Such a touching and lovely poem. You could express so much of your feelings through it. I wish you happiness with your loved one. :)

  4. You love him true Sie.That guy is very lucky to have you.The song was so nice.


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