Friday, February 11, 2011

Moments Of Love

Why oh Why, Do I feel this way?
When I'm with you I feel so alive
Why oh Why, will I hide away
I can't help it
I'm FALLING IN LOVE with you...
The words "I love you" how many times do you say it in a day? When you  are busy on kids, job deadlines and friends meetings sometimes a quick "I love you”" can always change anything at the end of the day.

However, sometimes there are persons who are shy and cannot say, “I love you” to their loved one personally. As one saying goes, "There's evidence behind it -- actions really do speak louder than words. If you cannot easily spill out romantic words to your partner these are simple strategies that will send your message loud and clear:
I'll be loving you forever
Deep inside my heart you'll leave me never
Even if you took my heart
And tore it apart
I would love you still forever...
"The best way of expressing love is by knowing what your love one needs and doing it,” This shows that you listen and that his well-being and happiness is important to you. Don’t wait any longer for your love to say I need this every time they will feel a lack of attention and if not fulfilled it will surely lead to despair. The key is to pay attention. A thoughtful gesture from someone you love is always appreciated no matter how small or simple it is.
it's not the flowers, wrapped in fancy paper
it's not the ring, i wear around my finger
There's nothing in all the world i need
when i have you here beside me,
here beside me...
An unexpected gift or note saying, “You are special or Thank you” on a card. "It shows that you think and care for her and feel connected to him even when you're not together." Simple thoughts can brighten up someone’s day always. No matter how tiring the day is if someone feels care and concern it will definitely make someone’s day brighter.
Take my hand
We'll walk awhile,
we'll talk awhile
Feel my love
Always there beside you...
A research says, "Looking into each other's eyes signals you are deeply connected”. Most busy lovers, however, manage only quick glances.  Take advantage of opportunities for eye contact that last longer than a few seconds will do. If you have a dinner date, lock eyes during your conversation. Face each other as you chat in bed before falling asleep. Even when surrounded by others seek out your partner's eyes and make a quick connection.
watching as you softly sleep
what i'd give if i could keep
just this moment
if only time stood still but the colors fade away
and the years will make us grey
but baby in my eyes
you'll still be beautiful...
 Even a simple call over the phone or a text message of showing your concern and care for that person would do. Just making someone feel that he or she is loved can be expressed in many simple ways. Even just holding your partners hands while walking, throwing a big hug and looking into her eyes or just a simple smile with a pat saying “Thank you for being a part of my life”,or a simple kiss is the real score  that bonds lovers together.
all i want is to hold you forever
all i need is you more every day
you saved my heart
from being broken apart
you gave your love away
and i'm thankful every day
for the gift...
Romantic gestures are not only for women every human needs it and that includes men. It does not matter if you are expressive through words or actions. The best thing is making everything to at least let your love be felt that he or she is extra special in your life.” It does not matter how simple it is if it comes from the heart with love.”
  Be the one
I know you'll tell me everything
You are the one
I cherish more than anything
I love you more than
you'll ever know
I love you more than
you'll ever see...
 Happy Valentines Day Everyone...

Dear "quiet angel”,

Thank you for teaching me how to love again.You made me believe in second chances, that someone is still there to help me pick up my broken self again. Thank you for loving me and I'll never regret having you in my life. I don't know till when will my life lasts but I promise to be always true and I’ll love you the best way that I could with each new day. 

I just want you to know that my love is real and I'll always be here for you.I have never been these happy in my life.THANK have no idea how much love and happiness you have brought into my life. "It is hard to hope for true love but I am ready to take chances if I knew that it was you." This song is for u so much hon :)

                                                                                                                                                            Loving you always,


  1. Sie I have seen and felt your pains and it truly gives joy in my heart to see you happy again.

    The letter and most specially your SONG for him made me cry.

    You just have so much love for him Sie and he is so lucky to have you in his life.

    I can't find the exact words to describe how much love you have for him.

    ---Be happy my friend, You deserve it---

  2. where will you be this valentine's? want to come with us my dear?

  3. @Gracey - thanks Gracey...I won't come with you go on and have a date with your dear hubby friend.Have time with each other you both need it. I don't want to disturb you both.

    this valentines? :) I'll be just fine Gracey don't worry ok...

  4. Sie you are a one most kind and gentle spirit woman.The man whom you gave your heart to is very lucky to be loved by you.He is also a good man who loves you deep in his heart and soul.He is ready to make you happy Sie.

    Your search for true love is over,he is the one and he knows that no woman would love him more than like you do.You are both good and most kind and the heavens made a perfect match.

    Your heart will be healed Sie

  5. beautiful and lovely note written straight from a woman's loving heart.Fallen in love many times causes pains but there will always be someone meant to heal those pains.All people have someone meant to be together and nothing can brake that union between two destined lovers.

    The man must have also a heart of gold deserving for an overflowing of love you have for him fair lady. (evelyn walck)

  6. Sie dear..I heart you! ;)
    I think I balance both words and actions for my hubby, lol!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you, wishing you to have the most wonderful times being with your loved ones on the special day :)

  7. i'm reading your post while listening on the song (with headset's on so i can hear the lyrics so well)..
    I can't think of more words to tell. Just this, if you would ask me the one BEST and TRUEST definition of the word LOVE..i would simply answer:


    Happy Valentine!

    p/s: Don't worry i'll change my diapy on V-day, i'll wear a hearty diapy:)

  8. the letter and song will touch every man's heart.His heart is now melting 'coz of the love you have for him.Not just smiling but maybe teary eyed now hearing that song.That song as cousin Gracey said is perfect.It is actually far more perfect of the love you have for him.

    just a question:What are the things that had made you love him very much?

  9. @David Scott-sir thank you and is that a prophecy sir David? I am just smiling reading your comment sir :)

    @Evelyn Walck - Ms.Evelyn he has not only has a heart of gold but he is a precious gift that God has given to me and he deserves not only my love but my all, my everything Ms.Evelyn...Thank you for reading my post mam

  10. Sie - I love your simple ideas on showing love and appreciation. I wish you the blessing of continued love.

  11. @Didz-thank you Didz...wishing you all the love and happiness Didz...Happy Valentine's Day too mwahhhhhhhh....

    @Beanizer-love is me? no love is you *blink*...hugs hmmmmmmm...I want to see you having that heart diapy on hahaha...

    @Lancey-I just wish the song sent out the message to him loud and clear hehehe...and why tag me again grrrrr........

    ok hmp...the things that had made me love him very much?

    JUST HIM LOVING ME LANCE that made me love him so much.It is not on the things that he has done or will be doing,Just him loving me is more than enough :)

  12. @Corrine Rodrigues-thank you ms.Corrine wishing you too great love :)

  13. May you find real happiness you so deserve in life, Sie. I am not quite sure to whom you are addressing this love letter. Nevertheless, I am confident that your love for him is solidly genuine. To you, Sie's "quiet angel" thank you for loving Sie and for bringing back the light in her face. I wish you both good tidings!

  14. lil sis... im happy to know you are so much inlove.

  15. @ Dai Ning - Thanks Dai Ning and my love for him is really true and it won't fade even time can't stop me from loving him :)

    @ate kukuru- salamat po ate miss you po :)


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