Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Only Prayer

Lord I am here again humbly bowing in your presence
You alone have the depth of the burden that I carry.
I may not understand the struggles that are coming in my life, for
I know you will work great things in the midst of trials.

Lord, I am asking for your forgiveness for all the
Wrong things and hurts that I have caused to other people.
I am not a perfect woman Lord I am just a human
That you have made to be one of your servants.

As a woman create in me a clean heart and renew my mind.
Show me where my attitude and thoughts
That are not what you want it to be.
If there is a behavior that needs change, help me Lord.
Make me a woman after Your own heart.

Lord I am feeling pain everyday in my heart
A thorn that keeps on wounding that weakens me.
I have been holding on to this journey of life that you have given.
I know you have a reason for everything in this world.
I am giving to you my life Lord, be the one in control of it.

This is my only prayer to You Lord.
In this remaining days of my life I pray my dear Father,
Help me be the best mother to my children that I can be.
Guide me as I make decisions regarding each child.
Show me how to be a most loving and caring mother to them.
Show me my imperfections of being a mother and lead me
To being the best mother for them.

Lord send your angels to this special man in my life now.
I pray that You would bless the work of his hands.
May his work bring not only favor success and prosperity
But great fulfillment as well.
May he never wither under pressure, but grow strong and prosper.
Give him his “heart’s desire”his dreams and
The love he needs for his future.

When my time comes dear Father to be with You
May you guide them and always keep them safe.
Bless their lives dear Lord with forever love and happiness.
I love them so much dear Father please always be there for them.

I am Your child Lord and my life is in Your hands


  1. Sie this made me really cry.I know you have too much pain in your life and I know it is so hard but Sie do hold on please hold on Sie

  2. Sie life is a battle.I am a pastor and God has given me the gift of healing and prophecy but I too have been asking why the world have been so unfair to some people.You are a kind to all and gentle in spirit but how come you are into a battle for your life?Because Sie God knows you can overcome these stuggles in your life.He is testing you on how long will keep your faith in Him.

    After every darkness Sie comes a light of hope.I saw it coming Sie you just have to hold on.Hold on Sie you have your kids and your special someone who dearly loves you.

    All of your pains will be turned to true happiness and love you just have to hold on Sie.He is coming Sie and it is near.

  3. hi sie there is a proverb in HINDU philosophy stating that good person will be tested by the god after wards he blessed the person with kindness.similarly your problem will be solved. we are all always with you.

  4. @Gracey-thanks Gracey I will hold on

    @David-Sir thank you again for reading my post.I have no idea on how you know sir the things that I have been going through in my real life and I appreciate your words of encouragement.I will continue to hold on Sir and I know the Lord is always there guiding me.

  5. @vijaya-hello my friend thank you for being here.Thank you and I will always be here for you too :)

  6. Sie this prayer touches anyones heart.As a mother and a woman your prayer is soul searching.


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