Friday, February 4, 2011

Beany's Tag

Oh My...Beany you did it me tagged twice...

Ok Beany got me tagged again and he always includes me…always giving me hard to answer questions…but thank you again for giving me something to post hehehe…Just for you I’ll expose more of my inner self…hopefully my readers and you most specially will remain to be inspired by me after reading this hahaha…

here it goes...hopefully you won't get scared of me after reading this...

Seven Things You Still Don’t Know About Me

I can do everything and anything for Love – I can do even the craziest things because of love. I can ride an airplane going to someone even though it really scares me...*I'll just cover my eyes till I get there*...hehehe.I can go across miles even how far just to be with those people I love.I can surrender everything and put them always on my top priorities just to be with them.
honey pie...honey bunch you know that I love you..I can't help myself loving nobody else...yeah yeah... *blink blink*
I have hidden talents – I can cook with a recipe book at hand, I can sing inside a shower room and I can dance with persons blindfolded hehehe…just kidding…ok I really have those talents…*clapping ears*…

Beany oooopsss...rated PG hehehe...
I like to eat chocos everyday – I just can’t end my day without eating chocos, no not that choco bars, even just a little bite like one little choco kisses or one sssshhhhh…wiggles of my kid’s will do to start my day. Good thing I am still a sexy mom hahaha…

yummy chocos...just a liitle bite...yum yum...
I am afraid of snakes and every crawling thing – Since childhood I have been afraid of every crawling insect anything that crawls wahhhhhhhh…worms and snakes makes me faint…Beany don’t you ever try getting me near those grrrrrr….

someone help me please...wahhhhh...
     I am a lovely and friendly person but also a fighter – I love having friends and let’s say I always go to the   defense for the people I love even risking my life provided they are right. I am a silent type of person but I can go wild when someone insists – oooops no violent reactions yet ok…I am always silent and listens to everybody. The truth is I am not easily angered but when my patience reaches its limits and it requires me to do so, be ready and hide because I can go boom hahaha…

I have also a secret...I can turn to wonder woman...and where are you Beany batman? hehehe...
I am not afraid to die – I already accepted fate because I have a heart ailment but what fears me the most is to leave my love ones and I always feel down when I feel being left alone.

just wishing someone to be with me, to be together forever...
I am a person who easily smiles and appreciates even the most little things – when someone gives me even the most simple things in this world and makes me feel special on their own way I always treat it us a special part of my life that I will treasure it for the rest of my life. I really don’t forget a person who gives me love and their time. With these persons who loves me I always give back much much more to them…always.*blink blink*

hugs anyone?
Ok there you go dear Beany and readers…some of my self-secrets exposed hehehe…till the next tag…by Beany again grrrr…..hahaha…. 

I have done my assignment professor Beany...what's my grade?
Beany looks like your getting ready for a fight?...tsk tsk...looks like you know now how to defend yourself without ate around hahaha...

I'll hide from Beany...he will tag me scared of his next questions...


  1. nice one Sie and got you eating chocos looks like I know someone who loves eating chocos too.Wonder woman hahahaha!!!really we didn't know that defender of the universe or of _____.

    we are similar on no.1 and my wife Bianca can attest to that!!!

    we all know that you are most kind

    just a question Sie:Who for you is a perfect guy?What are the qualities you are looking for?

  2. Sie what a picture of Beanizer on diapy hahahaha!

    And I know you can cook tasted it,and I know you can sing and a good one and just waiting to see you dance.I know you can dance ballroom right but what I want to see is you Sie dancing again on Your new wedding ceremony.

    Lancey had a question so I have one too:

    Sie I know your pains since childhood and I have witnessed your struggles in life and saw those tears because of those hurts you have been through.Annulment case and heart attacks here and there.

    But how come you can still smile and let people feel loved and special even if you did not feel loved?

  3. This is so interesting and humorous! I'm laughing reading all your smart responses. It's so much fun being tagged.

    One more thing, I can sum it up that you really have a heart of gold! Surely, you'll get back what you give. :)

  4. @ Lancey - yup ssshhhh...I eat chocos just little bites ok it's gives me a feeling of happiness even just for a short moment hehehe...

    grrrrrr...Lancey why are you putting me on the spot hmp...

    Ok wait: I don't require much from a guy.I don't look for the physical appearance I usually go for his inner self,who he is inside.

