Friday, June 10, 2011

..10 things**

I was tagged by my friend Yam..Thank you..
so I have to answer again 10 things about myself
Here it is..

I love to cook food and bake for my love ones. One of the ways I show my love to them is giving my service in every way that I could.

My favorite foods are all kinds of chocos,noodles,vegetables,fruits, fish, crab and shrimps.

I love star gazing and like a child wishing upon a star that one day my prayers and dreams will come true. My ultimate dream is to have a happy and complete family.

When I feel alone I cry a lot but no matter how painful a situation is I always look for positive reasons to smile.One of them is ,writing,singing and listening to mellow music  because I make music as my escape to loneliness.

I love to be with someone who can make me smile and make me feel loved. I love to be with someone who will always hold my hand making me feel that I am secured being with him.

When I enter into a relationship I am always into commitment. I always do my best to take care of a relationship if it is worth keeping.I am so afraid to be hurt by anyone.I am strong but I become so  weak when my heart hurts because of Love.

I have lots of patience and understanding but when my kids are hurt better hide because I can really be rude and forget who you are.

Open my closet and my shirts are often color white, brown and pink. I am a simple person and I don’t usually wear make-up. A lipstick and press powder would do.

I always give my best in everything that I do. I always believe in a quote “Better do it now and do your best because it might be your last.”

Looking at the journey that I have been through I am proud to say I have never insulted anyone and I have not been selfish. I always had a heart of making people smile and feel loved most specially for those persons who deserve to be loved and taken care of.


  1. I know Sie you are a strong woman.I don't know but I am feeling fear now.I saw you when you have been revived in the hospital and then I knew you are so weak when it comes to love.

    Sie I am always praying that destiny will guide it's way to you and to your quiet angel.I am praying that he could stay, that his love may not fade away.I am happy for both of you.

    One day friend you will have that wish I know you will have your true happiness Sie because you have a kind heart and God will bless you with the BEST -your quiet angel.

    Sie be strong.I know and I can feel you are still having heart pains.Please hold on and be strong.

  2. A big thank you Sie for greeting me on my wall.You are the sweetest woman.If I can have a daughter I want her to be exactly like you.You have been to a lot of painful past but you never failed to feel everybody loved.You have always had something that made each person happy and special.I was reading and like Gracey I was reading and looking on your wish.

    On all that have been said it sums up to only thing.You being a good mother,a perfect lover, and an up most kind person.Every friend or every person who felt your love is truly lucky to have you and I am one of them.Thank you Sie.

  3. @Gracey- take care of your baby Gracey..Quiet Angel is the need to worry..hugs hmmmmmmmmmmm..I'll be fine friend..Thank you so much..take care always :)

    @Evelyn-Hello Grandma..I am happy when I see those smiles because of me..I am a good mother but I am not a perfect lover po..all of us have our own imperfections grandma but I am always open to changes..
    Thank you so much grandma look I am teary eyed because I have people around me that makes me feel loved..Thank you for being one of my inspirations :)

  4. A perfect match for my cutest bro.You both love music and chocos.He makes you smile and feel loved.He loves a lady whose simple and loves wearing white and brown-that's what he told me even before.You always made him smile and special so checkmate-both of you are a match <^_^>.

    but he does not like vegetables :(

  5. THanks Sie-I am worried because I saw you when you had heart attack and with a split of a second you could have been gone.Do take care of yourself and always have happy thoughts!!!!!

  6. @Lance- he eats some vegetables..Thank You for being his bro. Lance

  7. @Gracey- I will be fine Gracey, I will take care of myself..Thank You..are you still in Australia or in Brazil?..If you have time kindly give me a call..

  8. *panting* am i late?
    grrrrrr...they got on top again!
    those things are very much alike with quiet angel..but chocos must be plain coz he can't chew almonds, guess he doesn't need to answer the tag too..hehe..
    you always deserve the best love coz you own the purest heart God has created..every one is touched by you in every way..

    @ lancey: quiet angel eats veggie salad in caesar dressing!

  9. i find ladies more beautiful not wearing make-up, a lipstick or a lipgloss plus a radiant face with just a dab of facepowder :)

    thanks for the visit Sie :)

  10. @Beany- you are not late, you don't need to be always on top because you will always be the first and the only one on my list here oh *blink*.. quiet angel and I are alike? why he does cry a lot too?..ay oo he goes uhe uhe uhe sometimes late at night..

    and wahhhhhh my quiet angel puts lipstick and press powder too? naman ay quiet angel is most handsome noh..

    but I can do some make-up if he likes if I will make "lihi" with our triplets hehehe..then he will go wiggle wiggle hahaha..

    I don't own a purest heart po..I have imperfections too..but I live to love most specially to those persons who wants me and has given me a chance to be a part of their life..

    Thank you for giving me a chance.. I am happy and I will always be here :)

  11. @Joy-Hello Ms.Joy *waving hand* is always a joy for me to visit your site always po..salamat din po :)

  12. how I wish I can be as strong as you are... wishes wishes wishes

  13. quiet angel eats veggie salad-that's new.He is eating veggies; then he can live with her where she was born and it will be a happy family as what she dreamt of.Sie quiet angel will not hurt kids so better hide those boxing gloves of yours <^_^>.

    quiet angel is the best and a perfect match for you.Sie you don't know how much he is addicted to you and it is our secret and won't tell anyone.He is always high and he does cry when he heard your voice singing for the first time ow my cutest bro. will borrow those boxers oh I mean boxing gloves, I'll stop peace bro.

  14. Both of you have been through a furnace of pain.It is God's way of making you both ready for the best future more than you can imagine.You and your quiet angel will have true happiness.Your wish upon those stars will come true and so with your quiet angel by your side.Sie be careful take care of your heart.

  15. @Strawberry-Thank You Strawberry..How I wish I can be stronger..

  16. @Lance- :)

    @David-I will be careful Sir David and I will hold on until I can..I hope one day I will still see the fulfillment of my prayers..Thank You for always being here..

  17. hmmmm..quiet angel doesn't put make-up too..he puts powder on his butt to avoid diapy rash..lipstick..when you kiss him then he has it..

    that lancey is too talkative! quiet angel wants to borrow your boxing gloves to hit him..i'll teach him how to wear boxers *err* boxing gloves i mean..hahahha!

  18. @Beany- ah rated PG and the two of you on those boxers thing..maybe you should put those boxers on your list of 10 things hahaha..

  19. oh no..not me..i still wear my new pink polka dots diapy, you like it?? *blink blink* hehe

    lancey must wear those to make and comfy!! ahhahahha!! ..and don't forget the lock lancey!

  20. Bro. you didn't answer my mail where did you buy those haaaaaaa haaaaa!! good thing Sie I was not tagged 'coz I'll include it bro. lots of woman are running after us.

  21. Sie, you are a wonderful woman! Thanks for sharing 10 things about yourself. :)

  22. @Beany-hahaha..the do some wiggling wearing those diapy's

    @lance- really lance..really

    @Balqis- Thank You Balqis for reading :)

  23. I love this post about yourself. I hope to know more of you in time. I know you are strong. It is your hope in the Lord that makes you strong and the love you give that makes you beautiful even if you do not wear make up. :)

  24. @Divina-thank you divina..ikaw din naman ganda ng smile kaya inggit ako hehehe :)


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