    A perfect guy for me is someone who can accept of who I am,what I have, all of me.Just loving me even on his most simple ways and respects me being a woman,that for me is perfect guy.

    no more questions ok grrrr...*showing fists*

  5. @Gracey - and Beany is getting ready for a fight with I think two accountants who have been pricking his butt hala...

    Oh a dance on my new wedding ceremony like that on the picture on my wedding no no...

    Just joking I know what you mean Gracey.A sweet dance with someone.Let us just wait Gracey if destiny and time will bring us together then it will happen and if God permits to be, it will be gracey.

    grrrr...what is with the two of you cousins tagging me grrrr.....

    *I can still smile Gracey because I should be.I cry a lot when I am alone but it is just a way of releasing my hurts.After that I should smile because it is the best thing that I can do to ease my burdens away.*

    *The truth is yes,I have not felt loved but the thing is I already felt unloved Gracey and I won't let other people feel what I have felt.

    This is me and I always put it in my heart that I was born to love and it does not matter on what situation that I am in to, what matters for me is to serve my purpose in life and that is to love in every way that I can while I am still here.*

  6. @Balqis-Thanks my friend and I miss you got busy this past few days.I'll visit you later.Really i made you smile.Well enough on the drama side of my life my friend those are the lighter and a bit funny side of my life... :)

  7. He is just there Sie waiting for the right time.Wishing you the best and may your true happiness and love come your way when time comes.You deserve to be loved by the right guy Sie.Always remember he is so lucky to have you.

    Both of you deserve each other.He is cute and adorable but above all has also a good heart like you.You both were meant to be together.

    Gracey,my wife Bianca and Vik wishes you all the best in your life.We know your heart is always in pain now,just hold on Sie please do hold on.

  8. hehe! i love your response to my tag..rated PG? which one? *big eyes*.maybe you stole some of my chocos! hmp!..don't be scared *crawling near*..lance will attempt to collect us with his justice league items..
    see my hunky muscles??..i'm gonna hit those pricking my cute butt and those who will attempt to TAG me! hmp!

  9. @Beany - I never stole chocos from anyone I am behaving look...hunky muscles? where can't see one?...wahhhhhhhhh...don't crawl ok fine you look cute still crawling hahaha...

  10. Woooooow.
    That is a long answers for a tags.
    people normally will keep it short to answer any tags. But now, I know all your secret?

  11. @Sabahan Bloggers Club-well that's me and I really explain a lot.It's the way I write and express myself.

    My secrets? Those are not secrets if they are then I won't have exposed it to my blog,those are just little things that my friends would like to know more about me.

    Thanks for reading...

  12. well that's a good thing sie,just tag beany the fat boy!!
    well,eating chocos and wonder woman...well are a super woman anyways,sure i look forward for your happiness in the future and i really pray to god for your health,by the way could you borrow me some chocos because i too can't live without them!!!

  13. I love how you wrote this, Sie! You are a treasure. I'm with you on the crawly things...ewwww!!! Beanie..protect her!

  14. hehe *hugging ms. sie*
    that's why you were the first to claim the top spot of my list 'coz you always put value on my tags with your worth-reading responses. The length doesn't matter as long as the lines flow from the heart *wink*

    mwah wmah!

  15. @Ravie-girl I miss you...I was thinking you forgot me huhuhu...but now your here yehey *hugging Ravie*...

    thanks for your wish my dear and on chocos here I'll give you big big chocolate kisses hehehe...and happy valentines day in advance...whose the lucky guy?

    @Ms.Jill- Thanks Ms.Jill mwah mwah mwah...wahhhhh I hate crawling things too Ms.Jill and just a thought of them yuck...

    Beany Ms.Jill protecting me? He is still a baby maybe I will the one protecting him from those crawling things oooopss...I forgot since he is a baby he also crawls I am also afraid of him? I guess not because he is still cute hehehe...*wink*

    @Beany-*hugging too*...thanks Beany and never mind on your next tag I will answer it on only one single word but that's not me hmp...another hmp...I'll answer your tag with one paragraph each hehehe...mwah mwah...and when is your next tag then?*wink*

  16. @ms. jill:
    *expanding chest* ofcourse i'll protect her ms. jill! see my hunky chest? *shaking chest* jill didn't answer my tag..hmp!


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